Pen Vaporizer

Snoop Doggy Dogg is literally the godfather of west coast stoner rap. Among his true life rap style, his rhyming also pointedly mentions cannabis and its perfect mellow cadence is felt throughout this rap star’s harmony. The Doggfather has his hand in the marijuana vaporizer game and his collaborations with Grenco Science have given birth to some of the best portable vaporizer pens on the scene. This man has dedicated his life to hip hop and also to marijuana smoking, so you better believe this I the perfect combination.

G Pro G Bush Herbal Pen

G pro Herbal Pen is easy to handle portable vaporizer holds a lot of dried herbal blends and roasts to the perfect temperature with a simple hold down of the old power button. When in doubt, the auto shut off feature will ensure your weed is protected.

Snoop G Pen Ground Material

This stainless steel vape pen packs a tight punch and a small bit of weed goes a long way in the metal tank. Click the button for easy to squeeze and inhale action. A map of Long Beach County adds to the gangster vibe of this personal vaporizing tool.

G Slim Vape Pen by Snoop Dogg for Grenco Science

A full set kit makes this starter pack for earnest vapers a must-have for holiday season and the doldrums beyond. A rechargeable battery in the unit keep that party going til 6 in the morning like a true west coast sesh. Single button clicks control the temp and you can bet you are the master of your own destiny when the Fahrenheit is in your hands. Semi-permanent in use and easy on your pocketbook or wallet, make this pen yours poste haste.

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