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We featured an up and coming product a while back called the Model419 Stainless Steel Tobacco Pipe and it was due to hit the e-shelves this week. Unfortunately there has been a slight delay – and forgive me for savouring the following words – because of a volcano. An actual full-on, real life, not-in-the-movies with Pierce Brosnan, lava-spitting, ash cloud-pluming volcano.

Apparently you can’t fly any planes into volcanic ash clouds because the engines will clog up and everyone will die. Seems a pretty weak excuse to me, considering how many people’s bongs and seeds will be delayed because of these “safety precautions” while average, ordinary holiday-makers continue with their lives having had them saved from certain and terrible death just to prevent some airline industry bigwigs from having a few sleepless nights and eventually being jailed for gross negligence while their wives commit suicide, naked except for all the jewellery she has left and a riding crop strapped to her thigh, and their children fall into drug abuse and prostitution, eventually also being jailed for murdering each other in a fight over whether to heat the last tin of baked beans or eat them cold.

But there’s a saying around here: ‘You can’t let a volcano stop you from giving away nice things on your online headshop blog’ – or something like that. It comes from the Bible originally – we’ve adapted it. I believe the original went something like: ‘Kneel or I shall smite thee! Obey my child-fiddling priests so I do not damn you for eternity and even longer!’ – or something like that.

So yeah, a giveaway. You can win this incredibly expensive Model419 Stainless Steel Tobacco Pipe and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS post a comment on this page which briefly describes the best non-glass pipe you have ever smoked out of or just witnessed being smoked. It doesn’t have to be from the EDIT store and it could even be something you made yourself once.

This Model419 Smoking Pipe Giveaway will only be open for a few days or until the end of the week at most, so keep your eyes peeled for the results. Also, be aware that there will be some mini giveaways happening on the Twitter and Facebook pages. They won’t always be announced on the blog so sign up as a fan or follow us to be kept informed of all the latest prizes, giveaways and special offers.

The Model419 Pipe stock itself will be arriving just as soon as you are allowed to fly planes over Europe again.

Model419 Smoking Pipe


Inside the stainless steel Model 419 pipe...
Inside the stainless steel Model 419 pipe…


Within the steel without stains of the Model419 pipe...
Within the steel without stains of the Model419 pipe…

Win a Model419 pipe!


  • Raul. C

    The best no glass pipe I ever smoked from was the “piece pipe”. It has a such a smooth hit. It’s probably the only non glass pipe I use. It’s the most convieniant pipe you could have it’s got your stash rite in the compartment rite next to the bowl. It’s perfect.

  • HazeNdaze

    It was called a Budbomb. It looked like something dropped from a B-52, with 3 holes on the nose (to light through) and a mouthpiece on the tail. One would simply remove the nose cone to load, and then smoke would filter through a coil. It was pretty magnificent, especially when we introduced the freezer into the equation. The only downside was that it was only 3.5 inches long.

  • Jennifer

    My friends A’maze’d Pipe for sure. It gave such a smooth it and is lovely and discreet 🙂 I’m going to buy one myself soon.

  • Robsterboy

    the best non glasss pipe i’ve ever smoked out of was my first pipe, i named it watson because it was a sherlock kind of pipe. it was the bomb, i smoked so much weed out of that pipe. it was amazing because i could take it apart and use it for making bongs and stuff. i loved it so much but i left it in a park when i was so blazed

  • Lupe Angel Garcia

    Best non glass pipe I’ve smoked from was friend a friend called Indian Joe for good reason he always wore a headband and had the long native american style hair and of course he was native american. The piece was metal which he constructed of pipe fittings and parts acquired from Lowe’s, while smoking it he changed it up by switching and swiveling parts made for all around good entertainment.

  • Stephen L

    In Tarantino’s ‘Inglourious Basterds’ when Hans Landa first pulls out his massive Tobacco Pipe in the opening scene. Best pipe ever. I immediately wanted a pipe that cool.

  • Theo

    My friend has an awesome long wooden gandalf pipe which I love. I’d love to try this new pipe out 🙂

    Thanks EDIT!

  • Andrew

    The best non-glass pipe I’ve ever smoked out of was a piece my friend brought back from Jamaica. He’s pretty manic and prone to obsessions. He had been going through an intense Rastafarian phase and actually stayed in Jamaica for 3 months. When he came back he had this long, wooden tobacco pipe that was carved to look like a face. It didn’t have a carb and yet it hit so well. He was very proud of it I remember.

  • Mitch

    My dad found a pipe I bought here. I just boght another one. Brought it with me to amsterdam and smoked the sweet hash with it.
    It was awesome. Had to leave it behind scince it was used.
    Now I guess the cleaning lady at the hotel has it.

  • ewokmilkshake

    The best non glass piece i’ve ever set lip upon…….?

    It’s a tie between a Moroccan Sipsi that was a gift to me from my father( a memento from his hippy trail days) and a pretty interesting soapstone piece i got hold of recently(which i enjoyed so much that i got too “medicated” and left it in a park only to have it trampled by rugby players, wound!). It was made of two slices and it was hinged at the bowl end and opened horizontally to reveal a zig-zagging “maze” to cool the smoke. beautiful for hash smoking and very easy to clean.

    One day i’d like to get hold of a jack herer pipe(RIP the Hemperor).
    Peace out and happy 4:20!

  • Zoads

    I used to have plastic pipe called “The Apogee ” it had 2 tubes that formed a sideways V and bonded in a cradle with the bowl fitting and it had a wooden handle with leather ties and a big rubber plug for the bottom tube that you pack full of ice and water.
    As you hit this puppy you had to start with the pipe tilted down and slowly raise pipe as you inhale, otherwise when you let off you would spew nasty ash and water all over yourself and the floor. LMAO

  • Comet

    The only non-glass pipe I currently smoke out of is the “Piece Pipe.” I picked one up in Nimbin AUS 4 years ago for well over twice what they sell for on EDIT. It is very handy for traveling and if you throw a motorcycle key on it you can hand it to the bouncer that just patted you down at the whiskey a go go in Los Angeles and they will politely give it back so you can smoke in the rest room as they decided it was just a nifty key chain. It is easy to clean and transport. While not a ROOR for those on the go with limited space and a desire for discretion this is a truly amazing pipe.


  • SweetLeaf

    Best for me would be the humble homemade apple-pipe. So easy to make and gives the smoke a slight taste of apple!! Great as a last resort…


  • Klenny

    I bought a pipe off you guys a year and a bit ago while at uni. It was a little metal chamber pipe with your classic rasta decals on it. The hit was good, but the think I loved is that you could take it appart and put it together in a different way, and (i dont think it was designed for this) it looked just like a chess piece. Whack it on the desk and the halls cleaners are clueless!


  • Sam

    My favorite non-glass pipe to hit is definately the novelty Spark Plug pipe.
    So fantastically made, its undetectable when held and smoked like a ciggarette! Its soo cool. The fact that it has two open ends on it that are real small, allows it to serve such purpose. Let me elaborate! The twist-off wind fits the end of a Butane can. Like Vector. Squeeze as much herb as needed into the pipe and twist tight! Open up, then pack again. Packing it as much as possible, i can create Butane Honey Oil. right then and there. It will drip through the other end and onto the dish. Being so discreet, im able to do it anywhere =)
    Thank you soo much Grasscity for porviding me with such an inexpensive tool that can be used to its full potential. I have bought two over the years that ive owned it, and I would never hesitate to get another =)

  • Alex Greenberg

    The Best non glass pipe i’ve ever smoked would have to be a wooden pipe. it was a very smooth hit and i didnt cough at all. TODAYS 419! haha. 420 eve

  • Ripper

    The best non glass pipe i’ve ever smoked is definitely the trusty soda can. There is always one there when you need it and it is a life saver when you’ve got nothing to smoke from.

  • Alex

    I have a wooden pipe called Tune pipe. It is small and handy, and it has a changeable filter inside. Smooth smoke in small size.

  • max

    the best non glass piece i ever smoked out of was this wooden one i found in my attic. I asked my dad and he said it was his, he made it back in the 70s during shop class

  • nigel oloughlin

    the best is gotta be the agent blue for clandistine smoking its got a twist on the toke so by the time it hits your lungs its cool to smoke

  • matt

    I’ve always thought the whole mythical “Gandalf” wooden pipe was awesome, the wooden stem being the length of my arm and as i said… AWESOME.

