Solar Super Samples


20 samples of a new incense blend to give away called Solar Super (ALL GONE). All you need to do is post an old or recent order number on this page and the first 20 posters will receive a new sample of Solar Super Incense Blend. They are 400mg samples, so not too big but too bad for free. One lucky entrant will receive two samples who will be scientifically decided by some means or another.

Make sure you let us know if the delivery address from the order number you post needs to be updated, and we’ll get the new address via email.

Solar Super Incense Blend


36 thoughts on “Solar Super Samples”

  1. order number 1176693. Also i have been emailing you guys and have not gotten a response or the usual automated response..

  2. Order # 866711

    And my address is different from this order, but the same for the last giveaways that I got free stuff. So send me an email if you need the new one again 🙂


  3. yes please dude, but io cant get into my account for an order no,

    email me and ill give you my address 🙂

  4. thanks a ton edit
    But P-UH-LEASE get in some kind of inline A/C(with slits/holes) for under 100 dollars
    I would buy one the day they come in.

  5. nice one dude, have these went out yet?

    i havent had a smoke in 6 weeks +

    would be nice to have a little surprise in the post this week 😀

  6. Not yet, but they will leave tomorrow for you and I’ll try and remember to include a little something extra for you, KM.

  7. ahh you legend, I thought I’d missed my chance on this one and wasn’t expecting a package when I got home from work today, cheers dude! much appreciated. have a great weekend man

  8. ahh nice one, got mine in the post yesterday

    having not smoked anything in over 6 weeks now, this stuff was damn strong, the added flavours like other blenda arent too strong, overall very good 🙂

    thanks guys.

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