Herbs were used by witches for centuries to induce spiritual states or remedy small aches or pains. Modern witches sometimes use aromatherapy tools to invoke spirits and vibrations. Having a sesh in order to bring novel thoughts to reality can assist anyone, be they witch or mere mortal.


Background in witches (and more importantly women) utilizing herbs in the home dates back to the days of hunting and gathering. Women usually stayed home to tend to the hearth, and men roved in tribal packs. Women became experts in botany and home remedies. Nowadays, witches and the practice of Wicca are more mainstream than say in the Puritanical 1600s. Women and men are allowed to practice dark arts and stay relatively under the radar.


An old Wiccan saying goes “An ye harm none, do what ye will.” So in respect to this, grab yourself some witchy glass with our 15% discount code “WITCHES15”.

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