UPDATE: No more entries accepted, the winners are announced in the video below.

Bonus prize for whoever names the cartoon that the song is from first…


It was indeed Mysterious Cities of Gold
It was indeed Mysterious Cities of Gold


Win an Amazing Lava Lamp!

Win one of these amazing Rocket Lava Lamps! All you have to do is post a comment on this page and propose a method of deciding the winner of the Lava Lamp. If your method is chosen then you will win one, and your method will then decide who wins the next one, for I have an uncountable TWO to giveaway! It doesn’t have to be too complicated. In fact, please don’t make it too complicated.

            These magically mystical brand new inventions will baffle even the most technologically up-to-date geekazoids. Forget i-Phones and Xboxes, the next big thing is finally here to blow all our faces off so hold on to your ears!

Watch! As the blobs begin to rise! Gasp! As the blobs begin to fall! Be amazed! As the blobs rise again! And so on!

            New scientific advancements have enabled us, the humankind, to perpetually raise and then lower again a previously solid waxy substance in a watery tube after having slightly liquefied it with our unequalled mastery of heat. Nay does this inferior waxen substance rise or fall by its own simple endeavours, but only with the aggressive injection of human beings and the steely determination of our iron will.

Or to be more precise, with the injection of that most useful slave of human beings: electricity. Bow to us, currents! Behold our glory, wattage!

With a light bulb (©The Human Race) as the heat convertor, earth’s scientists have once again dumbfounded the entire known universe with their science-fiction-esque discoveries! These fantastical devices even serve as light-providers or ‘lamps’; serving a crucial dual purpose by allying their powers of item revealment to our collective human side as we conquer darkness itself!

Be the first to tell your friends about the incredible Lava Lamps!

May we bless God.

Lava Lamp Rocket Lamp


  • oli

    i recon you should either stick them up against a wall and throw a dart at them and which ever the dart lands on is the winner and my sister recons you should chuck them of a roof 🙂 or something heigh
    if its not aloud to give to awnsers
    choose the first one
    thanks x

  • dazhhhhh

    i think u should use rubber ducks in paddling pool with hooks on numbers on bottom,then all u need is a fishing rod use can have one each first caught thats the winner u get the drift…….ha ha..

  • Ravi Renga

    i reckon u should get all the names in a bucket, throw them up into the air and get some1 to spit out some chewing gum into all the names, which ever name the chewing gum sticks to wins… a little gross i know but it could be fun.

  • conf20

    throw the names off a roof or out the window, then throw a coin or another small object off/out, and whichever it lands on is the winner.


    i recon you shud pick the winner by racing insects or by blowing many numbers in the air and seeing which one lands in a bong

  • Comet

    Since we are dealing primarily with heat and wax it seems only appropriate to use those substances to pick a winner. With that in mind I suggest taking the names and printing them as typical. Spread them out on an easily cleanable surface (baking tray, pane of glass etc.). Then from approximately 147cm above said names light a candle and let the wax fall approximately 86.5cm before it hits an solid object (ruler, upside down spoon, butter knife etc.) causing the wax to randomly splatter onto the names. After 19 seconds of wax dripping pick out the names with the most wax on them and weigh them. The heaviest is the winner.


  • bambalambam

    I say put sticky tack on the tip of the lava lamp and use it to poke into the bucket of printed out names.
    That way the lava lamp gets to choose it’s owner.
    I say that’s all natural and mother natures way of doing it.

  • Mr B

    See how many times you can hit the person next to you in the arm in rapid succession until you get hit back. That number is the post that gets picked

  • Max Carchman

    i think you should get a double sided piece of tape, and put that on the wall. Then you would throw all the names on pieces of paper at the wall and the one that sticks would be the winner

  • the only fair way to decide is by fire,

    all you need is somebody from EDIT, and a fire.

    both should blaze away all night, with the person from EDIT throwing peoples written down names into the fire at random everytime it starts to die down,

    then when everythings been burnt away all will be left is a smokey mess, and all this mess has to do is try to remember one of the names it threw into the fire, and that person should obviously win.

    thats the sensible way to decide anyway,

    p.s. have been very much enjoying my recently purchased inline diffuser, and definitely reccomend it.