  • John Elway

    The best non-glass bowl I’ve ever smoked had to have been this Sherlock looking thing. It packed a huge bowl, didn’t hit too hard, and got me crazy fucked up.

  • Sacagood

    I like things simple, the Sneak-a-Smoke Pipe its a smokeless pipe, and its awsome when you want a clandestine toke.
    and thanks for another great giveaway

  • shiraku

    Well, I’ve never actually used a non-glass pipe (although I have always wanted to carve one myself from a piece of wood), however my best pipe moment would have to be my Incredibowl. The best thing I have ever had the luck to try.
    Thanks again for the great giveaway! 😀

  • KidCreole

    The best non-glass pipe i ever smoked out of would be the McGuyver bong i made out of a New Orleans Bar named Tropical Isle’s “Hand Grenade” bottle. See, the hand grenade is a must have drink for anybody not from Louisiana, but for us locals, you have at least four of them in your backseat. Well, I went to N.O for a party for some friends and i ended up with 4 in my backseat! I cut the lid off, fashioned myself a carburetor and I was in business! works better than actual glass pipes I’ve used, and didn’t cost me a thing to make! Now I have memories of that great night (albeit kinda hazy) every time i use my bong. She’s 2 years old and still kickin!

  • Nick

    Best non glass pipe I’ve smoked out of has to be a little wooden sherlock I picked up while traveling around Morocco

  • huyy

    the best non glass i’ve ever smoked from was a cheap aluminum or metal? pipe that i’ve bought for 5$ from a local flea market

  • conf20

    Favorite non-glass pipe ive used is the Incredibowl, awesome piece of kit, havent stopped using it since i purchased it, using more than my RooR infact 😀 also enjoy my metal Bud Bomb, really effective filtration for a smooth hit!

    thanks edit for this fantastic giveaway!

  • MarieM

    I’d have to say.. smoking out of my friends home made steamroller.
    It was HUGE, made out of a whole bucnh of big soda gallon containers, all cut and melted together probably 4 feet long.

    We’d freeze a whole bunch of ice, my friend used a huge cookie cutter that fit right in the middle of the tube that had a few holes in it, and all the smoke would go through layer after layer of ice and it brewed HUGE hits.
    It was quite the machine.. but I bet if I get this Model419 I’ll be blown away.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

  • peaceboner

    My friends and me made a pipe out of a small metal funnel and a cardboard wrapping paper tube. Pretty tame, but we felt like we’d achieved something spectacular.

  • tomnewt

    the best non glass i smoked from was a wooden one crafted by a hippie a i met traveling in the woods. it was carved in the shape of a flying herron with the most amazing detail and hit likc a b*tch

  • Carter

    I carved a carb hole into the nostrils of an indian style clay pipe that had a buffalo head for the bowl. That way when you hit it the smoke puffs out of the buffalos nose its a pretty sick pipe.

  • Michael

    I haven’t experienced a ton of other bongs yet but I love my EHLE I got from here. I decked it out with the EHLE carbon filter and diffuser and it’s smooth as can be when I add in the way I smoke, which is to use warm water at the bottom, ice resting on the notches and light it with some solar hits or when the sun isn’t around, help from my pal beeline. Perfect way melt away the afternoon.

  • Mr P

    The best non glass pipe i had was a 14 inch wooden pipe with 12 inches of fish tank hose attattched to it.I used a length of coat hanger to clean out the wooden pipe and i just replaced the fish tank hose when clogged up.Don’t have the pipe any more ,but sure was a very cool smoke.

  • Peter Johan

    I swear .. I laughed so hard when reading the blog entry on the model419 giveaway. You’re so wonderfully twisted 😀
    EDIT, my secret love affair 🙂

  • sunnyD

    Best pipe I’ve smoked from would be a wooden pipe, it’s just that smell than consumes in the air and the that earthly wooden taste feels so good. But I’ll be ordering a RooR soon from EDIT, ice master ofcourse can’t wait! By the way this is a beast looking thing, I’m sure it’ll pack a punch!

  • Peter Johan

    Oh! I forgot my favorite pipe experience:
    A meerschaum pipe carved as an elephants head with the …. er .. ‘tube’? as it’s trunk. When you’ve smoked it, you just clean it and lay it on a shelf with the ‘tube’ hanging over the edge, and you then have this wonderful elephant staring back at you with a look saying: “are you sure that was just tobacco you smoked there?”

  • Anakin

    Once i saw this, must have been ceramic, han solo blaster pipe. pretty ill never smoked it but it seemed legit

  • Purpl Haze

    The best non glass pipe I have ever smoked and still smoke is my wooden gandalf pipe that i made in high school. It gave such a smooth hit but the gauze was a tad difficult to replace.

  • ok my homie called me and sayed come over i made somin got there and he sayed i made a in-line bong with a plastic v8 splash bottle with a 2 leader bottle as the inline with like 3 sharpies with naile holes in them as a diffuser with a 8mm socket as the bowl i saw him hit it and it reminded me of a crack head feening 4 a rock 4 like 2 days and got 1 i could not even clear it when it waz my hit shit waz nuts

    Ref: 1480610

  • Jamey

    The best non-glass pipe i’ve ever smoked was a small wooden sherlock with a plastic mouthpiece and no filter (just a screen)… It wasn’t the best hitting, smoothest smoke ever (far from it) but passing it around chilled people out and the look was hilarious/just awesome.

  • EDD

    The best non glass pipe I have smoked was when I went to India. An old man made a wooden pipe in front of my eyes. Also it was very cheap. The first time I used it the pipe was amazing, so smooth and just enjoyable to smoke. Now over the years I have used it, it has lost its quality.

  • pisces541

    i would have to say a bong that i made out of a plastic 2 liter bottle with a beer cap for the bowl worked awesome

  • headynugz420

    the best nonpipe i have ever smoked out of was wen i made a steam roller out of a 3 foot tube that my tech n9ne poster came in it was a win win and i got to celebrate my new poster lol

  • Melayer1

    The best non-glass pipe ive smoked from has to be a Corn-Cob pipe i bought from a gas-station in a pinch, had no papers or glass on hand and saw it was only like $4 so i picked it up, funnest bowl i ever had

  • will

    how about a vape?
    i love my magic flight box so much
    used it in the kfc drivethrough with three friends and then got doubledowns
    i was comfortably stoned from two hits by the time i reached the window
    of course its not a “pipe,” but its definitely unique and really pleasurable to use

  • aghttö

    The best non glass smoking devise I have ever used was the
    “vacuumcleanerhose-strapped-to-the-bottle-thing” I once made with my friend. it was a smooth hit.

  • Harry

    A friend of mine found an old wooden pipe in his attic…turned out to be his grandfather’s. It was in great condition and clearly put to good use. Hit great too, really nice feel to it…felt like you were in another century.

  • Dc03

    The best pipe I’ve ever smoked from was a wooden pipe. The taste was amazing and the hit was like there was no smoke, but the hit was huuuge. It was so damn good.

    Best luck to all of you!

  • Jimmy

    A few years ago I went to a friend of a friend’s house and witnessed the most amazing bong ever. It had been constructed by a pair of occupational stoners – god knows how they mustered up the energy and concentration for such a feat of engineering. It was a tube of acrylic roughly 5 foot in height with custom downpipes, and I would estimate held roughly 4 or 5 litres of water. It was so large that it needed two people to operate – one to light the “legal smoking blend” on one side, and the other to take a hit on the other side. As you can imagine it took a while to get going but once you did it was possible to inhale INSANE amounts of smoke.

  • Blkmmba

    the best non glass pipe ive ever smoked out of must be the six hit metal pipe edit sells on here. Great little metal pipe.

  • Andrew Blackwelder

    My best non-glass smoking pipe, was a magnetic fold-able piece. It’s great for sneaky smoking. 🙂

    By the way whoever writes the blogs and summaries for products, Is pretty funny. Every time I read an EDIT article I laugh. 🙂

    Thank You EDIT,
    Andrew Blackwelder 🙂

  • cnakata

    the best non glass pipe ive smoked out of would have to be a home made bubler i made with a dome perc, difffuser, and ice pinch using all household items

  • Blake

    The only non glass pipe that I have smoked out of that I actually liked was named Jack the Ripper. It was one that I crafted myself. I bought a steel bowl and mouthpiece from the local head shop and then went to Lowes (home improvement store) and bought a ceiling fan extender 3 feet in length. I screwed the bowl and mouthpiece on and smoked away. I haven’t really found many steel pipes I like, but this one looks genius.

