Zippo Lighter - Bob MarleyZippo Lighter Bullet HoleZippo Lighter - Friendship Chinese SymbolZippo Lighter - Power Button

We have a load of new and exciting Zippo Lighters that have been added to the website in the last few days. Ranging from the Iconic Bob Marley Zippo Lighter to the more subtle power button zippo.

Of course Zippo’s have been manufactured for decades always with an outstanding attention to detail and build quality that cannot be beaten. Coming with a lifetime guarantee the Zippo company guarantees the working of the lighter for your lifetime, this doesn’t extend to the finish of the lighter but is still a testament to the quality product you purchase when buying a windproof Zippo.

Atmos Bullet Vaporizer - Black

We also have coming into stock the Atmos Raw Bullet2Go mini vaporizer which comes in both a black, silver or titanium finish. The ATMOS Raw Bullet has been designed to be a quick to charge, fully portable, truly pocket sized vap. Charging through your USB port, this vaporizer can literally be taken anywhere you like. With a discreet loading mechanism and smaller size this Vaporizer passes for an E Cigarette without any problems.

With a little care during the heating process this vap can produce pure vapor, however practice does make perfect and some combustion can take place until you perfect the technique to use the vaporiser properly. These will be available in store soon

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