WS Connector 18.8 WINNER!!!

The winner of the Weed Star WS Connector 18.8 is announced in the short video below. Well done to the winner and not so well done to the losers. You can get hold of 14.5 WS Connectors at the moment (link below) and we will be getting more of the 18.8 size pretty soon hopefully. More crazy giveaways coming soon too!

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The Winner of the WS Connector is…

18 thoughts on “WS Connector 18.8 WINNER!!!”

  1. thanx all guess it was sheer luck did u see the fan blow those names away hey nick thought it was reserved 4 u haha sucka wanted it more then u thought id never win and luck thats what u get 4 bein a arrogant bitch fo real jus keepin it real fuck yeah cant w8 tio blaze

  2. damn nick i was jus tryin to throw it in yo face but never the less im happy better luck next time sorry 4 the bad vibes i was hyped im medicated now so its all good sorry

  3. Congrats Rooraddelph πŸ˜€

    Im just happy that I managed to see my name on one of the bits of paper in the video xD

    Cant wait for the next competition. These are really fun.

  4. lol omg, one of the first comps where ive actually been able to see my name, such a good feeling to see on a vid lol.

    congrats rooradelph πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. Yo Weed Star Fan’s go to the Weed Star web page and check out the new products posted yesterday Oct. 7 th. I got my eye on some of those new colored bowl’s and that Double Bubble Bong looks really trick. Ziggi keep on coming with those radd smoking device’s. You Rock bro..
    Hope Edit get these new products soon.

  6. Got my 14.5 Connector today! Had to break it in of course, so i popped on my Molino Colored Mad Scientist Pre-Cooler and gave her a nice milk shot. Whoooa a bit hot so i added my Molino colored section pre-cooler and that mellowed the smoke out just right. Still waiting for the 18.8 Connector’s to be in stock. A lot more pre-coolers available in 18.8 to choose from. lol

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