A Guide on how to season your Dab Nail – Titanium, Glass or Ceramic


How to Season a Dab Nail


We get many inquiries from our dab nail customers asking how to best season their nail prior to use. So we have decided to write a short but hopefully helpful piece on the correct way to season your dab nail.

Depending on your Material will depend on how best to season your nail. Some require little or no seasoning whilst others are best just used at a slightly lower temperature in order to season and use at the same time.

How to Season a Titanium Dab Nail:

  1. Take your nail and place it on your rig.
  2. Taking your butane Dab Torch and heat the nail all over to burn off any oils and manufacturing greases. Allow to cool.
  3. Again with the torch heat the nail using the tip if the inner flame until the nail just turns red.
  4. Take your concentrate and at this lower temperature rub your concentrate around the nail head. (personally we would smoke this first hit – as we are vaping at lower temperatures this first hit shouldn’t be that harsh.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 a minimum of 4 times.

How to Clean your Titanium Dab Nail:

  1. Never place your titanium dab nail in water to clean this encourages oxidisation and will overtime result in a nail that has an oxidated white film covering it.
  2. Place some isopropyl alcohol or bong cleaner in a jiffy bag.
  3. Agitate nail in bag until fully clean – allow to soak overnight to make this easier.
  4. Remove from bag, pat dry with paper towels (dispose of carefully) and then allow to air dry. (retain bag with liquid can be used for numerous cleans)
  5. To remove oxidisation you will need to manually clean with the head of a titanium dabbing tool and scraping it away.
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 4.

Glass Nails don’t need seasoning as they are good to go. I would as I do with all nails take it up to temperature and then let cool to burn off any manufacturing greases or oils.

How to season a Ceramic Dab Nail:

  1. Put the nail on your chosen rig.
  2. Using a butane torch heat the nail till it glows red hot.
  3. Allow to cool
  4. Heat nail to just below red hot heat.
  5. Take your concentrate and gentle drop it onto the nail and try and coat all the nail. (We would take a hit at this lower temperature)

Once seasoned we wouldn’t really clean a ceramic nail. We would allow it to gather a unique patina all of its own.

So that’s our guide to seasoning your nails you think we missed anything? Or want to let us know your way of seasoning your nails? then lets us know in the comments section.

Glass Pipes – Collectors Piece or Throwdown?


Collectors Piece or Throw Down?

Our vast collection of glass pipes can seem intimidating when on the lookout for the ideal glass pipe. It doesn’t matter if you’re an enthusiast or a novice, eventually, you end up at a certain crossroad. Not knowing which way to go, a burning question will rush through your head…

Should I go for an expensive piece or for a cheaper alternative?

Luckily, we at EDIT are here again to help you with some of life’s hardest decisions. Let’s start with exploring the popular cheap alternatives available to our customers.


Spoon With Ash Catcher | Grav Labs – £18.99

Another magnificent glass pipe from Texas-based Grav Labs. This piece comes from their recent line of impressive spoon pipes. Using only the finest borosilicate glass, the spoon pipe is highly durable and well-crafted.
Featuring the ever-present and highly effective ash-catcher mouthpiece, this elegantly designed piece brings a weight of sophistication to the market.
Trust us, those looking for a spoon pipe that focuses on functionality should look no further than Grav Labs!


Van Halen Sherlock Pipe | Red Eye Glass – $21.99

A part of the Van Halen range from Red Eye Glass, this eye-catching design combines the styles of a spoon pipe and a sherlock pipe. Incorporating the best features of each, the glass piece comes with a flat surface for improved stability.
With a wicked design that closely resembles the rest of the Van Halen range, this Red Eye Glass piece will suit anyone looking for a cheap heady piece that doesn’t hinder its functionality.


Prometheus Nano | PypTek – $48.99

The Prometheus Nano by PypTek is simply one of the best pocket pipes for those smokers who enjoy the outdoors. Using an exoskeleton that’s constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, this pipe is known to be quite indestructible. You could drop it from a great height and it would cause little damage. There’s a reason why it got its namesake from an invincible Greek deity!
Yes, it may seem like cheating including this in a guide to glass pipes but let’s not forget that beneath the protective layer sits a tough, borosilicate glass core.

