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Here’s your chance to win one of these brand new double High Times Cannabis Cup award-winning Incredibowl i420s! We have three to give away, including the one we jumped on in the video in the Incredibowl feature (also on YouTube).

Incredibowl Smoking Pipe - High Times Cannabis Cup Winner


To have a chance of winning, you must first be a customer of past or present, preferably with an old order number so we can get your address to send the prize to (let us know if it has changed since you ordered). Now comes the annoying bit for all of you who were hoping not to be engaging your brains.

You must write a poem, rhyming or non-rhyming, short or long, funny or serious, about the Incredibowl and post it on this page. The best poem as judged by me and my mates in the pub will win one Incredibowl smoking pipe. I have no idea as to the criteria for the best poem – I shall simply read and await inspiration.

Everyone else who enters will have their names plunged into a suitable receptacle whereupon two random names will be plucked to victory and will also receive an Incredibowl pipe each.

Good luck yeah.



  • Feltros

    (In streets style)

    I could afford one if I wasn’t on the doll,
    They’re giving one away at EDIT,
    I wanna get it,
    Since I first read it,
    Because it is incredibowl!

    3rd place in the glass,
    2nd place in new products,
    it’d be 1st place in my heart.

    ^Fairly early morning attempt at writing a poem 😛 Goodluck to everyone else entering! 🙂

  • Tony_K

    Twas the best of green, twas the worst of scenes when I decided to clear my mind after 3 hits from thee only to find out my second smoking piece was out of commission. Indeed, the bowl was shattered, for I had dropped it once, I proclaimed my luck had run out like my tuition funds after payments received this month. The winter usually is an awful time for me, spending most of my time with family, (but without an X-mas tree.) Its been very similar since I was 23, but hopefully I will win this piece, and load it up with my friend “Sally D”. Then, and only then is when things will pick up, but until then my luck will remain blown down more then a few ice notches full.

    I submit to you, that I win one of these three, I would gladly give my right or left knee. (Order numbers 867454 & 1064089)

  • gethatedon

    The devil came up to pittsburgh, complaining all his dealers were dry,
    When he sees me packin a bowl of the green stuff that gets you high,
    He quickly strolls over to me, as sober as anyone could be,
    And asked if he could take a hit, and I say “yes sir, how bout three?”
    Flicking the bic and taking a hit, he says on more he’ll be good,
    But when he tried to hand it back to me, while we were to high to fuction,
    It slips and falls onto the ground, because my fingers were greasy from muchin.
    the devil slowly picks it up and says he thought it would be broken, so I look into his flaming red eyes
    and say ‘’no way man, it’s the incredibowl, and do you what is better? Nothin.”

  • Blkmmba

    smoking pipe
    a new pipe
    not very easily broken

    here is my Cinquain Poem, old order number 1367661. thanks EDIT

  • Kevin D

    Its about that time, for me to rhyme,
    in hopes to win an incridibowl, so here I go,
    bustin some flows, just to get high
    I really wanna win, because my friend
    dropped my bong, so I hope this song
    which isn’t long, wins me a new one!

    order number: 1302808

  • Theo

    Not very original on my part, a lot of the lyrics are the actual lyrics to the song. Play the song and try singing these lyrics to it!
    Link to the video(not made by me or anybody I know):
    By The Lonely Island / Theo – Incredibowl! (based off the original hit Incredibad)

    Noow let’s take a trip down memory lane
    Back to junior high school were it all began
    Three bad lil kids raising hell at school
    We were just thirteen straight acting a fool

    Everyday after class kiv’s house was the spot
    Making crazy bongs and pipes hoping not to get caught
    Best friends, smoke brothers, yo we one and the same
    Till one faithful afternoon when everything changed

    One day smoking bubblers up in kiv’s room
    The house started smoking and we heard a kaboom
    Looked out the back window saw a pillar of smoke
    Yo your backyard is smashed, man this isn’t a joke
    Yo lets go check this out man, oh what was that? oh I bet lets go