  • Zachary

    Last year in high school I had a wood shop class, I decided to make a bowl out of the wood. When my teacher asked about it I told him that it was a spoon for eating cereal, and the hollow tube was for sucking the milk out after. He bought it and I got an A on the project. I went as far as drilling a carb into this piece. When I smoked my home-grown nugget out of it, I felt extremely Primal.

  • Stickabu

    The best non glass piece ive used is my acrylic bong. I named it Jack the ripper because it hits so amazing. I love it and I bought it from EDIT. Thanks for giving me a great product.

  • chillen

    this old metal pipe we took out of my friends grandpas office we still got the thing laying around or way back when we used to use water bottles that was pretty dope bong water everywhere always ……didnt matter we where high 😀 😀 <3

  • ReptileStyle

    A ceramic bong shaped like a blue fireball with an angry scowl and a blunt in its’ mouth. It was a birthday present for my roommate.

  • Big Bob

    My favorite is my bukket. hits like a champ. I smoked 100x salvia out of it on the beach and in my cousins car and i passed out for like 20 mins both times trippin. Crazy.

  • jordan S

    My birthday is today! 4/19! I’d provide some sort of proof if need be, but I want this pype! I want it badd.

    Also, I love me a carved out apple.

  • Korken

    THe best non glass pipe Ive smoked from Is a wooden pipe, nothing special about it, its just a super cosy pipe, doesen’t hit very well but its cosy 😛

  • zach attack

    After my glass bong broke =,[ I started making alot of pieces out of random coloful items in my room. That’s how my baby Piebre(pee-eyy-bray) was born!! It was 2 Gatorade bottles cut in half and put togeter. I used green and purple ductape for design. I had a metal nut or whatever teh hell it was For the bowl attached to a pen for the tube into it. It was about a foot long and a wicked steamroller.

  • Alex

    My bud picked up this metal crack pipe in china town and it hit pretty smooth. He named it Christopher. Idk y, maybe cuz it kindof sounds like the name a black crackhead would have but who knows. Of course only the herb, not crack. Ahhaahha. Crack is wack, weed is what we need

    btw I think somebody should throw tons of tree in the volcano so that everybody will be high out of their mind. That would make the smoke bearable, no amazing hahah!

  • My favourite is the twister, the one that’s pretty much a long spring with a bowl and mouthpiece attached. I’ve always had trouble with hot smoke, especially from sally, but my twister always keeps it bearable and it’s awesome to play with.

  • Creyon

    I would have to say the best non glass pipe would be a Tune pipe for me. I’m all for healthier smoking and a tune pipe with the active carbon filter nails the job nicely. Really smooth smokes.

  • Daniel Malcolm

    The best non glass pipe ive ever smoked would be the classic old man pipe, not only do they hit nice, you look damn cool with it too.

  • to tell you the truth the best non glass pipe i ever smoked out of was a cigar pipe but of course i didn’t use tabacco it was very smooth and they allways have a huge bowl plus easy to clean

  • Raph

    I can’t believe there’s only two people reporting experiences with the Incredibowl ! I had the opportunity to try it and it was the best hit I ever tasted out of a non-glass pipe! I found the Incredibowl to be as enjoyable as classic glass water bongs and the amazing thing is that you can carry it everywhere you go. Really thinking about ordering my own one =)
    Thanks EDIT!

  • Mike

    I can’t believe nobody has mentioned the ProtoPipe in the reviews so far. A simply fantastic pipe that has been around for decades and I still use regularly.

    The ability to have a round loaded for a fast out of pocket smoke, quick draw of the integrated poker then reload from the storage chamber is unrivalled in my collection of pipes. Especially good for smoking solid herbs as well I’ve found.

    Filters the smoke of tar pretty well and definitely cools it down without burning your hands or being to close to your face. Little tugs is all you need and the top folds around to protect the bowl contents while you enjoy your toke. The bonus is that it then pops apart so that you can easily clean the tar trap and use the poker to clean the tube while on the move.

    A fully filled ProtoPipe is all you need for a night or two away without any fuss normally associated with setting up a good smoke. For me this pipe has set the all rounder standard yet to be matched, I’m keen to try the new MODEL419 pipe to see how it stands up to the challenge!

  • kevin

    a ceramic bong i made myself it looked like a cartoon bomb with the wick being a detachable mouth piece you certainly feel a sense of accomplishment when you take that first successful hit.

  • Ryan Bradley

    The best non-glass pipe I ever used was a plastic make-shift one I used when I first started smoking. This was my best due to pure nostalgic value.

  • liam middleditch

    i think mine would have to be the x-bong me and my friends made ,
    its a large pipe we made and put into the shell of a xbox 360 so the bowl came out the power button and you toked through the hard drive spot

  • Smokeyadam

    Best non-glass implement has to be the BudBomb….got mine about 8 years ago and it has always saved me in times of need. Best bit is you can load it and stick it on your keychain, some chav gives you abuse, pull it out, spark it up and feel the anger drift away! I am sure this pipe has saved me many fights!

    420 FTW

  • Ian

    bets pipe i have smoked from was a friends pipe made from parts of his computer. he is a HUGE computer nerd and his pipe broke so he made one out of the old parts of his computer, it even had two chambers!

  • Tim

    here is a good one…. i was on a work trip with my buddies… we were driving about 3 hours out of town… one of my buddies happened to know someone where we were going, that had some tasty smoke. so we went to the spot picked it up and realized we had nothing to smoke out of.. we got some papers and decided to roll a big spleef. that went well and it smoked like a champ… well we were using a soda pop bottle as an make a long story short it was passed to me, and i ashed it in the soda bottle, as i did the car hit a bump and the spleef went splash! everyone freaked out! i said no worries i am MacGruber! so i took the wet roach and put it on the dash to dry out in the sun while i found some instruments of destruction… ended up melting a socket into that blasted bottle and making a steam roller out of it.. the smoke was dried and smelled a little like Dr Pepper but it smoked!

    just what the doctor ordered!
    Happy 4/20 EDIT

  • Simple

    What a fine looking object of almost automotive art! Bowl looks like a piston and the stem an exhaust pipe. Function as well as form, brilliant.

  • michael2010

    The best non-glass pipe ive smoked from has to be a bong me n my pal made out of a plastic an a wood bong it was cool but a bit harsh

  • Tom D. Cat

    Ah, my good ol corn cob pipe. It was thing I ever smoked out of. We made a screen with tin foil and I smoked some insanely good homegrown stuff my first time…needless to say I gained a new appreciation for Dark Side of the Moon that night.

  • BillyL

    I have been smoking out of a gravity bong, using a large gatorade bottle and the vapor star. Intense amounts of vapor all at once. The gravity-gatorvape.

  • Tim Thomas

    best non-glass pipe i’ve ever smoked would be the jack herer pipe. wooden and when packed correctly, gives a generous 30-40 super-smooth hits. made by the man himself with his signature of the bottom. r.i.p. jack herer

  • Mark

    Non-glass pipes are the equivilent of a wonderful meat skillet.

    The more quality you use in it, the better it enhances the taste.

    That is why my favorite non-glass pipe is the Corn-cob pipe. It is all natural and it just embraces all flavors you throw at it! I have plenty of Roor’s, but I still have my Corn-Cob pipe!

    This one looks like a space age Corn-Cob!

  • Tony

    Hmm, the best non-glass pipe I’ve ever smoked out of is pretty cliche with a twist. My friends were all away, I was home alone and one of my buddies had my only piece. I was tired of using crushed up cans with holes poked in them, they work, but they’re not amazing.

    So I go to the kitchen to see what I have to work with. I had made pipes out of apples before, so I decided to go for one of those again. But me, being the crafty ingenious little bugger that I am decided to go one step further. Using a hollowed out Bic pen as a spine, I hollowed out the center of an orange, and connected it to the apple. I used tinfoil for the bowl.

