UPDATE: GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED, no more pleading and begging, thank you! There’s a surprising amount of you out there who seem to have fallen madly in love with this here pipe and it is potentially heart-breaking to have to disapoint so many of you. Luckily my heart is made of stone.

Emails will soon be sent to the top five reason-givers and I think we will have to rustle up another five or so runners-up prizes to reward the efforts made.

Everybody else will get a FREE email with a gratis APOLOGY in it… absolutely FREE!

This update will be updated when the emails have been sent. END OF UPDATE.


NEW UPDATE: All the five bongs have been sent out to the those who were informed of their winning. Everybody else who entered has had some reward points added to their accounts. I await the joyous news of the bongs being recieved and put to good use. END OF UPDATE.


Win a Weed Star

Only a few of this 50cm tall Weed Star ice-notched bong were made as a design experiment, and they will not be produced again. We have an armful of them to giveaway, and all you have to do is send us an email and state the reason why you think you should get one of the pipes, and the top five reasons as judged by whoever deals with it at the time will be contacted for an address to send the prize to, plus their glory emblazoned across the blog should they so desire it.

Send your reasons for winning to blog@everyonedoesit.com 



The hexagon foot is frosted and the frosted parts are designed like flames dancing around the base. The joints of the bong and downpipe are both ‘Solid Tank’ joints. There is a carb-hole at the back of the pipe and ice pinches for the catching of ice cubes. The bowl is coloured and features an anti-roll bead.

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