Introducing the Blue Semuta frosted glass bong forming part of Ziggy Jackson’s ever-growing WS series. This water bong is both eye catching and contains a scientific glass design with its colored glass percolator and double cup purebowl.

Smoke moves through the cobalt blue double cup purebowl and down into the 12.5cm glass slithole diffuser. The bong is supported by a bulbous base which forms the first chamber. Moving up into the second chamber, smoke is passed through a cobalt blue 5 arm tree percolator with 2 slitholes on each arm. This tree perc provides optimal smoke diffusion before rising towards the 3 spiked ice notches that allows the user to treat their smoke further. Smoke then rises up the straight tube towards the mouthpiece.

The double cup purebowl and tree perc are both cobalt blue in color. The majority of the waterpipe is frosted except for the middle section housing the tree perc which is clear glass. There is a large WS logo at the top of the tube near the mouthpiece and a small blue Weed Star logo as well as blue bead at the bottom on the bulbous section.

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