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The Most Good Enough is…


This is a special Fat Joe by Weed Star Glass. It has a green logo and a frosted foot. You can win it if you’re good enough. To find out if you are good enough you need to post a past or present EDIT order number and also how much you think the prize Weed Star bong weighs.

If you are good enough then your guess will be closest to the actual weight and you will win. If you are not good enough then you will fail to be the closest guesser and the whole world will know that you failed.

 Guess the Weight of the Weed Star Fat Joe Bong


Height: 49cm

Diameter: 60mm

Joint: 18.8

Carb-Hole: Yes

Diffuser: Slit-Hole / 16cm

Bowl: Crowned Weed Star Bongs (Win One at!)


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