We have added some new Rizla Rolling Papers to the site recently to accompany and compliment the Rizla papers already available on EDIT. They continue to be one of the most popular rolling paper brands amongst smoking connoisseurs, with their classic papers still in huge demand alongside some of their more recent innovations.


The liquorice coating of Rizla Liquorice Papers gives a rich, dark colour to these papers.The card itself is not liquorice-flavoured, and has almost no flavour at all. 50 leaves of Rizla’s wonderfully crafted liquorice-coated paper in every packet. 


Rizla Liquorice PapersThese Rizla White Papers papers are different from the rest of Rizla’s range at a level you can barely see. They’re perforated thousands of times which you can see by simply holding them to a light. Those holes are made by sparks of electricity. These Rizla rolling papers exude technical excellence at every level. 50 leaves of wonderfully crafted paper in every pack.

Rizla White Papers

Rizla King Size Green Papers are a good medium weight paper, although without the cut-corners that characterise the regular size Green papers. 32 sheets of king-sized craftsmanship in every packet.

Rizla Green Papers

Other Rizla Papers Available on EDIT:

·         Rizla Rolling Papers – Silver Kingsize Slim

·         Rizla Rolling Papers – Silver Regular

·         Rizla Rolling Papers – Blue Kingsize

·         Rizla Rolling Papers – Blue Kingsize Slim

·         Rizla Rolling Papers – Red Kingsize

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