    Now, when I pulled the smoke through, it had this wonderful tangy orange flavor, but the piece looked like part of one of those science projects where fruit is the solar system. And that was how I got my vitaminTH-C

  • Pedro Rameriz

    My friend david made a wooden pipe he called the belafonte after the boat from that one movie I hated but the cherry wood pipe was delicious 🙂

  • The best non-glass pipe I ever smoked out of was a wooden pipe. It wasn’t the act of smoking out of the wood pipe, it was that I was smoking out of my great grandfather’s wood pipe him at a pow-wow in Arizona in 1978 (I was 12). I was the most grown up kid in the world on that date. My great grandfather is gone now, but few can say they’ve smoked natural herb with their great grandfather, one of the last Apache warriors.

    I’m retired from my military now – after 21 years of being a warrior myself. For my retirement ceremony – after 21 years of service, my father gave me my great grandfather’s pipe and it sits on my mantel in front of all of my medals as a testament to the love and strength of family. I intend to smoke out of it with my grandson in 10 more years at a pow-wow in Colorado, and perhaps someday – with my great grandson.

    While it’s always comforting to have a nice pipe to smoke from, it’s the company with whom you smoke that create the memories.

  • elementearth

    The best non-glass “pipe” I’ve ever used was the Arizer Extreme ( Bag and whip are usuable, the heat is fanned on your herbs so they dont burn from contact with the ceramic element, it has an led display among other nifty things, but the real killer is that it has a remote, which I thought was really cool.

    The flavors from a vape are incredible, and the Arizer was one of the best pieces I had until it was taken from me :(.

    The M19 looks like a nice pipe, hope I win! Happy 4:20 EVERYONE!


  • Jim

    The best pipe was/is by far a genuine briar/ebonite Bo Nordh. I used to own it unknowingly it was one of the most expensive pipes in the world (up to $30000 for some models). The pipe was bought by my dad locally at a small shop called Pip-Larssons some years before Bo Nordh became famous.

    I lost it to some asshole of a friend who left it at a party and I haven’t been able to use a pipe properly since. Even the thought of it stings me to the core and it didn’t help one bit when I several years later in the age of internets, in search of my beloved, stumbled across a identical pipe as mine selling for $3000 in used condition on e-bay.

    It’s pretty difficult to explain what made it so special but it was really practical, stood flat on the table and had a build quality to it that just made everyone who toked from it go “wow” – and this in a pretty sad second hand state tarnished by both me and my dad’s habit.

    But most of all it had a soul. It was just one of those things where the object was more than a object. I seriously LOVED that pipe. The smell. The grain of the briar. The sweet taste of the wood. Everything…

    More on Nordh:

    Almost identical pipe to the one I had except my head was all briar and the top had a rugged texture to it:

  • Daniel

    The best hit I’ve taken, probably as many as you have is in that extreme moment of need, where there are no papers, no pipes, no shiny glass bowls to ease your craving for that one, first, so anticipated hit of a prom-night. I had seen it in a magazine that same day, and we crafted a beautiful pen-cap one-hitter using aluminium foil from an old cigarette pack and a regular, ball-point pen cap. It was the most beautiful sensation, when simplicity and efficient thinking combined to give everyone that much awaited buzz :D.

  • Bruce

    6 shootah is the one for me. You can pass it around your respective goon squad, or blaze all 6 bowls to yourself. What more could you want? It is a force to be reckoned with. I will be able to learn from the Model419 as i have learned from the 6 shootah and hopefully become a great Jedi.
    Happy 420

  • Christopher

    The most desperate, yet cunning improvisation on a pipe was back in the day when I was on a camping trip with two off my best buddies. Having arrived at the camping spot, set up and gotten settled and wanting to light up we realised we had forgotten the most essential camping equipment, our bongs…
    The ride back to merely get them would’ve been a waste so instead we decided to improvise. We dug a hole in the ground around the size of a half golf-ball and then around three inches away dug a narrow hole at an angle towards the previous hole. when both the holes met our creation was complete. An soil-pipe. The epiphany of natural toking. It actually worked fine awsell and hit like a champ.
    That’s the story of the most amazing pipe I’ve ever made.

  • Sam

    Never tried pipes, except one I got free with my first order from EDIT. Tiny thing but was a great little pipe once I got hold of some gauzes to fit it and it didn’t cost me a thing!

  • roorless whore

    I was low on cash and out of smoking utensils after a run in with the police, so i bought a black wooden pipe on EDIT. I felt so cool, like motherfucking sherlock holmes haha

  • Jesse

    The most smooth non-glass smoke I ever had was probably out of my hooka. A slow drag, but sneaks your lungs full for some smooth big hits.

  • buddyhomey

    My friend had a pipe where the main tube was a spring and the mouth piece bent round and slotted into the bowl.

  • Canisdirus

    Back in the 70’s my buddy purchased a pipe called the “buzz bomb” and it was made out of brass. It looked like an over and under shotgun as it had two 4 inch chambers. You slipped a nitrous whippet into the bottom chamber and when you lit the top bowl, you could take tremendous hits as the nitrous cooled the smoke greatly. It was a fantastic pipe and to this day, I regret not getting one.

  • Thor Harald

    The best non glass pipe i have smoke, is one that i made out of Aluminium. I made it at metalworking class at school. The body of the pipe was like a long tube with heatsinks and the bowl was pretty big. The whole pipe was made in a Lathes. Only one in the world!

  • The best non-glass pipe I ever smoked out of was a wooden pipe. It wasn’t the act of smoking out of the wood pipe, it was that I was smoking out of my great grandfather’s wood pipe with him at a pow-wow in Arizona in 1978. I was the most grown up kid in the world on that date. My great grandfather is gone now, but few can say they’ve smoked herb with their great grandfather, one of the last Apache warriors.

    I’m retired now and for my retirement ceremony, my father gave me my great grandfather’s pipe and it sits on my mantel as a testament to the love and strength of family. I intend to smoke out of it with my grandson in 10 more years at a pow-wow in Colorado, and perhaps someday – with my great grandson.

    While it’s always comforting to have a nice pipe to smoke from, it’s the company with whom you smoke that create the memories.

  • Ferda

    The incredibowl was definitely the best non-glass piece I’ve hit. Until it was unwillingly forced from my hands by a couple pigs because my friend decided it would be a great idea to go through a red light while driving back to the crib. F***ed by the hard dick of the law… bitches

  • Tim

    i once made a bong from a fish tank, took me hours to make but she smoked well and the fish loved it to, well a few died but was a good smoke xxx

  • chris

    Ok I’ve tried them all accept this puppy! The protopipe is great but my all time favorite is the budbomb, if you don’t own one you can get one SO AWESOME!

  • Henry

    The best non-glass pipe I’ve ever toked from was named Masego. It belonged to a homeless man I came across smoking up in a stairwell. Now, this thing was of exceptional quality. Definitely not something you’d expect a homeless man to own. I complimented him on his fancy smoking device, and he was kind enough to offer me a few hits while he told me the story behind it. Apparently, his father fought in Algeria in World War II and helped liberate a small village from Italian control. As a thank-you from one of the locals, he received an absolutely beautiful bronze pipe with what looked like a tribal African mask as the bowl (tobacco was put inside the enlarged mouth) and an elaborately fashioned stem with lots of small engravings of crocodiles/gazelles/wildebeest on it. I was expecting it to hit fairly hard, as smoking technology wasn’t as advanced 70 years ago as it is today, but to my surprise, it was one of the smoothest pieces I’d ever hit. I was able to take maybe 3/4 of a lungful without coughing, and I cough frequently so this is a rare occurrence. Got me pretty high, too! Haven’t smoked out of anything like it since, but if I ever got the chance to buy one I’d jump on it in a heartbeat. (Hint hint! Start stocking traditional African pipes!)

  • William

    By far the best non glass pipe I have used is the Piece Pipe. I have the brass model. The pipe is super small, but has a very heavy weight for its size. Bowl is just right when using potent herbs. Best of all, it’s super easy to clean.

  • Alex

    Aw man the best non glass pipe I’ve ever smoked out of was this triple filtered gravity,yes GRAVITY bong, using aseries of buckets bottles and tubing. my friends and I made it two years ago on 4/20 just for fun.

