Tribal Scents Incense Gift Pack

This Tribal Scents Incense Gift Set is the perfect present to enhance and complement a warm homely atmosphere. Colour-coded incense sticks and incense cones packaged in a hand-crafted wooden box, with a glass panel in the lid, and storage slots for the safe segregation of your scents.

Ideal as gift for a friend or loved one, this artfully boxed collection of fine incense incorporates several popular aromas in Jasmine incense sticks, Sandalwood incense sticks, Lemon Grass incense cones and Citronella incense cones.

A decorative perfumed candle and four-hole wooden incense holder complete the Tribal Scents Incense Gift Pack, which is an ideal gift for friends and loved ones during the festive season.

Tribal Scents Incense Gift Set

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