    All the smoke and debris led us straight to the basement
    Yo what the hell is that? man it looks like a spacepipe
    We all ran for cover, as the carb opened wide
    And a little green dude stepped out from inside

    He said, “I’m from mars and I come as weed,
    I have something to ask and it’s not discrete
    There’s a mutated strain in our DNA helix,
    And you three kids are the ones who can heal it

    But were just thirteen man what can we do
    Umm, how should I put this I think we should screw – what?
    On my home planet we have no longer breed
    I’ve been sent to self-recept so we can store your seed

    Storing our seed, yo I think he means sex
    Man I’m a virgin, we all all bet
    I’m just gonna lie here and close my eyes
    Ah, what should we do now it’s spreading it’s stems
    You’ll be heroes in my planet
    But why us three?
    You’re the chosen ones, you’ll just have to trust me
    Yo should we do it? man I dunno know, yo I say we put it to a vote
    All in favor say I, “I”
    Ok we’re in, – cool
    Who should go first?
    I have three dispensaries to capture your burst

    Wait so at the same time? yeah that’s what I was thinking
    Here some weed and bubblers lets get you boys smoking
    We pouted the smoke and started getting high
    Then took our positions and started getting frisky
    One in the front and two in the back
    Had him locked up like a Chinese finger trap

    Keep humping away my wife and family thank you
    I’m about to explode yo son me too
    Three way climax! best friends forever
    What a pleasure to lost our virginities together – yeah
    Andy Jorm Akiv you’ve saved my race
    Your reward is one wish then I’ll go back to space
    We looked at each other, didn’t have to talk
    Knew exactly what we wanted before he took off

    Mr. Ganja sir, for what it’s worth
    We wanna be the greatest fake smokers on earth
    Your wish is granted and thanks again
    I may have saved my planet but I’m losing three friends
    What we smoked out of today was an incredible bowl
    Therefore your name is Incredibowl!



  • Locutuz

    When I win the bowl called incredi
    (the design by the way is quite heady)
    I’ll smoke me some dank
    with my best buddy Frank
    and we’ll veg out in front of the telly

    It comes in it’s own special case
    so it can always be in it’s place
    safely stashed in its box
    instead of one of my socks
    this is one bowl I’ll never replace

  • bambalambam

    Oh the crops were all burning,
    And the cops fought our yearning,
    For the sweet,
    Sweet Mary Jane,

    But then the day came,
    We’ve had enough of this game,
    The people just started to blaze,

    And now one more phase,
    Of modern pot History,
    We all shout in glee,
    For the lovely Incredi

    Order Id#1349700

  • dazhhhhh

    You will all be drunk.. when you judge this comp

    So hows about sending me one.

    Not long to go til time runs out, there’s more than me in with a shout.

    Maybe I will..maybe I wont.. but I really want that incredibowl

    She looks so sweet she looks so fine

    Oh I wish that she was mine.

    There iv said it thanks to EDIT…

    Did you get it or shouldnt I have said it.

    Maybe you should just forget it.. no dont do that coz im a pratt…

    Its all this green its making me dream for my incredibowl smoking machine.

    Ha ha

    The end

    Shit! Im a poet and i didnt even know it!

    Order number 1292887

    Cheers Guys

    I wont know unless I try but it may work and get me high 😉

    Shit I cant stop.. head gonna pop.. Sweet!

  • sacagood

    incredibowl, incredibowl
    eleven letters that explain what you’ve been made for
    you are a new invention
    the world’s new fascination
    the smokers adoration
    for this poem inspiration
    and luckly the next addition to my collection

    order number: 1321259


  • roorless whore

    I have an obsession with a kickass smoke session
    Order 1029140

    500 milligrams of orange haired, crunchy green buds.
    The popping of the bag is followed by a distinct smell.
    Resinous waste attaching itself to my fingers
    (The scarlet letter of my illicit activity).

    I rapturously lower the green, white crystal ladened bud
    Into the heavenly, gleaming glass bowl.
    As I stare into the green goddess, I realize the strong
    Appeal of her. The beauty necessary to fulfill my desire.

