Ok its Monday, we all hate Mondays right? But heres something that should put a 🙂 on your face…
We have a whole bunch of great new herbal blends to give away free as part of our new competition.
Now all we want you guys to do is send in your pics of you and your edit wristband on your travels wherever it may be to marketing@everyonedoesit.com.
You can really go all out with this one guys, the wackier, the wierder, or the more wonderful the better! Underwater, on a rolla coaster or even jumping out a plane – the skys the limit. The best photo will win a mystery edit goody bag and the 20 runners up will get free herbal blends.


  1. Damn! I just moved and didn’t have any of my wristbands with me! Hopefully there will be some awesome pictures sent in!

  2. How long will this contest last? I have a great idea for a picture but can’t do it for another couple of days.

  3. Any way I can get one sent to me? Im moving at the end of this month and threw away my stash of about 10 of them earlier this week. I can provide an order number if that helps.

  4. Some of our valued customers appear to be without wristband so here’s what we’ll do… send in order numbers, we’ll send out wristbands so you can take part.

    Please keep the photo entries coming in, who knows what you might win!…

  5. Are you out of wristbands EDIT? Every time I select I want a band in checkout there is never one sent, but if I check no, thanks I always get sent one :\

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