how to clean bong

Ok, so you have a favourite pipe or bong that you’ve grown so attached to that’s its nearly like another member of the family. You use the device at least one time per day and you know every last nook and cranny in the machine resulting in you receiving the perfect hit. But the one issue that you seem to be continually encountering is that the pipe or bong seems to get clogged up resulting in a less than satisfactory experience. You know that you’ll have to clean you pipe, but the big question is how are you going to go about this?

One option is scarping your device clean, but the main problem with this strategy is that it can be tedious and sometimes it doesn’t get the job done. But fear not, because there are many products out there that can clean all of the resin out of your bong or pipe. Of course, the prices for these products can vary, but if your serious about cleaning your machines you should think about opening the wallet and spending some hard earned case. As any smoker knows, there is nothing better than the taste of a freshly cleaned pipe or bong. 


One of the ways you can clean you bong is by rubbing alcohol directly into the chamber and then adding salt. What this this will do is it will loosen up all of the grime and dirt inside the bong and will make it easier to remove. Once you have added these solutions you should swirl your vape around until you feel that the dirt is loosened and then you can use a scraper to clear out them areas that are hard to get too. Depending on how grimy your device is you can leave the solution in overnight and then empty it the next morning.


There are a few different ways for you to clean your pipe, but the one I prefer is to get a zip lock bag, pour rubbing alcohol and salt inside, and then place your pipe into the bag. Depending on how dirty your pipe is you should leave it inside the bag for a few hours, or even overnight.  After you feel like your pipe has had a sufficient soak you should proceed to shake the bag vigorously as this will help to loosen up any of the grime that is attached to your piece. Once all of the grime and resin seems to have fallen off what you should do is take the pipe out of the bag and wash it with warm water. If the pipe is still dirty after the first time you should repeat the process until your pipe is satisfactorily cleaned. Always make sure that your pipe is thoroughly dry before attempting to  smoke it.

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