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Back once again with the renegade master! Brand new from Weed Star is this WS Connector which you can attach directly to your Pre-cooler for a very interesting and easy smoke. Relax back on the couch with this fantastic innovation from Ziggi Jackson.

WS Connector


They will be available in 14.5 and 18.8 joints eventually, though at the moment we only have 14.5s in stock. We do, however, have one 18.8 which will be given away free to one of our customers.

To have a chance of winning the 18.8 WS Connector, all you need to do is post an old or new order number on this page and name the pre-cooler that you intend to use with it.

There are some people who really, really want this, so it would be nice to give this giveaway a miss if you are not too bothered or you do not already have a pre-cooler to use with it (unless you’re going to buy one now). Let’s let those who really want it fight it out between them, as they will no doubt be fuming that we haven’t got more stock of the 18.8s.

Having said all that, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want one of these WS Connectors. They are pretty damn good kit. Another three cheers for Ziggi!

WS Connector with new Weed Star Inline Precooler

(The only prize is the WS Connector! Get your own damn pre-cooler!)

58 thoughts on “WS Connector Giveaway!”

  1. Since it’s 18.8 i’d use it with my WS double chamber, my WS inline and my Roor Flamepolish pre-coolers.

    Order ref: 1273475

  2. I would use it with my EHLE teardrop ashcatcher. i had to wait forever in a backorder for this baby!

    order ref: 1218681

  3. Order number: 1156822

    I would be using it with the pre-cooler that is in that order. The original WeedStar 18.8 Inline pre-cooler(clear) with the coloured shield and connecting disk.

    I want to buy one of these to use on it anyways even if I don’t win. So hurry up with the stock guys so I can spend some more cash with you. 😉

  4. Was thinking about asking but, 1) I don’t have a pre-cooler, and 2) I get a lot of free shit from EDIT through other giveaways haha.

    Thanks EDIT for more giveaways, goodluck to everybody who wants this!

  5. Order number 1263594 is old
    I intend to use it with my new blue inline when it comes in.
    Maybe both in one package?
    The inline order# is 1322379

  6. order # 1219690

    and the pre cooler id use it with would be my 18.8 3 piece gear ash catcher or my wicked sands inline ash catcher

  7. the only ashcatcher i had was my roor 5mm, which broke soon after i bought it from you guys so i guess im out.

    good luck everyone!

  8. Order Number 1318749‏

    i’ll use the connecter with those two weed star precooler that i had bougth in that order, an in-line like the picture and the ilusion ash cather like messias bong.


  9. 1301923 Dude I’ve been looking for something like this forever and have always thought how stupid they didn’t seem to exist! I plan on using this with an old delta 9 precooler I’ve had for a while, it’ll be awesome. Even if I don’t win I’ll be buying one anyway!

  10. 862141
    5 Jun, 2008

    plan on using this lil un for when im out and about
    WS Pre-Cooler – Double Chamber + Diffuser

  11. I would use it with the “Weed Star – Clear Inline Pre-Cooler 18.8” i pick up earlier this year. Here’s my Order #1155789, Hope i get lucky this time.

  12. order number: 1317277
    i would be using this with my weedstar illusion ashcatcher, as soon as it comes in and gets delivered to me

  13. Order #: 1301551

    This looks interesting, I havn’t smoked a small pipe with an ashcatcher before so would like to find out how it is. I would use my 18.8 Roor custom ashcatcher with it (with great care). Hopefully the joint on that WS connector is strong enough. I’d also probably use a carbon filter too.

    Thanks EDIT!

  14. ive been hypin over this piece sending emails and postin comments about this damn thing i fucking want that weed star connector i have 4 ashcatchers and 1 inline i’d be using it with the thing id rock the most is my dynomite 5 arm tree perc. a/c mad diffusion talkin about 20 slits id love the purest hit that would give hope im lucky
    order # 01-190609-1230610 old order

  15. Hey.. today my weed star mohonney ice broke.. at the base! .. so I had to change his name from thergood to trinity.. :\… because it sits like a tri-pod now! So I was hoping My guess for the weight of the ehle was right! it wasn;t ! haha .. obviously this thing is pretty sweet!! I have a few orders one numbr is, 1220117.. It would fit my weedstar inline .. even though its broke on the inside.. it can still make a nice precooler with a diffuser!

  16. my roor is 14.5
    so not for me good luck to all.
    these give aways are so good even tho never won anything,ha,ha
    RESPECT,edit,keep it up…

  17. 1321707
    I would use it with the blue WS inline that I would buy+a bell so I can smoke oil with it! That would be sick awesome.

  18. I really really want this! I have been thinking about a product like this for years and it’s great to finally find one! Be sure even if I don’t win I will be purchasing one as soon as I can! Order number: 1301923. Note: I thought I had entered this earlier but noticed I didn’t see my comment. It’s possible I’m just slow too 😉

  19. order num. 1303376…….. i would smoke out of the original WS inline with the slit diffuser but would have to pick up the sick WS double chamber + diffuser that went out of stock the day before i ordered it

  20. Order Number: 1148108 (old)
    i would use it with my EHLE Teardrop Pre-cooler (actually the order number for it above lol)

  21. 1179977

    I got a no name perc’d precooler that I slide an Ehle diffuser into that would look nice with it. But one day I’ll upgrade to a nice piece of art 🙂

  22. NO MORE ENTRIES AFTER THIS POST. The data is being gathered and a winner will be randomly decided by some means or another.

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