  • Dym

    You should just and simply… PICK A NAME IN A BUCKET WITH ALL THE NAMES!

    Or, if you like more “sofisticate” ways, tell your mother to take one name from the bucket when she is not ready for this kind of situation. She’ll take one and OH MY GOD, one winner. Repeat and get the second.

  • Theo

    A few ideas:

    Put all the names on the floor, get shitloads of change, and throw the change ontop of all the names. Whichever name has the most money on it, they win. OR you put 1 gold coin, or 1 quarter in a thing full of pennies(just have 1 odd one out) and throw all of it on the names and whichever the special coin lands on they win.

    Put all the names in a circle, put the lava lamp in the middle and spin it and see who it lands on!

    If there aren’t too many people trying for this contest(will work for 60people) put them in a circle, and roll a die twice. If you get a 6 the first time count it as a 0. After rolling twice you’ll get a certain number of minutes(if you roll a 6 and a 4, thats :04, or a 4 and a 2, thats :42) and whoever has that minute in the circle, they win.


  • oxo

    or you can just put them all in a crisp packet and pull one out 😉 HAHA..

    or you could print everyones name out twice and play snap ? !!!! yeah you should do that, otherwise you never know what flavour crisp packet you will get.


  • shawn m

    let a single tear drop fall from your eyes into a bucket and whitch ever name it lands on wins (p.s.there will be plenty of tears giveing away the lamps of the future!)

  • Alvin

    sick i really need a lava lamp i think you should choose the winner by putting the names or numbers of the contestants in something then drop them in front of a fan then you or someone else has to grab one in air blindfolded then the one he grabs wins

  • Josh F

    Ok, heres my idea:

    Have the lava lamp picked out, and make people guess the color, those who guess the right color get to the semifinals, or maybe you could make it a little harder and have like 3 different colored lava lamps, and people would have to guess the order of the colors or something.

  • headynugs420

    Well first b4 any important thing u do u have to get blazed first din after u smoke put the names/numbers in a bucket or bowl put sumtihn sticky (tape, gum)on the end of the lava lamp dangle by plug and pick a winner then of course celebrate by smokin and watchin da cool ass lava lamp

  • blkmmba

    print all the names out and cut into individual pieces….crumble up each name into little balls….place a piece of tape rolled up with sticky side out on top of lava lamp and toss crumbled names at the lava lamp one at a time… and first to stick wins. that way even if your name is drawn it would still have to stick in order for you to win.

  • Zach A

    I think you should just print out all of these suggestions and light them all on fire, the last one still there would win. Just make sure it’s not burned too much for you to be able to see the winner.

  • Gary

    very simple my friends. put the names in the lava lamp and fish for the name that floats around in the lamp.

  • eiztyde



  • Alex A

    It’s simple, print the names on an appropriate sized piece of paper, laminated if necessary. Corner off an area, size unspecified, find an animal or insect of your choosing, I like frogs for some reason… Rial it up a little, and which ever name it makes friends with eventually is the winner ^.^

    I did this method also with a turtle once with about 10 people or so to keep the little fella and the tank. Worked pretty well, animals and insects just make the 2 min video soo much better…

  • justin

    have the people post comments on why they are the biggest Michael Jackson fans whether it be a list of memorabilia or just general knowledge on the late great king of pop. R.I.P. MJ

  • Shaka

    Get the paper strips you have been using and place them in a bong.
    Blow into the bong as if they were clearing stale smoke, and have someone else their to grab at the flying pieces of paper.
    Kind of like a bong paper cannon lol…

  • flayer

    get each of the nicknames on a piece of paper, put a towel or blanket on top, and stab down and the nametag that recieves the deathblow gets the lavalamp

  • architect

    blindfold someone, sit them in spinning chair, spin the fucker like there’s no tomorrow, then dump the bucket full of names over them and demand they catch one in their mouth.

    if more then one name is caught then that’s your own damn fault for letting a bunch of stoners decide how to do it

  • Dan

    You should take a computer mouse and swing it around your head, then let go. You should be standing in a large circle of the number of posters and whom ever’s number the mouce lands near should get it. obviously you wouldnt be swinging too fast.