With the cheaper alternatives explored, let’s look at a more considered purchase.


Multi Hole Spoon Pipe | Illadelph – $92.99

Designed from the finest American Glass in Philadelphia, this signature Illadelph piece features a multi-hole bowl head which produces a smooth, even flow of smoke. Not only boasting high functionality, this spoon pipe includes tinted accents and distinguished Illadelph decals that represent the company’s glorious reputation.


Wig Woo Spoon Pipe | Talent Glass – $159.99

A masterclass in artistic glass design, this glass piece shows exactly why the Oregon-based Talent Glass continues to be ahead of the pack in creativity. Hand-made by artisan glassblower Brent Cook, the pipe is lavishly decorated with vivid wig-wags and spirals of shimmering dichroic glass.
This awe-inspiring piece will sit proudly as the focus point of any budding pipe enthusiast’s collection.


Black and Orange Worked Bubbler | G-Spot – $154.99

Another fantastic artisan glass piece, this worked bubbler by G-Spot is made out of the finest borosilicate glass. With a built in slitted diffuser, the user will repeatedly receive smooth and cool hits.
Featuring a striking design, the german glassblowers have added an impressive switchback design that starts on the pan and runs along the effective bubbler. Finally, a stunning orange marble decorates the pipe’s chamber to add panache to the piece.

For those looking towards a cheaper piece, the selected choices above are great for outdoor adventures. If you’re worried about taking your cherished piece along with you, these pocket-friendly glass pieces will suit you down to a tee. It doesn’t matter if it’s hiking or a trip to your local music festival, you won’t do better for price and functionality.
If you’re a collector looking to expand your pipe collection, then one of our more pricey options won’t steer you wrong. These choices are for the glass pipe enthusiasts wanting to amaze their friends the next time they’re round. Great to pull out at house parties, these collector’s pieces will be cherished for a lifetime.

Best Dabbing Pens for 2016


So you want a Dabbing Pen but don’t know which one to buy? We have gone through extensive testing with each of our recommendations and if they are on this sheet they are all worth buying but one pen really stands out above the rest – we’ll get to that one later.


Stok R Series Vape Pen

Coming from Stok this is a dab pen for those who like quality and value. Stok are a well-respected company producing silicone jars and have put their expertise in extracts to use, in this lovely vape pen. Using a titanium core and with a see-through chamber you know exactly when to start ripping and as they say “This Thing Rips!”. We found it easy to use, it charged quickly and lasted an entire night clubbing. This is our recommended budget buy.
Recommended For : Wax, Shatters, and Oils

Extras in the Box :

  • • Extra Atomizer x 1
  • • Loading tool
  • • Quick Charge – Charger.
  • • Platinum Cured Storage Jar


Grenco Science G-Pen Vaporizer Set

G-Pen is a well-established brand within the vape pen market. With the G Pen also featuring in the Gumball Rally 2015, this product exploded on the scene and they now produce numerous vaporizer pens but the Original G Pen is still the most discreet of their offering.

Not much bigger than a lighter this pen fits in any pocket or handbag. It’s a closed chamber so you have to judge the best time to hit it however with a superbly quick heat up time this isn’t a problem. We found the biggest concern on this is the heat the pen generates. Makes the smoke a little rough for our taste but certainly packs a punch. Perfect for carrying around with you and at this price is virtually a throw down piece. We recommend this for those who don’t mind a harsher hit and it is terrific value.

Recommended For : Wax, Shatters, and Oils

Extras in the Box :

  • • G Pen Battery
  • • G Pen Coil
  • • Mouthpiece
  • • Dabbing Tool
  • • USB Charger
  • • Wall Charger
  • • 3 Cleaning Tips (good idea)
  • • 2 Glass Jars – we found the lids got a little gunky on use and prefer silicone.


Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen STAFF PICK

When Dr. Dabber first came on the scene with their pen we have to admit it was just another pen. That is until we started using it. It’s a titanium coil wrapped around an inert glass-based fiber. The difference here wasn’t obvious that is till we loaded it and hit the pen. The flavors out of this open are amazing if you have highly terpene extracts this is the pen to get maximum flavors from. The simple fact is the Dr. Dabber controls the temperature of the coil so it operates at a lower temperature. Lower temperatures result in better flavors. Here at EDiT Towers, we are all about the flavor.

Of course, the branding for Dr. Dabber is cool, the hit is as good, the battery life is nice and long but the flavor is the star of this show. There isn’t a see-through chamber but we tended to just hit one second after pressing the button and heat up time was fine. The chamber is a little smaller than we would like but it’s a small price to pay. This is our STAFF PICK and is the one vape pen we would buy over any other.

Extras in the Box :

  • • Ghost Lithium Ion Battery
  • • Ghost Mouthpiece Attachment
  • • Ghost Atomizer
  • • Shatter Proof Silicon Ball Jar
  • • Dab Tool
  • • USB Charger
  • • Dr. Dabber Ghost User Manual


We have just taken ownership of the first Dr. Dabber Aura Vape Pens – testing is under way and we will come back to you soon.
Why not bookmark this page as we will be adding vaporizer pens to the page through 2016 to ensure that you are kept up to date with the trends throughout the year.

OfficeLABS in stock now!

We’ve been busy with the purchasing again, EDIT-Heads!

Our latest range of new products features a specialist collection that are specifically designed for use in the workplace.

Bespoke manufacturers, OfficeLab, pride themselves in creating functional, discreet smoking products that can be used in the place of work, alleviating the need to head home at lunchtime, or take the afternoon off:


The OfficeLab 4 Gallon Office Bong is the safe and discreet way to enjoy your favourite herbal blends without even leaving the workplace.

Standing just 5 feet in height, the 4 Gallon Office Bong is virtually indistinguishable from a regular water cooler.  Simply ask a colleague to light the bowl, and your afternoon of office-based tedium will seem a lifetime away.

The OfficeLab 4 Gallon Office Bong comes packaged as a complete kit, including the bong itself, a set of step ladders, and a free pack of OfficeLab Smoke-It Notes.


The HerbMaster 4000 from OfficeLab is the ultimate in automatic grinder technology.  Simply attach the specially designed HerbMaster attachment to your OfficeLab power tool, add herbs and grind away at over 7000 rpm!

The reinforced grinder teeth ensure that herbs are pulverised to the perfect consistency at a rate of around 2 grams per second.

Why wait around for sluggish manual grinders?  Let the raw, unbridled power of an industrial drill do the work for you with the HerbMaster 4000.


Smoke-It Notes are OfficeLab’s adaptation of the popular adhesive office sticker – but with a twist!  As well as providing a handy square of sticky paper for leaving messages for colleagues, the OfficeLab Smoke-It Notes double as perfectly sized rolling papers.

Why wait until after work to roll a herbal cigarette?  Smoke-It Notes are ideal for use during long conference calls, boring meetings, or simply at your desk while you’re supposed to be working.  Why not try passing a stogie to that hot chick from the accounts department instead of keep leaving your phone number on Post-Its and sticking them to her monitor?


The StaplVAPE is OfficeLab’s flagship portable vaporizer.  The ingenious design of the StaplVAPE is based very loosely on an office stapler with a few modifications!

The StaplVAPE is powered by twin 2600 MaH lithium-ion batteries, giving you the power to completely purge your herbs of all the natural flavours and active ingredients in the comfort of the office environment.

To operate, simply load your herbs into the heating chamber which is situated on the lower staple plate.  Click the StaplVAPE together in a stapling action and wait for the advanced LED display to indicate the correct vaping temperature has been reached.  Once ready, simply inhale the smooth, potent vapour by sucking it from the hinge end.

The entire OfficeLab range is available now from EDIT with same-day dispatch, FREE shipping and our famous price match guarantee.

Smoking on the Down Low!


