Win a Weed Star Bong Giveaway 

Weed Star Winner & Mystery Prize Winners….

It’s Win a Weed Star Bong time again (THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED – see video above for result)! The bong literally pictured below could actually be really yours if only you knew how. The knowledge of how can only be revealed to those who have it within them to read the following instructions: You must be an EDIT customer past or present and you must post the name of your favourite bong from the Weed Star range.

That’s it. Those of you that survived the entry requirements must be exhausted and thus I will keep you no more. Good luck to the winner.  

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Win a Weed Star competition


  • Theo

    The WS Series 5mm Glass Bong – Mahoney Hyper Removable Perc. I would like it a lot more if it wasn’t removable though, but a straight tube with only 1 perc is great 😀

    Glad to see the giveaways still going strong!


  • oxo

    Awesome :)..

    i would have to go with the: WS Series 5mm Glass Bong – Puncher Ice (No Carb) nice and simple, and has the ice feature marvelous.


  • 420yoker

    WS Series 5mm Glass Bong – Mahoney Ice (no carb ever hate carbs) love the green speckle on it wish it had a yellow base tho, colors are important! GL everyone ty edit for another amazing giveaway

  • architect

    let’s not mess around here, gotta be the 7mm messias illusion ice with coloured perc, that thing is a beast

  • Tripp

    They have a lot of great bongs, but I fell in love with the 5mm Double Bubbler Bong – with 3-Arm Diffuser.


  • Blkmmba

    my favorite is the Messias Illusion Ice 5mm – Double Tree Perc 29.2
    I would love to have it in 7mm but for now its my favorite. thanks EDIT!!

  • AcidBurn2020


    I am little biased here cause I own one but my favorite is the Spiky Ice! This things looks pretty sick though and it would be nice to have or maybe give to my gf!!!

  • Stebbz


    My favorite would have to be the WS Series 7mm Messias Illusion. I own the 5mm version and love it so thicker glass would be the next best thing really.

  • conf20

    My favorite has got to be the WS Series 7mm Messias Illusion Ice Colour Perc, always loved the look of the messias.

    Last Order No. 1324724

    Thanks again EDIT, great comp 🙂

  • max

    i loved my messias illusion ice with the double tree percs, that is, I loved it until my friend broke it.

    Order number: 1125556

  • nordelen

    OK. Weedstar bongs. The only one I’ve had any hands on experience with is the one I bought: the Slick Rick no ice with carb hole (1292574). This piece has been serving me well so far, except when i broke the bowl while cleaning it! The nice people at EDIT sent me another though, and a glass gauze as well! I would like to try a bong that doesn’t have a carb hole though.

  • nordelen

    Woops! forgot to actually put my fave. Well, if the messias illusion baby bitch had no carb, that would be it.

  • quit messing around lets get to the best weedstar bong of all time and that is none other then

    the new red label style fat joe 29.2 with no carb with 29.2 – 18.8 21 holed diffusor

    huge bore hit think u can handle the milk it can contain????


  • rekyoh

    WS Series Messias Illusion Ice 5mm – Double Tree Perc 18.8 with matching ashcatcher for sure i have both and hits lovely.

    order number : 01-210909-1318749

    thanks for the give away.

  • Capital

    I like the single perc 18.8 illusion. Enough water chambers to cool things down even without a pre-cooler but not too much drag to allow for a great toke.

    Order #: 1358773

  • chungboyz

    The best weedstar bong is the 7mm coloured dome messiah bong. This is the best bong and i think weedstar have stopped making it, please let me know admin!!!!

  • buddyhomey

    The seven mm coloured bong is hands down the best, its hard to find anything like that online and the price was phricking ridiculous at one hundred and fifty quid

  • Goodall

    I like the 5mm mahoney ice myself, although would prefer it if it had no carb. that said the bong you are giving away is especially nice.

    order # 706239

  • Thor H H

    WS Series 7mm – Messias Illusion Ice. That bong looks like a smooth hit and a nice evening 😀

    order # 1301049
    (fingers and toes crossed)

  • avanj

    For me it has to be the WS Series 5mm Glass Bong – Mahoney Ice. I think that thing looks great.

    Order 1381031

    Thanks EDIT

  • Peppe Beng

    My favorite is without a doubt the 5mm Mad Professor with removable perculator and diffusor downstem – frickin sweeeet!

    Order: 1142154


    Good luck fellas!

  • Dr. Bengele

    Haven’t tried many weed star bongs, but from those i’ve tried it gotta be the Mad Professor (WS Series 5mm Removable Perc Bong – ‘Mad Professor’),

    Old order #:

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Bengele

  • Fish

    WS Series 5mm Glass Bong – Puncher Illusion Double Perc, with a WS Inline Pre-Cooler – Green, and a Weed Star Pre-Cooler – 3-Arm Diffuser on a Weed Star Pre-Cooler – 4-Arm Diffuser. i was about to buy that whole setup but that day i went to get it the tube was sold out.