    You should have one of your guys spin around a bat many times and then put all the numbers on the wall. Have him touch 5 numbers, then chose the average of those numbers. =)

  • Locutuz

    I say lets bring back the ever popular “drumstick of glory” or enlist the help of some other soon to be famous picking device such as the “downstem of destiny” or the “frisbee of fate”.

    For the video of the drawing you will need to use some trippy 70’s music such as jefferson airplane “when the moon is in the seventh house” type stuff.

  • Roxsie

    a giant game of pin the tail on the donkey with names written on the donkey. The name on where the tail lands is the winner.

  • kawika_k

    So yeah.

    First, as in any worthwhile endeavor that a stoner sets out upon, every EDIT staff dude (or dudette as the case may be) participating must get epically ripped using any means. I suggest putting a blunt in a bong: it’s greens every time, man.

    Then write all the qualifying names on their own small sheet of paper. like 3″x2″.

    Stuff all the papers into the business end of a leaf blower (just borrow it from the landscaping guys, offer a spliff if they resist…or bring one from home).

    Put one EDIT Staff dude wearing high strength beer goggles in front of the dude with the leaf blower containing all the names. The leaf blower dude turns on said leaf blower sending all the names scattering high into the air and the guy wearing beer goggles has to catch as many names as he can before they all fall to the ground.

    If he catches only one, that person is the winner. If he catches multiple names, all the names are put into a drawing and the name drawn wins.

    After this, the EDIT dudes reward themselves for a job well done…by getting epically blazed.

  • dazhhhhh

    heres another idea, put all names in a balloon fill with heelium let it rise
    pop it over circle in that put lava lamp in middle which ever lands nearest
    is the winner with a bang.lol

  • Monni

    Write down the names of the “contestants” on pieces of paper as you have done before. Put said pieces of paper in a bucket and mix them up a bit. Go outside and ask a random stranger to pick out a winner.

  • nard dog

    get high (on life) and then pick the funniest sounding name!

    or if that isnt random put it in a washing machine

  • Anton

    i think you should think of a country make everyone guess a country
    and who every guesses the country wins haha

  • hellraiser25

    put all names into an average sized condom, then purchase a mule, insert said condoms into the anus of said mule, then ride mule to somewhere in wales and back (without feeding it), then after it has expelled the condom, open it, then pick one at random.

  • Thor H H

    Put all the names into a some sort of container and get a hot chick (woman or domesticated fowl) to pull out the winner 😀

  • SpiritualHerbalist

    I got a great idea. Make like “lucky cookies” and put 1 note in each cookie. then mix´n´flip in a cookie-jar. grab one. open it read eat and tada. its a win win situation.. 😮

  • Admin1

    NO MORE ENTRIES AFTER THIS POST. I shall have some kind of result for you just as soon as I get round to it.

  • Theo

    Sweet 😀 I just moved into college and this will be great for the dorm!

    Thanks once again EDIT 🙂

    And grats to you Locutuz!

  • Theo

    Also, my address has changed, so I need to send that over to you guys but forget what email it is…just send an email to the one I use to post comments here if possible, thanks EDIT 😀


  • bambalambam

    The Mysterious Cities Of Gold

    Original Air Dates: 1989 BBC

    Hey EDIT you should get some of the clear inlines and double bubbler A/C’s weedstars got out.

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