    Gradually, the water flows into the chamber,
    Soon to be followed by smoke going in the opposite direction.
    Ready for the milk white smoke to gush,
    I prepare my lungs for the strain.

    The anticipation of surging, gushing smoke is too much.
    I quickly reach for my Bic before the prospect declines.
    I move towards the earthy bud, gracefully yet quickly.
    I press down on the lighter and wait for the tension to leave.

    With my body growling, senses exhilerated, and concentration focused,
    I inhale.

  • Prince

    Smoking herbs everyday…
    Off my face I’ll always stay…
    If only I won an incredibowl…
    I’ll treasure it with my heart and soul…
    Never to crack, never to break…
    But why would it? It’s name’s at stake…

    Order # 1345432

    Thanks & goodluck everyone.

    ~ Prince

  • Dc

    order # : 1350991

    Oh Incredibowl,
    you make me feel like an owl…
    Flying thought the sky, high has a kite,
    I cannot be more than happy because I feel lite.
    Like an animal who break bones,
    you too break bones because you are indestructible.
    Thinking of putting you on my mouth make me want to be like a phone,
    transmitting message to the world that is edible.
    Oh Incredibowl, be mine and we’ll live an happy live together,
    I will put the flames of love on you will fall for me too forever.

  • moejova

    Call this poem a premonition if you wanna….

    Dry it, Cure it
    Stiff or Stoner
    I’ve got to be
    This Incredibowl Owner
    Love it, Hate it
    Saint or sinner
    I’m gonna be
    This incredibowl winner

    Order # 1242069

  • Zoads


    Here i sit all baked and retarded, broke my RooR you F–king hoar. Sometime’s im such a troll i wish all my glass stuff was like Incredibowl.

  • yyuh


    wow this pipe is so totally cool,
    the incredibowl would be used in my pool,
    hope i dont break it like a fool.

  • Peppe Beng

    Incredibowl is an awesome tool,
    it takes your mind of work, problems and school.
    To explain what a incredibowl does to you,
    we need to break down a thing or two.

    Pack the weed nice and tight,
    hold it to your mouth and give it a light.
    Take a drag and do it soon,
    in a moment you’ll be standing on the moon.

    Invite a friend and have a good time,
    who knows, u might end up talking in rhyme.
    Take a hit, sing a song, but remember
    Always pass to the left, cuz the right way is wrong.

    Ref: 957753


  • conf20


    Order No. 1132494

    Thanks again edit!

  • Alex

    My order number is 1-3-4-00-49,
    I hope the Incredibowl will be mine mine mine,
    I hope I win I hope I’m right,
    I hope this song is worth the fight,
    I hope I’m not wrong,
    I hope I’m not long,
    I hope I win this beautiful bong.

  • Capital

    Hey bud, you wanna smoke?
    Get on up and take a toke.
    What? That hit was clean, cool, fresh and rare?
    Its an incredibowl. Nothing else even compares.

    Order Number: 1358773

  • Ironside

    Its the incredible Incredibowl comin’ at ya yo,
    take a hit from this pipe and try not to choke,
    5 minutes pass and your starting to panic,
    you can see your hands but you can’t feel them dammit!
    “Hey guy, where am I? I’ve never been this high!”,

    A non-violent chemical reaction takes place,
    grabs hold of your mind and distorts time/space,
    take a look at your face, feel your heart race,
    but you feel quite safe, thats the cannabis case,

    still unable to speak your whole body trembling and weak,
    staring at that piece in disbelief, needing to feast,
    but forget the muller rice, you are buying this pipe tonight,, i420, worth every penny, peace out!!!

    phew that took a while, good luck all
    previous order number is: 832553

  • DotonShaft

    It’s an Icredibowl,
    more like cotton confetamine,
    in your system like sneaky smoke
    out of it as a medical toke,
    straight and smooth, in and out
    even the experinced smokers know,
    what its all about!

    Thanks edit,
    Order: 1370184

    Also, i think I should win or get something because edit is awesome but ive been waiting almot a month for on order, and no update 🙁 (1370184)..

