Skinny Rolling Tray

The Skinny Tray is perfectly sized to fit any lap, especially yours, and features a fourteen inch long rolling ‘V’ groove to accommodate those moments when ordinary sized cigarettes just won’t do. The tray itself is has a large outer lip to prevent loss of loose tobacco and its ilk.

The Skinny Tray comes equipped with two Skinny Tray 2oz Tins – one with the Skinny Tray logo reversed so you can tell them apart with a glance, and they each have specially molded slots to secure them to the surface of the Skinny Tray.

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The Skinny Tray
The Skinny Tray


 Quotes for the Skinny Tray:

‘The Skinny Tray is ideal for keeping vital supplies in one place. It’s the first thing I dive into whenever I reach home and the last thing I pack up before leaving.’  – Howard Marks

Probably the best designed rolling tray made.’  – Weed World Magazine

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