  • Charlie

    Non glass? Ifthis counts its the erbo pipe man! One of my favorite pieces. Besides that I would pick the solo pipe that I got from you guys.

  • Shaun

    I had art class for my second semester and I made this beautiful bowl about 8 inches long with all kinds of crazy designs and paintings on it. Later that month I harvested my crop and Enjoyed using everything made by myself =)

  • JayDos

    My friend and I were bored one day and decided to try to make a bong out of a paintball gun. Needless to say, about a half hour later it was fully functional. The only non-gun part we used was a tiny bit of silicone caulk to seal the slide (which was the piece that the CO2 canister attached to). We hit out of the barrel and we would never fully clear it so that a little smoked leaked out of the barrel.

  • Logan

    The best non-glass piece I ever smoked out of was a Vaporgeine alumimum bat. I normaly dont smoke out of non-glass pieces just because I usually use a bubb or bong, but even compared to my high quality glass bong the Vaporgeine is smoother than anything else ive ever used.

  • Jeremy

    The best non-glass pipe I have ever owned happens to be the Solo-Pipe (google it)… If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a one-handed lighter/pipe combo. Its the coolest thing since sliced bread amigos… The reason I love it so much though, honestly, is because I can pack a phat one, slide the bowl cover closed (at this point it no longer looks like a pipe), hop in my ’69 Chevelle, and cruise down the road blazin, all the while never taking one hand off the wheel. This is good considering the head in my lap. This pipe would be great for a disabled person (one-arm functional) as well. I love glass but the solo is great… hopefully the Model 419 takes the Solo-pipe’s place as the king of non glass.

  • Drew0rZ

    I have a carved piece of soapstone which was in the process of being turned into a pipe by my father before he passed away, I finished it with the help of a friend and it’s quite a nice piece to use.

    My absolute favourite non-glass pipes to smoke out of though are bamboo, I have a deer antler/bamboo pipe and I just love the taste it adds when smoking out of bamboo.

  • al8in0

    The nickel mushroom from here. I love that little thing, it fits in your pocket and no one suspects a thing when they see it, well except when its in use.
    I love that bad boy

    oh and a snorkel one i made once, and when one of your mates gets fully scuba geared up to use it, it defiantly gives you something worth while to get the giggles about

  • John lennon

    Ok so first of all this is my first 420 where i havent smoked all day cause ive been staying with my dad and cant get buddah but i would have to sayy my favorite non glass peice would have to be my solopipe i had it was all you needed other than the greens and was quick. And inconspicuous and quite portable STAY HIGH!

  • José Hernandez

    the best non-glass smoking utensil I ever smoked out of was, a lung me and my friend made,but pipe-wise a metal key Chain pipe i bought from a gas station.

  • Jay S.

    Best non-glass pipe i used would have to be my buddys simple invention of bending a like 2 ft. metal pipe at the half point & putting tinfoil over it lol it pwned us though so hard youd hit it & itd blast you…it looked like it would be so gay too but it wasnt harsh at all & that thin was sickkkk…otherwise if it didnt have to be a pipe itd be this hookah my buddy made out of those aluminum one time only mt dew bottles that had designs on them…hit better than a real bong…kinda. lol

  • AK

    Best non-glass smoking pipe I ever got into a discussion over was an old professor of mine and his buddies had built a hydrolic pipe in metal shop back in college. Stainless steel chamber over a bowl that after you filled you flipped the switch and the device pulled smoke into the first chamber filtered it into the second and the second chamber had a plate in it that pushed the smoke out of the chamber with enough pressure that you pretty much got your hit when it was ready as opposed to when you were. It’s harder to explain than I thought.

    Best I ever smoked was a gravity bong made out of a few two liter bottles and the ice bucket the kegs had sat in. Simple to make but it was a great way to end the party.

    That or using a trumpet mouthpiece as a bowl when a buddy broke his.

  • IV-XX

    The best non-glass pipe I like to smoke out of, would have to be my wooden wizards pipe, deep bowl, and long neck, so always a nice cool smoke. It just brings a sense of cool to me whenever I smoke it.

  • Andrew B

    this one: /online_headshop/Boxed_Wooden_Pipe_Set.cfm?iProductID=6308
    the length of the pipe cools the smoke so much.
    and makes you look cool as fuck.
    yeah, i fucking love it basicly

  • Chas Mac

    The best non-glass pipe i’ve smoked from is one I made myself. The idea came from my friend who came back from university and made a “crucifix” which is essentially a way to smoke three joints at once in a cross formation, similar to the pineapple express crossjoint only with 3 seperate joints, one for each end and the other end to toke from. I took this idea further and made one myself out of wood, it’s survived many smokes and will always impress.

  • Simondk

    The best non-glass pipe I ever smoked out of was a litlle wooden pipe. i have made it by my self. peace

  • Skillz Singh

    the best non glass pipe i ever smoked out of was home made
    i made it out of 2 plastic 1 liter bottles
    the bottom bottle was for the down stem and the other bottle i cut in half
    and put on top of the other bottle which made a perc type deal which was awsome
    and i also made a ash catcher out of those mini liquor bottles
    i have to say it was probly one of the most legit bongs ive ever made and i kept it
    for a while until it got just do filthy and threw it away but it was great it only like like 5
    bucks to make and it ripped hardd

  • Cake

    The best non glass pipe I’ve smoked was of course an apple pipe. In a few minutes a regular apple can be a delicious smoking tool and when you’re done, you can eat the evidence. Ash is sterile but you might wanna just toss the bowl bit.
    Being biodegradable it is the perfect way to save the planet on the go.

  • Hanyo

    Best pipe I’ve ever smoked that wasn’t made of glass was a homemade wooden pipe. It was bout 35cm and curved at the end, a real fantasy pipe! I keep it on my top self at home, where I can admire it.
    Peace out

  • Ty

    the best non-glass pipe I have ever smoked out of was a pipe I created myself in my younger dayz. It was a medium sized seashell, that I put a metal screen into and cut off the end tip of it. Worked perfect! Greatest pipe ever!

  • Farnsworth

    without a doubt the best pipe I ever hit was a Nut n Bolt Pipe that you stock it was my regular bowl for about 6 months until I recently lost it
    first one I ever owned as well but my god did we have some good times because it was quite possibly the single most fun thing to fiddle around with of all time
    best £3.99 I ever did spend

  • Hueblaze

    I would have to say the best non-glass pipe I have ever smoked out of was a hand made stone pipe my friend had. I have never smoked out of anything else as simple yet awesome as it. The most interesting part of it was that it was fairly old. It was at least 25 years old and while it had some wear, still worked fantastically. Too bad it broke recently and he had to replace it.

  • rap420

    I think the best pipe ive smoked was my first time i smoked something 🙂
    it was mad of foil and it was the bomb at the time.

    i hope this pipe would maby get me reconsider using foil as pipe next time 😀 or when my kids gets old maby pass it to them not do stupid foil pipes, still i dont regret it cause ive had a fun life after that!! 420 foreva duuds keep it up’1

  • NightRider

    The best non glass pipe I have ever smoked is the budbomb.
    Small (easy to hide) and cools the smoke (not so hard on the lungs).
    Just what I need.

  • Tony_K

    The best non glass I ever used was a small clay hand pipe back about five summers ago. No need for a screen, and no ash ever tainted the hits. Burned evenly, slowly, and well every time. The pipe was one whole piece, so no need to separate the bowl for cleaning.
    Man I miss it…. Its hard to find a decently priced, good proper piece these days.

  • wkncrocks

    i worked at a camp out in the middle of know where in the woods of nc. a lot of weekend worriors would come to the camp and backpack and what not. this one fellow who came there one weekend had this really neat homemade pipe that he made out of a ceder tree. smelt really nice like fresh ceder. it was the first time i smoked so it was deff a very memorable time with a very unique piece.

  • max

    The best ‘non-glass’ was a handmade one me and my mate made last summer. We just brought loads of smoke-ables and wanted to try something new but had jsut blewn all our money so we went to the shed, got a block of wood, cut out a chunk and sanded a bowl shape into it. Finally we drilled though the side and down from the bowl part and then shoved a biro through the newly drilled hole. All we did next was placed a gauze in the bowl, some herbs ontop of that and smoked away. After that we just sat down, chilled out (we couldnt move) and ate… alot!

