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We have a great offer for all customers this month, buy a iDragon Vap and every week we will give one lucky customer the costs of his purchase back, including postage. PLUS 24% OFF our already low price.

i-Dragon Vaporizer

The i-Dragon Vaporizer is the latest and greatest innovation in portable vaporization technology. Boasting dual functionality as both a torch and a portable hand held vaporizer, the i-Dragon vap is the perfect utensil for the vaporization of herbs and botanicals.

As part of this offer we will also be reducing the cost of the iDragon by 20% making it even more affordable. Unlike other portable electric vaps that use a heated coil to deliver their vapor and thus sometimes delivering a smoke. The iDragon really is designed to ensure that you get the best possible vapor. With a complex electronic circuit that constantly measures and adjusts the temperature in the vaping chamber this product is good for botanicals and extracts.

The i-Dragon vap comes complete with interchangeable bowl and torch light, as well as rechargeable batteries and a power supply meaning all you have to do is charge up and your portable vaporizer is ready to embark on your journey with you.

The rechargeable batteries last for 4 hours or more depending on your usage.



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