Smoking on the Down Low – Or how not to get caught by The Man!
(A Shopping Guide for Stealthy Devices)

There are times when you just have to smoke and with public smoking bans coming into force around the world we thought we would cover some of the better ways.   Back in the day, exhaling through a paper towel roll stuffed with a scented dryer sheet was enough to keep the scent from being detected, but nowadays, there are better options to get a smoke on the down low.  Here are a few of the most innovative, and discreet devices for smoking without being noticed:


Portable Vaporizer: There are a lot of options in the world of vaporizers, but the one that looks the least like a smoking device is the Puffit Vaporizer.  Constructed to look exactly like an asthma inhaler, this product ensures no one will notice when you are vaping either dry herbs or using the removable concentrate attachment.

Vaporizer Pens are also ideal for smoking in stealth mode. Looking more like their eliquid vaping cousins but designed for concentrates and dry herb. You really can’t tell the difference and on casual inspection would pass for a regular vaping device.


Flashlight Stealth Pipe: The Aluminum Torch Pipe looks exactly like a small flashlight keychain, however, it doesn’t actually light up at all. Well, not with a bulb at least.  It will light you up as it does work as a fully-functional pipe.  It fits easily on your keychain and in your pocket and would easily go undetected.

Ballpoint Pen Pipe: Now this one is reminiscent of a James Bond gadget.  You simply unscrew the top where the eraser fits and fill the void as you would a tiny bowl or a one-hitter.  You can wear this one in your front pocket like a real pen.

Honorable Mention:

Edibles:  While clearly not a “device”, edibles are most definitely a method to get high with no one noticing.   Edibles come in every flavor, shape and size you can imagine—just be careful not to leave them out for an unsuspecting sweet-toothed friend!  To make your own, try the Mota Pot which helps you to create your own herb-infused oils.


Bull-IT Pipe: This is our favorite stealthy pipe. Looks just like a bullet but contains a hidden smoke path that makes the hit cool and smooth. Can be worn around the neck pre-loaded and stealthy. If you hit take away the flame and it naturally goes out. Has a huge bowl too so designed for a night out in

When you can’t smoke freely, try one of these options to entertain yourself. There is always something quiet satisfying about having a secretive and adventurous toke. Enjoy!

Happy Easter Vibes!

Peace, Love and Easter Discount


Easter: a time for celebration, drinking to excess, eating your weight in chocolate eggs and also buying a discounted glass spoon from our wonderful selection. Well, maybe not the drinking bit, but we like to think our customers know how to imbibe the odd Gin and Tonic. Planning an Egg and Spoon race this weekend? Well if so, may we suggest that we have just the sort of glass spoon you may not want to race with but you will certainly want to end the race with. As we have discounted over 80 spoons, we are going to try and push you in the direction of the best of the best in this field.

As the warehouse in UK will be closed over the Easter period there may be a slight delay in deliveries through UK and Europe. We will get things back to normal as soon as possible. So, with no more delay, let’s delve into the wonderfully colorful world of glass art and our discounted spoon selection.


Rasta Spoon

G-Spot are German quality glass blowers out of Wilheim on the edge of the Black Forest. This twisted Rasta Spoon has been discounted in our 15% off sale and is the perfect little throw down piece or daily piece. Using top quality glass the guys at G Spot have produced a top quality Rasta spoon.


Illadelph Glass Spoon

Reassuringly expensive is this hand made Illadelph Glass Spoon. No one can argue that anything that comes from the artisan flameworkers at Illadelph is anything but quality. Using only the finest American boro glass, manipulated by only the best blowers they can find. Everything that Illadelph produce oozes quality and craftsmanship, and this delightful little spoon is no different. Grab it now while we have stocks – it is sure to sell out fast.


lollipop pipe

Perfect for Easter is this sweet glass hand pipe from Mathematix Glass. Sure to be a conversation starter wherever you go, this lollipop shaped smoking pipe is surely a steal at this discounted price. Stocks are limited so grab one now while we have them – we don’t know when they will be back again!


Mathematix Sherlock

The ONLY Sherlock to make it into our sale and our last and possibly best selection, this is another piece by the glass studios known as Mathematix. A stunning black number with slyme mouthpiece and accents on the bowl. Its an elementary deduction that these wont be around for long as they look and feel like a pipe worth twice the price. Take advantage of this one time only price now and we guarantee this will become a firm favorite in your collection.

