Win a Weed Star Double Perc!!!

UPDATE:  THE DRAW IS CLOSED. Click Here to View Video of Draw & Winner Announcement.

There’s a chance for someone out there to win one of these frankly marvelous Weed Star Double Tree Perc Bongs! We have one to give away and we’ll do it by the fairest means possible in a method that may surprise most of you reading this. That’s right, we are employing the unprecedented method of a random prize draw!  And not just any random prize draw, but a frankly marvelous one!


I will continue on even though I know most of you have stopped reading from the pure shock of the random prize draw announcement. Examples of such mind-boggling innovation as portrayed on this really excellent competition page can flummox even the most unflummoxable of minds. I’m struggling myself, though I am quite easily flummoxed.


To enter your name into the Frankly Marvelous Random Prize Draw:

You must post a comment on this page and name your favourite glass bong available in the EDIT store.



There are no other hard or fast rules regarding this Weed Star bong giveaway. In fact, it is only this way so that it’s a little more interesting to read through whatever entry-comments we get. You probably won’t even be excluded if you forget to name your favourite bong in your comment, but it’d be nice to know what’s catching everybody’s eye in the store.


The winner will be announced on Monday 1st June when we’ll have a bit more time to film the draw so everyone knows it’s not a fix-up. 

WS Series 5mm - Weed Star Double Perc
WS Series 5mm – Weed Star Double Perc
3-arm Tree Percolator close-up
3-arm Tree Percolator close-up
It's like another world but it's not
It’s like another world but it’s not
This Weed Star Bong prize will come equipped with an 18.8 diffuser & 18.8 Bowl, plus a Reducing Diffuser & 14.5 Bowl
This Weed Star Bong prize will come equipped with an 18.8 diffuser & 18.8 Bowl, plus a Reducing Diffuser & 14.5 Bowl

To enter your name into the Frankly Marvelous Random Prize Draw:

You must leave a reply on this page and name your favourite glass bong available in the EDIT store.

243 thoughts on “Win a Weed Star Double Perc!!!”

  1. this is my favourite i no its not out yet but you have to admit this is pure bliss i would decorate my room about this one Tri-Colour Logo Roor Bongs but shame it isnt out yet only a couple of weeks till it will be

  2. I have to list my two favorite glass bongs that EDIT sells. The first I already own is the ROOR Bong Custom Little Sista Icemaster 7.0 – Mirage. Wonderful smoker and beautiful to look at. Throw on a ROOR carbon adapter and all is well in the Kingdom.

    I keep waiting for the dollar to start looking a little better against the Pound but this one certainly catches my eye – ROOR Custom Fairmaster 5.0 – Crimson King


  3. WOW that bong is incredible! but i have to say my favourite bong on edit is the EHLE Glass Custom Bong 5mm (i dont know how to make my link pretty :P) its just such a cool looking design and it’s not too fancy or huge which is nice.

  4. Either has to be the Roor Custom Bong Icemaster 5.0 – Opal Crown or the Roor Custom Bong Icemaster 5.0 – Firefly.

    So doc, I am assuming it’s you, what happened to the comp for just the BB housemates? 😛 Loving all this comps you guys are holding, and hopefully I’ll win one eventually. I remember very first competition that you held to give away one of these babies and we had to guess how many bubbles were on the one you were giving away. I believe the answer was 110 or something ^./>


  5. Well i would have to say my favorite bong, is the first one i ever bought, it was the WS SlickRick Ice 5mm, it’s not much to look at but it was my baby and it ripped like a champ. unfortunitly it was taken from me by the pigs, and i never bought another bong since, not for lack of wanting one, i simply cant afford a new bong anymore. so if i were to win this amazing piece of glass i would rather stick it up my ass to try and hide it before i ever let anyone take anything so beautiful from me ever again.

  6. my favorite one is this roor i saw in a pic a while ago it was called the bumble bee or something and it was yellow and swirl……very nice

  7. my favorite bong on EDIT has to be the Custom RooR Terminator Bong i love the design of it plus the solid silver RooR logo makes it so much more badass including the little ruby which makes it seem like the terminators eye and just make this bong the bong of bongs in my view because i am a die hard terminator fan

  8. My bong selection would have to be the Rok It. Iv always athought they were really cool but never had enough money to purchase one for myself.

  9. my favorite is the EHLE 250 ml. because i own one!! its a great bong for a great price, you can really tell the difference with good german glass. i posted a review of it on another site and i have lost count of how many people have bought one based on my review.

  10. High guys my favourite bong on edit would definately be the Opal Crown Roor Bong, this weed star up for grabs is a great looking piece too, weed star percs are very good quality for the great price, good luck everyone!

  11. I would have to say the BEHEMOTH is the ill shit, no percs just a good old fashioned bong. being able to afford that will be my “finest hour” however this bong looks like it would make me “sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age”

    SQUEE! (i thought that was a sponge…)

  12. yooooo the Roor Bong Fairmaster 5mm – 3 Piece is pretty solid. ima name it lil papi! anyway “<33lil papi get at me youzzz a player! THIS STUFF Rakeesha solid. This bong is just really sleeek and ill.

    but it seems a good deal too.

    (((sory grl but isnt a squee that thing from mulan rouj? DAMN GIRL. ))

  13. Holy cow! Very cool piece indeed. Personally, my purchase from the store will definitely be a G-Spot Straight Tube (pref. w/ tank joint) and depending on the $$, maybe go for the sexy snake pattern. That’s my two cents, luck to all!

  14. When i heard about this contest they “told me to come but i was already there”. “Wow man that bong looks like the SHIT! course my favorite yet is Ehle Bong Ice Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) – 2000ml that shits TNT. However im pretty sure if i could get my hands on this one it would shake me ALL NIGHT LONG. SQEEE! (i thought that was a half-assed SQUEAL)

  15. Although this bong seems incredible, “don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to get someone really high is insignificant next to the power of the force”. You underestimate the power of Dark Side and the Roor Bong Custom Fairmaster 7.0 – Rasta Mouth my favorite bong. SQEEE! (A noise primarily made by an over-excited fangirl, however it has spread rapidly and is now widely spread among the web community-Urban Dictionary)

  16. Any bong you have would be better than the one I got,which is none.
    Please make me a winner.

  17. My favorite bong available on EDIT would be the Orange RooR Zumo with a 29.2 sized monostable joint and 4.2mm thickness. Throw a diffuser on it, and if your lucky enough to find an A/C for it it’s one of the best smokes you’ll ever have.

  18. RIGHT, THAT’s ALL FOLKS! No more entries will be accepted after this post. Might take me a while to get this sorted. It’s amazing how many people like free stuff.

  19. I don’t envy the person who has the task of typing out all the unique names in this blog then cutting them out 😛

    *Fingers crossed*

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