  • Trey

    Jus a short note about the incredibowl
    it looks so sweet to smoke
    and a healthy way to cope
    load your tobacco and never the dope
    ask a police officer kindly to hit it
    if he asks IS THAT POT
    respond OF CORSE NOT
    let me see that son
    hit that bitch like your the one
    you can hold it in crack a smile
    exhale the smoke and roll in style
    or turn it down and go away
    to be a square another day
    Dont ask! thats all I got… i have order numbers but I dont believe that is good enough to win ! lol

  • architect

    I like to have a quick hit on the sly
    hide in the toilets at work and get high
    chuffing away at the nativity play
    toking discreetly round mum’s, christmas day

    have a quick puff whilst cutting the turkey
    dad wondering why I’m looking so perky
    stealthily smoke behind the christmas tree
    claiming I’m looking for presents for me

    I go everywhere with my incredibowl
    we all know a hit here and there soothes the soul
    so if you’re in for a dull day with the folks
    just crack out the ‘bowl and have a few tokes

    (disclaimer: unfortunately not even cannabis will make the queen’s speech amusing)

    odour nombor: 1347028

  • Adam

    Sat inside cause of the shitty fucking weather
    Sparking up with my incredibowl im feeling pretty clever
    The incredibowl it will take your face off whole
    Made of bullet proof shit you can throw it at a wall
    So pack that shit tight and pass me the light
    The incredibowl is gonna make me feel alright

    Order #536960

  • slam

    As I look outside my window and into the snow
    I can’t stop thinking about the incredibowl
    I saw it on EDIT
    and now I want to get it
    But since christmas is here
    I don’t have a dime to spare
    so maybe I’ll win it for christmas

    Order; 1351246

  • Mike

    The incredible,
    can’t get better,
    you’ve got me sold.
    A piece i can stand on?
    God damn, about time!
    One I can dance on,
    swim on, and rhyme.

    You just can’t break it,
    I’ll take a thousand hits.
    Do it again the next day,
    If the munchies don’t give me shits.
    Who am i kidding, I’ll smoke it every day.
    I’ll smoke it twice as often if it’s a high holiday.

    Old order #: 1314762

  • sixto

    plastic pipes are shit,
    Homeade ones are too.
    The Incredi-bowl is tough,
    the best through and through.

    While you sit here and read,
    this entry from me,
    please know I have weed
    and i’ll smoke you up for free

    Old order# 1319275

  • Jack

    the incredibowl, smoking pipe
    serves you through and through.
    It could put you to sleep, in the night,
    or help you do what you want to do.

    It will not be broken,
    It’s cost; quite the token

    the incredibowl smoking pipe
    please send yourself my way.

  • Robert Frost

    not going to lie,
    i cant rap for shit.
    EDIT ur sly…
    for ruining my chances of getting it

    old order#:1169931

  • Joey B

    1245164 is my order number

    I need a new piece, my last one just broke
    I’ll look for a pipe before I get smoke

    The Incredibowl 420, made just for me
    It gives me red eyes and dark yellow pee

    It hits so nice and goes down smooth
    with a Incredibowl pipe, smokers cant lose

    The Incredibowl pipe gets you high as a kite
    If my luck turns around i’ll win one tonight

    I need one so bad i can’t even sleep
    I’d buy one myself but they don’t come cheap

    It’s crystal clear glass, so easy to clean
    Impossible to break and doesn’t waste green

    I hope to win, but if not it’s cool
    I’ll toke up some bud to stop all the drool

    Good luck to the stoners, i hope this goes good
    Enjoy the free gifts when you smoke in your hood

  • Angled

    Is this an Incredibowl I see before me?
    To be or not to be, that is the Incredibowl.
    What’s in a name, that which we call Incredibowl…
    Oh Romeo, Romeo, where for art my Incredibowl?

    Bit of Shakeus McSpearus for you. I have placed at least five orders through edit though my memory is about as good as my poem.

