Win a Pure Glass Percolator Bong! – CLOSED

Pure Glass Percolated BongsUPDATE: We have seven potential winners for this giveaway now. Click here for they are announced on this Tie Breaker page. You can win a Pure Glass Single Dome Percolator Bong by watching the video below and posting a comment on this page of how many actual percolators appear in the video. Be warned though that I will be posting a few ‘fake’ guesses just to confuse those who can’t be arsed to actually watch it.

Instructions: Every single perc that is fully visible on screen counts (in close-up or full bong shot), so if you spot any triple perc’d bongs then that counts as three. If you see a bit of a perc, then it doesn’t count – whole percs only. If the same bong appears in quick succession (i.e. without another different bong appearing inbetween), then you need only count its percs once. If more than one bong appears on screen, then you must count all of their percs. The bongs at the beginning (moving up and down) need only be counted once. Confused? Good. So am I.

Count the percs for a chance to win…

The Prize...
The Prize…
The Runners-Up Prize...
The Runners-Up Prize…

Pure Glass Bongs - Percolator Bongs

190 thoughts on “Win a Pure Glass Percolator Bong! – CLOSED”

  1. I estimate that there are two percolators in the video. Of course, I only watched about ten seconds of it and I spent most of that time thinking about drinking some gin.

  2. Ok I’ve watched the video, but didn’t count. Its like impossible to make the difference between all the percs haha =P

    As always, I love your video Edit! haha

    So, I’m gonna go with… eeeeh


    Good luck everybody, theses bong look sick!

  3. When will this end?, I’ll give it a go, but i cant be arsed to do it untill maybe monday.. would be good to know…

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Bengele

  4. Didn’t know my guess would be a trendsetter, it would be nice to finally have a decent tube! 🙂
    GL everyone.

  5. I saw 45, not including when the same one was showed right after/same time… thx for chance to win one of these awesome percs edit 😀

  6. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    done well for thinking of something other then ‘guess the weight’, maybe the next giveaway task could be ‘think of a giveaway task’ 😀

  7. I posted a comment earlier but I am not seeing it so I will post my guess again.

    56 Percs is my guess!

  8. i counted to 23.. fully visible that is. O_O! and i have hawkeye´s. i think i got hawkeye´s anyways.. i hope i do aswell.. but i guess only time will tell D:

  9. I am going to guess 42. The first time i counted 41 and the second time i counted 43 so i figure ill go inbetween.

  10. After much watching my guess:


    But somebody already guessed that…I hope you do a tie breaker if we both got the correct answer 🙂 If you won’t do this, switch it to 52.


  11. damn this is hard. especially if you count and end up wih a number thats already been picked. I counted 74 percs. good luck to everyone.

  12. my guess is 56 after sitting watching it for bloody ages!!!!

    nice one on the great competitions again edit! 🙂

  13. i tried to count but by the end of it i was goin crosed eyed…so ima just stick with 44 percs visible…lol my guess would be way higher if i included all the 1/8 sec shots lol….thanks edit!

  14. well i see some 1 guessed 49 b4 me and after me so wtf anyway this give away is bunk the bong is the shit but every 1 is jus goin # after # so many people r sayin the same # so this is wack in my eyes sorry how will some 1 win???? i dont know what # hasnt been taken yet and who will take it after i post mine anyway 27

  15. I’ve posted my guess like 3 times but for some reason it never shows up on the list of comments?

    My guess is 56 Percs.

  16. 57 percolators!!!!
    ive been looking to get my hands on a pure for sooo long
    hopefully this will be my chance!!!

  17. Correct me if I’m wrong but it is pointless to post the same guess as someone else because if they posted before you and that answer is right they win. Is that how this works?

  18. 55 i guess.. probably wrong but Meh. Happy halloween to any one who celebrates it. Though im a day late. Always fun decorating.

  19. Nope, we’ll have a tie-breaker if two or more people choose the same number. I never said it was first come first served. It’s not that fair to just give it to the first person who happened to post their comment first, as that person may never have placed an order with us or even never seen the blog before.

    There are a couple of Pure Glass t-shirts as well for the closest runners-up or those who lose out in the tie-breaker, if indeed there is a tie-breaker.

  20. Pretty standard, nothing too special and we only have a couple of Large size and a couple of Extra Large size (so if you’re skinny like me then we have some nice Pure Glass nighties for the runners-up!).

    I’ve got a pic so I’ll stick it at the bottom of the page in but a few minutes.

  21. excellent 🙂 shall pop back and have a peek in a bit. 🙂 out of intrest do you get much promotional merchandise from companys?


  22. admin, when will this contest end? i hope it does soon since i am anxious to see how many percs there were

  23. It will be open for the rest of today and most likely finished tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd).

    I’m leaving it an extra day as the comp was supposed to be launched on Friday evening to last three days, but an issue with uploading the video delayed it by a day.

  24. Looked like about 56 percs to me, but it was tough to count. Curse my poor internet connection making videos choppy!

  25. I counted 46 percs…….depending on which ones are ruled out,and which ones are not considered not whole percs..So 46..46..46..46 Just give me the Beautiful Phucking Phrezh Pure Glazz Bong So a REAL STONER will have it..PLEAZEEEE..Peacez..46 haha

  26. I have to say 46 percs..

    I’ll add a old order # just in case, you usually want one 😛

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Bengele

  27. If the bong is just half as bad as the video and the sound track..!! then keep it….^^ And what is up with the colors, even WS can figure out to make it look a littel cool…. This is a epic failure, who wants a long lasting bong when its ugly..??? If this entry wins.. plz give the bong to the next in line thx in front GreenLab

  28. Meh, I picked 63 days ago, but now 4 other people have picked the same number =/ even if it is somehow right the chances of me winning a 5-way tie-breaker are minimal

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