An Illustrated A-Z Guide to Dabbing Terminology – Part Three


The Illustrated Guide To Dabbing – Part 3

Welcome to the third and final part of our alphabetical journey through the terminology and techniques of dabbing. Previously, we have covered the alphabet from A-H, then from I-P. Today, we finish off the alphabet with a round-up of dabbing terms from Q-Z.



Quick Wash Iso (QWISO)

A form of Extraction which utilises Isopropyl Alcohol as a Solvent. The method for producing Iso Hash.



The Oil or Concentrate that builds up inside an Oil Rig over time. This oil can be ‘reclaimed’ and re-vaped by gently heating the class and letting the oil drip out. Similar results can be achieved by cleaning the oil rig with alcohol, shaking the rig until the oil is dissolved and then evaporating the alcohol.



The process of repeatedly heating a new titanium Concentrate Nail prior to first use. The necessity of seasoning, and the correct seasoning process are a somewhat disputed topic. Some users claim that it is completely unnecessary to season a nail at all. Some claim the correct method is repeatedly heating the nail until red hot, then dunking in cold water to rapidly cool the metal. Others state that the nail should be heated repeatedly and small amounts of Oil or Reclaim should be used to build up a layer over the top of the nail.


Thin Film Vacuum

A technique used to Purge residual Solvent from Concentrates using vacuum pressure as opposed to heat. The concentrate is spread in a thin layer in an effort to preserve more Terpenes and active ingredients.


A tincture usually made with alcohol that extracts the active part of the plant. When not dabbing some people prefer to use a tincture or other delivery method.




Any dabber, scraper or other purpose made implement used in the dabbing process. Most utensils are made from inert materials such as glass or titanium.



A glass water attachment designed to fit on a vaporizer. The term Vubbler is a contraction of Vaporizer and Bubbler.



A type of Extract that has been whipped or rapidly aerated during post production so it assumes a looser, creamier consistency.




A purpose made essence extraction tube from German glass specialists, EHLE. The X-Trakt tubes are thick boro glass and include a fritted glass filter for the best results.



The amount of oil, kief, budder, shatter, dabble, wax etc that you get from a given amount of plant matter.



A state of extreme medication that occurs after a dabbing session.

The Best Selection of Digital Scales


The Best Scales For Dry Herbs – An EDIT Buyer’s Guide

A reliable set of weighing scales are worth a place on the table of every committed smoker – checking the weight of your tobacco or herbs after purchase is a quick and easy way to make sure that you’re getting good value for money or helps weigh your medication.Scales are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a wide range of simple and advanced features, and with prices to suit every pocket. Here’s the EDIT Guide to choosing a set of scales for use with dry herbs:

Budget Options – Under $20


We have a large selection of cheap digital scales at Everyone Does IT, so choosing a budget option is really down to personal preference. We really like the TW-600 SL Truweigh Digital Pocket Scale from On Balance. This model has been around for a few years and has retained popularity thanks to the compact size, clear digital display, simple, intuitive controls and of course, bargain price tag. The TW-600 weighs anything up to 600 grams with an accuracy of 0.1 gram – ideal for herbs and tobacco. Comes complete with 2 x AAA batteries, so you’re ready to go straight from the box.

Mid-Range Options – $20 – $50


The MyWeigh Palmscale is the best-selling pocket scale in the USA, Canada and the UK, and for good reason: they are easy to use, robust and durable, and absolutely packed with features. The Palmscale 7.0 Advance is the very latest version of this industry staple, and we think it’s the best Palmscale yet.
With a sleek, chrome body and durable rubber casing, the Palmscale 7.0 weighs items up to 700g with an accuracy of 0.1g. The back-lit LCD display is bright and easy to read, and the extra functions such as Price-Computing give it the edge over similarly priced rivals. As well as grams, this digital scale can also weigh in ounces, carats, grains, pennyweights, 1/8 ounces and ¼ ounces. The perfect all-rounder.