  • Sam K

    The best non glass piece I’ve eve hit was this little box thing my friend had. It looked like a little box made out of some sort of metal but when you pulled a flap off a little bowl popped out. Then you would slide the mouth piece out and press a button on the side and a lighter would pop up and light the bowl for you. One of the best stealth pieces I have ever seen.

  • Jamie Duncan-Brown

    I bought the monkey pipe from you guys and i like it because its easy to stash away.


  • Feltros

    The first pipe I hit out of was a friends rasta coloured metal unscrewable pipe:
    One of those jobbies basically but a bit different. Wasn’t any special smoke wise when I look back, but it was one of my first hits of weed and I didn’t even know about rizlas and spliffs back then. Was a lovely sunny day in a local park and we climbed a tree with some popcorn and sat maybe 20 feet up scoffing and smoking away. Loads of people would walk underneath (was basically a proper forest) and not a single one noticed us, we’d even through popcorn down to dogs that we’re being walked and no-one once looked up lol!
    In the end I got a bit too caned (first time remember!) and when my friend asked me how he should finish off the weed we had left I said he should just do it all in 1 mega hit because I didn’t know any better and thought it’d be cool. Lets just say it took him a very very very long time to climb down that tree after 😛

  • Arthur Lee

    The best non-glass pipe I’ve used was a pipe I carved out of wood that I found at Yosemite National Park. The woody taste in addition to the fresh herb was delicious, I smoke out of it every now and then just to get the taste. I also own two Palm Leaf pipes and I love how cool the smoke is and how easy they are to clean. Or instead of cleaning, I let the resin build up and I place the palm leaf on a plate with some alcohol, let the alcohol evaporate, and scrape off all the yummy leftovers. I hope I win this pipe!!!!

  • Ryan

    My favorite non glass piece was the first pipe i ever owned. It was a green metal piece with green ceramic designs around the stem. Due to the color of the pipe it was deem “Oscar”, as in oscar the grouch. The pipe is now in the possesion of my younger sister, i passed it down to her as a birthday present and she was more than happy to take it. It is to eventually to be passed to my kids then hers and so on. Its is still my favorite piece to this day.

  • Keith G

    The best non-glass piece I have ever smoked out of is a wooden piece which functions similarly to a stashbox. What it is is a small wooden piece that twists to cover the bowl, allowing you to pre-pack without losing any. It also comes with a stashbox which is sealed in and allows one to carry five or six bowl packs with the piece. Great for any type of situation as its covert but packs a punch

  • James

    The best non glass pipe i ever smoked from hmmmm that would be when i was 13. My friend came to me and asked if I wanted to smoke some weed and i did so we got the weed and then he pulled out a homemade pipe but it was made from parts that u can get from Home Depot and i thot it was gonna suk but wen i took a hit it was awesome. No ash no harshness an awesome pipe until his mom found it and threw it away.

  • Ian

    The best non-glass pipe that I ever smoked out of was a 1 and a half foot wooden pipe that was maybe half an inch thick, and was decorated with carved out eagles around the bowl andit had feathers hanging off. A peace pipe is always the best non glass pipe:)

  • DrBengele

    The best non-glass pipe i’ve smoked out of got to be, even if it seems that some people don’t like it, the “Peice Pipe”, its just so handy..
    Always around, discreet, yet filling it function and brings much cooler smoke than many other pipes..

  • hellzmattx

    Me and my friend got stopped by a cop for smoking “herb” out a window. since i had a dugout pipe we didnt get in trouble! (not glass)

  • herman munster

    …………………………………………………im gonna go with an acrylic pipe i saw in east germany

  • leeves k

    the only one i can think of is a soapstone pipe i bought here at EDIT for 3 dollars. its crappy but worth 3 dollars!

  • silver 3

    time to get paaaaaid. come on edit ive never wonnnnnnnnnnnnn!11111111

    PS. fav non-glasspipe woud be my pinch-pot converted into pipe LAWL

  • Mike

    The best non-glass pipe i have used to date is a small wooden pipe. It was inexpensive, and a simple design but truly convenient. It folds in half, into a little cube shape perfect for the pocket, and the reason I nicknamed it the “port-a-bowl.” Almost always found full and in my pocket, this was definately the best non-glass pipe that $15 can buy

  • JOE

    The best metal pipe I ever hit from was a cylinder that stood straight up and vacuumed your bowl and kept it lit

    the best non glass pipe I ever hit from was an Acrylic wizard I use to own

  • The best pipe I have used is a hand blown bubbler bought from my local headshop. Really smooth smoke and beautiful tastes 🙂

  • braden

    best non glass pipe…would be the solo pipe. just due to the fact that it a pipe and lighter in one. perfect for the stoner who always looses his lighter…

  • Taylor Crugnale

    Six foot acrylic bong that we sealed off the top the top and hit as a communal bong. After the carb was sealed, we placed a blunt into the bowl peice and toked for ten minutes ;P

  • healed your cat

    I once designed a makeshift pipe that worked like this. it was a mini-harmonica with a screen. when you inhaled it made a harmonica noise!

  • Padlockygamy Jenkins

    On halloween once i saw a pipe that was supposed to look like a human finger… it definately wasnt glass, that much i know! it was my favorite non-glass pipe

  • Jeremy Lewis

    My roommate owned a metal pipe that looked kind of like this one im about to win. probably less expensive though

  • weenlover

    LOL GOOD QUESTION! my friend has a business where he makes wooden sherlock holmes pipes!!!

    Doooooooo me

  • Ryan B Teenie

    this pipe looks dooope namsayn>?! fav non-glass is anything made of soapstone. theres a lot in cayman islands

  • willie metthal

    i still havent gotten my prize from last contest…

    buuuuuuut ill do this one too anyway. ive very fond of my dugout pipe

  • KCFirefly

    Best non glass pipe, I ever smoked out of, would have to be the one a friend and I made just for the heck of it, after our 4th of july celebration. He used one of the tubes w/ base to make a pipe. It was well over a foot tall and big enough around that you could put your nose and mouth sort of into the hole. We used the bowl and stem fitting from another pipe so it had a carb too. Later we put a disposable cup into the bottom and made it into a bong. What a fun time and that thing hit like a monster too.

  • Dave H

    My gran owned a garage, forunately, being 90 years old she never, ever went in there. So, being an enterprising young stoner i took over this space and converted it into a smoking den. Many, many nights spent high as the proverbial kite toking off the deliciously purple coloured Amazed Pipe. Ah such happy times…

  • dazhhhhh

    I have made a pipe out of a plastic ribena bottle with piece of hose pipe,
    weedstar bowl from EDIT. gets used everyday real hitter
    and really cheap.

  • Polski

    my dad has the six shooter pipe and that thing is MENTAL. once i filled that up with some quality insulator hash. i was out of it.

  • Ross Gillespie

    The best non glass pipe ive smoked is an ebony pipe my uncle carved when he was a teenager and its still going strong!

  • mike

    best non glass pipe has to be the one i just picked up in Argentina. Its a bamboo shoot with purple clay on it in the shape of amoon face. in the clay are some polished stones. name’s mancala hits like a champ

  • judas underwood

    3 in rasta metal piece i got from edit. has a wind cover that screws on, very handy. fuck wind

  • mitch getsum

    i saw a woodpecker in wood (or was it stone?). it may have been bamboo even. smoked like a champ

  • KCFirefly

    I have also used an apple and a coconut made into a water pipe. Funny story about the coconut, i was in line to check out and all i had was the coconut, my, now, 2 year old and a sprite.Ok, so i am standing there putting my stuff up to check out and the lady behind me says, “May I ask what you are going to do with just one coconut?” I say, “Well last week I got a pine apple and things didn’t work to well, so i thought i would try a coconut..” She then looks at my kid then back at me. I then say “She (my kid) didn’t like it, so she picked this one this time.”

    So this was last summer when I was lettng my kid pick a different fruit each week.

    BTW peeps, it tastes soooo awesome, when you leave the milk in there. Its also good to get some of that fruit water and use it in your water pipes. Makes everything taste better

  • jimmy boy!

    i converted a clay vase into a pipe/bong type thing. it worked pretty well for a week but it cracked 🙁

  • Triplehorny

    Redbull cans or Arizona ice t cans can make good temporary pipes. my favorite is a 2 litre mountain dew bottle with tape and stuff. good lark

  • Sandra Chan

    herrroooo EDIT! i cant describe the material, but i know it wasnt glass… it was like this pink plasticy stuff and i smoked it and i LOVED IT!