  • Moonstar

    my fav has got to be the Messias Illusion Ice 5mm – Double Tree Perc 18.8
    but to be honest I think every bong they make is amazing!

  • Got Rice?

    I like the puncher without ice catchers, best value.
    I don’t know my order number!!! If I can’t enter it’s all good, my adress is 101 Blake Way, if that is a way you can find my order 🙁

  • justin

    my favorite would have to be my daily driver its a WS Series Puncher 5mm – Colour Perc with the WS Inline Pre-Cooler – Blue with the Weed Star Pre-Cooler – 4-Arm Diffuser with the Weed Star Percolator Bowl. this thing hits like no other, so smooooooth.

    order number:1177368

    thanks edit!!

  • TheEditor

    Right, that’s it – no more entries after this post.

    *The video of the winners has been posted on this page.

  • Theo

    Haha, sweet, another win 😀 Please use my latest address(if you still have it, if not I can easily just email it again) from the past giveaways.

    Thanks again EDIT!! And this was an incredibly inventive way to pick the winners!

  • justin

    NICE!!!! thanks edit u guys r really somthin else. as soon as i heard nin i knew i was gonna win somthin seen them 10 times, love trent. thanks for doin the mystery prizes and thanks for the pink liquid filled pipe too.

  • bambalambam

    FUCK YEA!!


    lol i didn’t win but i am baked and i got so stoked for the mystery prizes.

  • Zoads

    KEWL i actually won somethin. Thanks EDIT! ive been thinking about getting a mini digital scale anyway. Congrats to the rest of the winners.

  • Tripp

    Wow I won! Amazing, I never win anything ever! Thanks EDIT (:
    And NIN too! Been a pretty good morning so far, I tell you what. Congrats everyone else too!

  • Trey

    Wow… How did i miss this???

    Oh well.. I’m enjoying the double doubler bong hits like a champ, verry smooth!

    Congrats to the winners and blaze on!

  • Zoads

    Question for Admin. I recently placed an order #1370894 i was wondering if you had placed my mystery prize in with this order? or should i expect another parcel?

  • TheEditor

    It’ll be sent in a separate package and all the recent prizes should have found their way to to the winners within the next seven to ten days. Look out for an email soon.

  • justin

    finnaly recieved my package. got my pink liquid filled pipe, double dutch papers and filter tips, a weed star hurricane bowl, and a pollen blitz grinder!!! thanks edit o sooo much. awesome christmas presents. happy holidaze!!

  • Zoads

    Oh well i guess they forgot about little ole me one of the mystery winner’s. Never got any e-mail or digital scale mystery gift. I did get some herbal incense and rolling papers from a later giveaway.

  • TheEditor

    WHOA! Not at all dude. I remember the ipod scales being sent out. Please don’t stress, you won some scales and you will get some scales.

    It’s difficult to judge postal times around December because of the volume of mail they have to deal with, though i would have exepetced it to arrive by now.

    Do me a favour Zoads, leave it until Friday this week and if they still haven’t arrived then let me know.

  • Zoads

    OK dude i wasn’t really stressing. I just thought with all the holiday traffic you must get busy this time of year and maybe things get miss placed or forgotten for a while. lol

  • Zoads

    Yo “The Editor” did that get sent out on the 11th ? I hope you have been sending them to the correct address ? 12 working days have gone buy and still waiting.

  • Zoads

    Received order # 1444063 today and still waiting on that digital scale. im not complaining it just a freebee anyway . lol

  • Zoads

    Yo “The Editor” next Thursday the 11 th will be 30 days if you resent that digital scale. I just placed an order(1445317) if your so inclined you could toss one in that order. just a thought.

  • TheEditor

    Yo Zoads, I have included them with your order (a pair of OnBalance Champions this time). I don’t think we have your bong model here, though it should be arriving either tonight or tomorrow – though I have to check with our purchaser tomorrow morning (if no show tonight).

  • Zoads

    The e-mail i got said they expect it in March 4th. I asked if there were any little sista pipes of equal value that are in stock ? but haven’t gotten a response before i have to get some sleep (1:20 am here) also asked if possible to get a better price on the red baron if it’s in stock? If the green goblin i ordered comes in today though that would rock.I don’t know though ive never been a lucky person. lol just trying to get a tube in the mail so i can get it before my birthday. i guess im kinda impatient.

  • TheEditor

    I have spoken to customer service and they are contacting you now with what I think is a pretty good deal. Let me know what you think.

  • Zoads

    Yes! Thank You “The Editor” Got your e- mail and 2 more. One from support and the other from shipping. You da man dude. Hopefully in a week or so i will be breaking this puppy in lol Thanks again for the great products, giveaways, etc..

  • Zoads

    Just placed another order hopefully everything that says “In Stock” is actually in stock. Crossing my fingers. lol

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