Check out our Scales section for more scales

An Illustrated A-Z Guide to Dabbing Terminology – Part Two


Welcome to Part Two of our Guide

We know there are plenty of people out there who don’t know their dab rig from their qwiso so we decided to put together a handy A-Z Illustrated guide of all things dabbing. Covering the main terminology and slang of this evolving activity. Taking plant extracts and concentrates is sure to become the norm.



Ice Hash

A concentrated form of plant extract produced using the Cold Water Extraction method. The primary use for Bubble Bags.


John Hammond

Slang for Concentrate. Especially golden, viscous concentrates. Named after the scientist played by Richard Attenborough in the film Jurassic Park and his famously golden-amber fossil

Jar (Silicone)

Silicone container used for storing and transporting concentrates. Silicone is used because the oil will not stick to side of the jar, making it easier to handle. Most silicon jars are platinum-cured, food-grade silicone for durability.



A dry concentrate which is obtained by sifting plant matter through a fine mesh or sifter. Kief can be pressed into discs or cakes using a Pollen Presser or used in powdered form.




A titanium skillet that is heated with a torch before being draped inside a glass bowl slide. Ladles are a cheap and easy alternative to a full nail and dome setup and the ladle can be removed to leave just a regular bowl.


Melt (Full Melt)

A high quality form of Hash that completely melts when smoked or vaporized, leaving no residue.



A spike which is heated and used to vaporize concentrates. Nails are usually made from extremely heat-resistant materials such as titanium, inert ceramic or quartz glass




The term used to describe plant extracts that are produced using solvent techniques to remove the natural oils of a plant.

Oil Rig

A bubbler or waterpipe that is especially designed for use with Concentrates. Oil Rigs are typically made of Borosilicate Glass and normally come equipped with a concentrate nail and Vapour Dome instead of a regular Bowl. Oil rigs are usually much smaller than Bongs as the water capacity needed to cool and smooth vapour is much less than smoke.
Make a different bong up for this – make it look like a bong not a beaker base a tube.



The process of eradicating any remaining solvents from your Concentrate after the Extraction process. Usually, this is achieved by Vacuum Leaching or by Whipping the concentrate over a low heat. Purging is essential to avoid contaminated extracts.



A form of Extraction which utilizes Isopropyl Alcohol as a Solvent. The method for producing Iso Hash from plant material. Especially useful for volatile oils like Rose.

The Evolution of Smoking Technology

History of Smoking Devices

The new millennium has seen the invention of vaporizers and electronic cigarettes, but smoking and smoking technology are far from recent. In fact, smoking various substances can be linked to many ancient civilizations including the Mayans, the Aztecs and many American indigenous cultures. Until Christopher Columbus, smoking tobacco was exclusive to the Americas, but after he brought the plant to Europe, it quickly became a global staple.

The New Global Superstar

Tobacco quickly spread and so did the need to for smoking devices. In Africa, artisans began making smoking pipes and bowls to accommodate the region’s latest trade good. The Middle East considered smoking a social activity and invented the hookah, a water pipe that can be shared with multiple people. In South Asia, clove cigarettes became popular and eventually spread around the world along with the use of short pipes called chillums. The 1800s saw the invention of cigarette rolling machines, which replaced or enhanced many budding hand-rolling factories.

The 20th Century and Beyond

In the 1960s, South Asian chillums and pipes gained popularity in the United States and recent decades have also seen the rise of hookah bars across the country. The ‘90s saw the first vaporizers, but the technology didn’t quite catch on until 2003 with Hon Lik’s version of the technology. Vaporizers are quickly gaining popularity and are quickly changing the way people consume tobacco, marijuana and similar products. These new devices bring the potential of safer smoking with minimal exposure to harmful chemicals and byproducts.

From the Mayans to today, smoking technology has been a staple of many cultures since the introduction of tobacco and other smokables in world trade markets. Recently, vaporizers have taken center stage as the newest technology with untold promise. However, water pipes, chillums and bowls are still widely used and continue to demand their fair share of attention and use.

100915-EDIT-EvolutionOfSmokingTechnology-First Draft-01