Xmas Gift Ideas Zippo Lighters

We have a large selection of fantastic Zippo Lighters which come packaged in official Zippo Lighter presentation cases and make ideal gifts for connoisseurs of smoking and appreciators of good kit. There are different colours, emblems, finishes (rough, smooth or shiny?) and there just has to be one that is perfect for you or a friend or family member.

Manufactured by the Zippo Manufacturing Company, Zippo Lighters are a refillable, windproof metal lighter that should last as long as you at least. Its wind-proofing comes from the windscreen within which the flame is sparked and due to the adequate fuel delivery. A familiar clicking is heard when the lid of a Zippo Lighter is opened and closed, caused by the spring-toggle lever which keeps the lid closed tightly when the lighter is not in use, starving the flame of oxygen and thus extinguishing it.

Perhaps the most famous brand of cigarette lighter in the world today, with a long and interesting history, Zippo Lighters are the pinnacle of cigarette and pipe lighting fashion and sophistication.


Zippo Lighters are top quality gifts
Zippo Lighters make top quality gifts


A mere hint of the Zippo Lighters range:

·         Zippo Lighters – Royal Flush

·         Zippo Lighter – Rolling Stones Flaming Tongue

·         Zippo Lighters – Moon Slayer

·         Zippo Lighter – Matte Selection

·         Zippo Lighters – Lucky Four Leaf Clover

·         Zippo Lighter – Love Black Matte

·         Zippo Lighters – Jack Daniel’s

·         Full Range of Zippo Lighters

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