  • spacemonkey

    my favorite non-glass was a wooden chillum i bought from another website. sorry edit!

    EDIT REPLY: What??? Other headshops exist? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jason liasant


    lets see. to answer your question edit……. im going to go with my nalgene bottle! lol

  • spirit reaper shate

    yo everyone does it… best non-glass has to be the model tank i converted into pipe…

    also i dont know why but i left this same comment until the “roor rasta logo accessories” post from april 16th…

    obviously it was intended for here, and it seems like the other 10 or so people who posted something there meant for it to be here too…

  • mista rasta

    this bowl looks sick! its sure to be my favorite if i win or ever get one thats the same or even similar. ive seen some cool wooden pipes with tiki faces carved on but besides that i have no experience 🙁

  • pines

    my favorite non-glass pipe is a polished oak one i saw in a store in new mexico. it looked like a piece of furnature. the guy was giving a demonstration it was random

  • Mod419+1

    It has to be a pipe made out of the main steam of a very special plant wich was carved out to make the coolest non-glass I have ever seen.

  • Alex

    My favorite non glass pipe that ive smoked out of would probably be this one chillium my friends made where u take a special type of pen appart.

  • Marshal

    best thing ever, me and a couple buddies went to to the hardware store bought a couple feet of tubing, hooked it to the top of a 2 litre, put a slider made out of a carrot and smoked it like a hookah, it was awesome just being able to lie back and relax and smoke a bong.

  • Jill H

    My favorite non-glass pipe is definitely my uncle’s huge wooden peace pipe. That thing is ancient! When I was little I used to pretend to smoke out of it, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

  • Brett

    My favorite, and best, non-glass piece would be a wooden pipe. It may seem average to some but it hold’s deer to me. It belonged to my grandfather, he would always chill on the front porch lighting up. He reached that age though and passed away in his sleep. The pipe was one of the things I received from my grandmother. I take it out every once in awhile (his birthday, & day of death), pack it up, and hang out outside. It helps me remember him and I can feel like he’s still there when I use it. It’s not about the quality of glass or wood that makes a good piece great, it’s the memories that go along with it.

  • craig

    best bong i ever smoked out of was in london, my friend made it out of rubber piping and a small keg of beer, and alot of drill work only downside to it was you couldnt see when to clear it.

  • Lux

    It was a twister pipe I smoked, the plastic one not steel. It was actually the first time I smoked that green stuff, very smooth and good smoke came out of that pipe! 🙂

  • Seb

    The best pipe I have ever smoked so far is the red eye a’maze’d not only does it look sweet, it cools down the smoke very well and makes it taste great, like frosties! (sorry couldn’t resist) The first time I smoked it is etched into my mind very clearly. After packing the end and twisting the cap on slowly and carefully, Iraised it to my lips and flicked my lighters flint. I then proceeded to dance the flame over the end of the pipe while inhaling, there was a quiet whistle as the smoke raced through the maze and into my lungs. I then exhaled and looked at the pipe immediatly realising it was an instant classic. This model 1419 pipe looks to be another instant classic!

  • m0lex

    I would have to go for the Bud Bomb, that thing gives a damn good smoke for that it is. and the Screw on bowl makes it easy to have a sneaky toke anywhere you like!

  • jesse webber

    22 liter gravity bong with a 1/2 inch deep socket for the bowl-1/8th per hit- it was a team sport.


    The best non-glass pipe i ever smoked was the silver palm leaf pipe i got off edit. The only reason its nice to have is because its easy to conceal, The hit is fairly smooth for how small it is but it doesn’t have a shotgun for easy clearing. I Would like to try the model 419 out.

  • meth and red

    favorite pipe that wasnt made out of glass was this sick 200 dollar one i saw in canada. i dont think it was painted but it was carved to make a contour

  • 88 keys

    my friend’s friend made a pipe out of an old trumpet. i heard he smoked it but idk if it really worked out too well 😉

  • magic marley marl

    i SIMPLY HAVE TO WIN EDIT!!!!1111111


    favo non-glass smoking utencil is the lil’ acrylic dealy i saw in the market


    woah havent seen an everyonedisit giveaway in a while.

    im going with the giant stone chillum i bought FROM HERE. it even came with a case

  • greeny

    The best non-glass pipe i ever smoked was this one i bought when i went to amsterdam, his name was luke highwalker, however he had to stay in amsterdam cos it was too risky to try and bring him back incase he still had some stuff left in him… I still think of him everyday.

  • William

    An old Friend of mine had a 2 foot long metal chamber pipe. the pipe was so long it took almost two minutes after lighting for all the smoke to clear out of the pipe. I have many fond memories of that pipe

  • Rhys

    the best and most interesting pipe i have ever smoked is a voodoo sacraficial pipe brought back from an african tribe. the bowl is BIG and creates a nice cherry, so you dont have to keep re-lighting, just sit back and keep on tokin’

    the pipe was wooden and about the length of my forearm, wrapped in snake skin, with some mean metal claws, best pipe i ever smoked.

  • KCFirefly

    Brett, I have to agree with you. My fireworks pipe was one of those close to the heart things too. It was the last summer of youth, before everyone went their different ways to make their own lives. <3s out to you, thats an awesome way to keep your memory of him going.

  • Diogo Barbosa

    My special non-glass pipe is a jade-stone pipe. It´s carved in maia style and was very very usefull my trip into Guatemala especially in the Maia Ruins in Tikal. A beautifull piece of art!

  • Dave

    Though the protopipe was definitely a cool brass bowl, the harshness of the hot metal tended to make the smoke bitter and raw. I had a few hide-away bowls that were cool but when I think back to the days, there’s one pipe that stuck with me through thick and thin… The AQUAPIPE! What an insane little creation of acrylic plastic perfection. Small enough to put in your pocket, but worthy enough to rip a clean, water-filtered bubbler hit of pure ecstasy. I must have owned one in every color!

  • best non glass pipe i’ve hit out of was something I macgyvered in about a minute or two from a couple of 2 liter bottles, some duct tape, and paper clip, it had it all, a perculator, diffuser, ice notches, the works, yeah it hit pretty damn good.

  • joey

    best non glass thing ive smoked out of is the chillum i made from the bullets they fired at my grandpas funeral

  • Flamehead

    the greatest and most powerful ice/water bong that I’ve ever witnessed in action was a mid-night blue bubble bong with the image of a full moon around the bowl and a strobe light in the base; nicknamed: The Sand Man. To my knowledge, the most times anyone has bee able to hit it was 2, after which a deep, deep, sleep is standard, accompanied by heavenly dreams –and the sudden urge to play pnuch-out when awake– it rightfully earns its name The Sand Man, whenever smoked. best 18 hours I ever spent knocked out, thus far.

  • Alfredo

    Id have to say, the best pipe i ever tried, even more so than a glass pipe is a ripe fresh apple. You can eat it when you’re done(takes care of munchies and evidence) or toss it (feed the rabbits, field mice, and soil.) Greatest pipe ever; unless you’re allergic.

  • Nick Bean

    My friend and i smoked out of his crazy trippy colored metal pipe with a weed leaf on it… was awesome!

  • Ami

    A gravity bong with a 5-shooter instead of a regular bowlpiece. I put some headies down, put some hash on and threw some khif on top of that… THAT was epic.

  • Eric

    I’ve been a glass man since I started smoking, and though I’ve used many homemade non-glass bongs, I don’t think those could be considered ‘good’ smoking experiences. However, when I was a little younger I found a small stash of my dad’s, with a little metal pipe and a little bit of nugget. Yes, I mooched a little, but that experience really stuck with me and I’ve wanted a metal pipe since.

  • Ravs

    i once smoked out of this metal pipe that a friend had made out of old car engine parts, it was freakin huge. most fun iv ever had smokin!!! it did taste a bit like motor oil though.