  • blaze

    oh incredibowl how i need u so bad
    if only i could get one i would be glad
    so you all should send me one that would be rad!


  • eiztyde

    here my artwork

    Come fellow travelers, weary of the day!
    Join me by my fire, feel it’s warmth.
    It must have been a weary one,
    It must have led you astray.

    Appease calls of all the malls,
    Running to work and back.
    Thinking and moving, sprinting and heaving,
    All of it a sensory attack.

    And then you come home,
    To the coziness of your cave,
    You light your incredibowl,
    Holding strong, true and brave.

    Avast me hear
    Avast me hearties! The beast is done!
    No more to be plundering! No more do we run!
    Come join the fire, lazy off this long day.
    Come kiss the bowl, and blow it’s smoke away.

    hope you like it
    my order # is 1280497

  • roorless whore

    This one is about my brand new incredibowl that i am hoping to get! Last one was about my plastic bong, sorry I didn’t read the contest first haha.

    I have an obsession with a kickass smoke session
    Order 1029140

    500 milligrams of orange haired, crunchy green buds.
    The popping of the bag is followed by a distinct smell.
    Resinous waste attaching itself to my fingers
    (The scarlet letter of my illicit activity).

    I rapturously lower the green, white crystal ladened bud
    Into the heavenly, gleaming glass incredibowl.
    As I stare into the green goddess, I realize the strong
    Appeal of her. The beauty necessary to fulfill my desire.

    Gradually, my thoughts begin to flow,
    Soon to be followed by smoke going in the opposite direction.
    Ready for the milk white smoke to gush,
    I prepare my lungs for the strain.

    The anticipation of surging, gushing smoke is too much.
    I quickly reach for my Bic before the prospect declines.
    I move towards the earthy bud, gracefully yet quickly.
    I press down on the lighter and wait for the tension to leave.

    With my body growling, senses exhilerated, and concentration focused,
    I inhale.

  • phil

    A stressful day,
    So pissed off,
    Work was crap,
    I’ve lost the plot,
    I storm back home,
    Down to my den,
    I smoke an incredibowl ,
    And feel good again.

    order no 1322489

  • Stebbz

    Incredibowl is awesome,
    the Incredibowl is sweet,
    put some tasty green in it
    and it’ll smoke up a treat.

    order no. 1305997

  • Smallerbach

    ‘Twas the night before 420, when all through the cirlcle
    Not a bowl was unpacked, even some of that purple;
    The weedstars were perced and blown by ziggi with care,
    In hopes that some mary soon would flare;
    La blancha was nestled all snug in the blunts
    While tricomes got me doing those stunts;
    And mamma with her bat, and I ready to toke,
    Had just settled down for a long 420 smoke,
    When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
    I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
    Away to the window I flew like a flash,
    Tore open the shutters and threw out the ash.
    The mary on my brain was making me slow
    Gave the lustre of unicorns to objects below,
    When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
    But a escalade , and and more glass gear,
    With a little hippie driver, so lively and hip,
    I knew in a moment it be dealer pip.
    we smoked and we smoked
    we toked and we toked
    blunt after blunt
    we passed it around
    until all of us had hit the ground


  • Smallerbach

    i am very unable to funtion but the incredibowl being in the poem didnt seem to happen in the last on so…..

    incredibowl incredibowl
    u make my head swoll
    u make everything groooovy
    incridibowl incredibowl
    you will always be whole
    a different kind of bowl
    one to save my soul


  • laowei

    There once was a big plastic lump,
    It looked a lot like a penis pump.
    I’m not gonna lie,
    or say I didn’t try,
    Once again my girlfriend made me deepthroat.


  • Cake

    Weird looking chamber and spring design
    Won some awards so I’m guessing it’s fine
    Simple, shatterproof, I have a new goal,
    I’m gonna win me a smoke shooting, incredibowl.


  • Bradley

    1347026 – I’ll go for a little limerick.

    There once was a pipe on EDIT,
    So attractive you might want to bed-it,
    But although it’s glass, you might want to pass,
    Infact I can’t even believe I just said-it.

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