As a business, EDIT has always tried to represent all levels of the glass pipe industry, from the cheapest and simplest to the extortionate and extravagant and everything in between. For European-made glass, especially German, there is no better place to come for the extensive ranges and competitive prices.


Renowned German glass blowers RooR Glass have been a flagship product of EDIT’s for years, with a range incorporating all of their standard bongs in 3.2mm, 4.2mm, 5mm and 7mm thick glass, as well as their great value RooR Blue range. There is the dazzling array of special customised pipes, boasting such custom additions as crown mouthpieces, colour mid-sections and dichroic marbles to name but a few. EDIT also stocks a fantastic range of RooR accessories such as custom bowls, diffusers, bong bags, pokers, carbon filters, pre-coolers and spliff adaptors.


The EDIT Ehle Glass range is still fairly new and will continue to expand over 2009, but even so the selection is still pretty good already with some very cool and attractive styles.  The quality of these Ehle bongs places them at the top table of the glass pipe blowing brands in the world, and who knows if a time will come soon if it will be their turn to sit at the head and carve the turkey. Every single Ehle piece is signed with the Ehle signature to guarantee authenticity.


Sharing lunch on that table with Ehle and RooR is the exceptional Hurricane water pipe. With 3-Jet and 6-Jet versions, plus a variety of sizes and designs, the selection is still quite broad despite the singular design model of the Hurricane water pipe. The quality of Hurricane pipes is all the more obvious due to the vastly inferior copies that have infiltrated the market thanks to retailers like EDIT who don’t wish to just serve those with a bit of cash. However, the inferior copies have only served to highlight the phenomenally high standard that genuine Hurricane bongs are made to.


Weed Star bongs have a fabulous array of different styles, from long skinny ones to short fat ones, beaker bottoms and bubbles to bent necks and ice twists. They have two levels of quality to peruse, the good quality and great value range of 3mm thick glass bongs and the understandably pricier 5mm thick WS Series, which include percolated bongs and much more flamboyant designs.


G-Spot Glass are probably best known for their amazing man-sized pipe construction and their superb collaborations with Laurence Cherniak. Their range covers a wide variety of styles and glass thicknesses, from 2.5mm one-piece bongs to 9mm thick and 60cm tall three-piece sliders.


The Molino Glass section is where you will find some of the most intricately designed Headie pieces – bubblers and spoon pipes that are such pure works of art that it makes you wonder how anyone could dirty them with tobacco smoke and smoking herb ash. Dirty them they do though, as Molino’s artfully created pieces are also highly functional and sturdy pipes of the highest order.

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