  • captureTODAY

    The Celebration Pipe is hands down the greatest pipe I have ever smoked and owned. This piece sparks intrigue and conversation as soon as you see it. It’s small design packs some very cool enginuity. The glass bowl sits over a stone composite made to resemble lava stone. Completely coated in 22k gold the bowl cleanly and with minimal open flame insenerates the “tabacco” leaving you with a very fine ash. I could tell you more about these hand made awesome pieces but you’d be better off doing what I did… Check out the website and then called the man who makes’em and heard the whole story behind the birth of these pipes which is bad ass within itself. Peace!

  • Hayden V

    Hands down the best *dry* hit i have ever had was through 2 honeydue-melons and finally an apple connected plastic tubing. Tasted amazing but only lasted a day or two :(.

    Best metal pipe i wud go for the bud bomb. Wud love it if this thing put it in a corner… and for that price it should do :D.

  • Leslie T

    Hmmm tough question….. The best thing i have smoked besides a glass piece would have to be “The Iron Lung”and a Stone pipe a buddy had. This thing looks interesting i would love to get my hands on a free one!

  • NNN

    im gonna have to go with a crack pipe i saw in compten. it was legit (obviously not because it was a crack pipe). i think it was metal

  • yelle

    favorite pipe that wasnt made out of glass is the dugout pipe, which is sold on this website (thats free advertising for you)

  • sireely

    good question EDIT! might i say… my favourite non-glass pipe ive seen or smoked out of is my older brother’s stone pipe called “biggie”

  • Greg F

    There is just something so cool smoking from an apple. I have seen someone use it and they were knocked out.

  • Lori Lea

    once me and my bf lost or pipe, so we made one out of a red bull, best thing we ever made, we still use it to this day cause its apretty smooth motha f**ka!

  • Conor

    one i made myself from a seriously hard lump of english oak, about 3 inchs long, used a countersink bit to drill out the bowl and a pilot drill bit to drill into the stem and create a working pipe, then i carved it to make it a bit more pipe shaped and bit less block shaped, looked like a spoon from behind, the whittling/carving left a little to be desiderd but it worked like a charm!

  • Parker

    I had this mini zob beaker bottom when zob first came out. It had a 4-arm tree perc, diffused downstem, and a mini 3-arm downstem for the ashcatcher. The thing hit as close to perfect as I can remember-the very best I ever had.

  • Susan Benson

    My fave non-glass pipe is my Incredibowl!!! I wasn’t sure at 1st had only seen it online at High Times, when i purchased my Cannabis Cup 09 judges passes. I judged it at the competition and was very impressed with the hit. It was smooth for a non-glass, non-liquid pipe! I was about to buy 1 but wasn’t sure if I could bring it back 2 the U.S……the 3rd day at the Cup I participated in the 420 challenge at the Incredibowl booth. The biggest hit without coughing and won! Even against my boyfriend of 6’5 ( I’m 5’4) he has huge lungs. Its a great everyday pipe or special occasion pipe. Comes w/ 2 different size bowls small, lrg. Screens, replacement gaskets, metal poker and all in a pelican case. But the hit from it is so awesome!!!!! The airstream you can see when you inhale that hit, soooo smooooth. My friends all want one. I need to order the Extension tube they have now 🙂 I love my Incredibowl!!!!!

  • best non glass pipe was one i made out of ice took me 3 days to freeze when i was in america,carved some nice indents into it i used some tin foil to keep the burn goin.

  • Kindashort

    My favorite pipe is my wood one. Comes apart so it’s easy to hide/clean and didn’t cost that much.

  • Locutuz

    My favorite non-glass pipe has to be my little wooden bowl. Its only about 2 1/2″ long ,very stealthy. Have had it probably 20 years.

  • HabeasCorpus

    I’d have to say that the best non-glass pipe that I’ve smoked out of is when I smoked out of one of those Bear-shaped Honey containers. My bong had broken (Not my trusty Hurricane, of course) and I sought out a creative way to continue using my leafy combustibles. I put a hole through the belly of the bear (After cleaning it out) and had my slide fit right into it. Smoked right out of the pointed top that came with the original bear. Worked out quite well.

  • Mackay Cadell

    My favorite piece by far is one of my friend’s made by Tommy Chong. It’s a plastic bubbler reservoir with a little piece of rubber tubing for a mouthpiece and a wooden bowlpiece. Mostly because Tommy Chong made it.

  • alfonse jerome

    in germany my dad bought a pipe that was like polished brass or some type of metal. thats my fav!

  • macing

    its called the vapor dragon… (dont ask). you light it at the mouth (like a dragon breathing fire). wooden, naturally

  • cara

    i went on a trip to some polish salt mines, and they sold these weird cups as soiveniers. did i mention that you can smoke out of them!!?!??!/1

    please let me with this edit… ive never won and i KNOW people who have won

  • dunkin

    hey editttttt…

    you know judge’s gavels that they bang in court? i saw one converted into a pipe once! or maybe it wasnt real… anyway it was siiick

  • woody

    i found a bottle that (legit) was shaped like a praying alien. i HAD to covert it into a pipe. it works ok too!

  • matty ice t

    i got a good wooden pipe from jamaca. i named it dr. gustavo wonderful, and thats my favorite non-glass pipe….

    come to think of it its my favorite of any pipe… but i dont know that many pipes i guess.


    maybe i can get to know this pipe if i win 😉

  • Justin

    Hands down, Protopipe. Indestructible, easy to clean, closing bowl and stash compartment. Best piece for on the go

  • ryan

    “the rip stick” best non-metal pipe would have to go to this pipe i made out of pvc tubing it must of been at least a meter long. with a drilled little hole for the bowl and used a socket wrench nut with a aluminum screen that was secured in the hole. the thing ripped let me tell you the unsuspecting smoker new to the “rip stick”always ended his/her turn coughing up a storm. my friends and I used that thing for about three months and then it was gone, stolen at this crazy party.

  • birdo

    ive made a butt load of ghetto bongs but the best getto bong i ever made was made with a smart water bottle (biggest one they have). i used a downstem made out of a hollowed out highliter w/a tin foil bowl on it. put a choke on it and it riped like a champ. called it the GRoor (ghetto roor). but after about a week i got 30 bucks and went out and bought a diffused downstem w/glass bowl and function just as nicely

  • Adam Fletcher

    In high school i would always smoke out of my dads trumpet mouth piece. Worked pretty good in the car driving down the road. had the wrong email address on the last one! didnt want that to hinder my chance to miss out on this sweet giveaway!! EDIT never seems to amaze me.

  • the best one i ever had was a triple filtered water bong i made out of 3 v8 splash bottles and some tubing from a gas siphoning pump. smoothest hit ever. i miss that piece to this day.

  • chino420

    the best non-glass peice i have ever smoked ut of is called the smack daddy it is a piece of wood that was carved to look like a bong but hits with no water. it bowl can fit at least a dub if not more and hit u like a train

  • heath

    For me it’s the Incredibowl i420, although I don’t personally own one, I just tried a friends and it was pretty awesome all in all.

  • Wes Savage

    The Bukket – if it’s not gonna be glass, I like for it to be something of a novelty piece, which the bukket is. Pull this little accordion out and you’re friends will be speechless over the form factor.

  • Patrick M

    I had a knock off six-shooter that was alright, but I really love my vapor genie and my protopipe. They both make for great portable pieces. The Vaporgenie because of the vaporization factor and the protopipe because it is so self contained and portable.

  • Brian

    I always love hitting my buddy’s gas mask, it has a bent acrylic steamroller and that thing hits like a sledgehammer. My favorite non-glass though would have to be the big metal bong I made in my welding class.

  • Brendan

    Once upon a time I had a 4ft acrylic Headway bong. It didn’t seem to matter what grade of smoke I was rocking, it always did it’s job very very well. I truly loved that pipe. I always had it in a guitar case (gig bag) so it was known to travel. Dozens of friends that had bongs, loved going big when that pipe was around. The pipe was a good time in a guitar case. One night it was sadly traded for a half ounce of some really good purple haze. It was a good trade, the pipe and case were cheap, it was healthy to get rid of the 4fter, I got killer smoke, etc. But I still miss it.

  • darghs

    my favorite non-glass,was a piece of lab equipment bought inan auction just cos i like that stuff but after a few hours of ownership curiosity got me and it was soooo sweet i smoked many substances in that thing and it always gave the best of results whatever was in it. but after a couple of years and a drought it was mortaly wounded trying to scape its inerds out. and then dismantling it cos i was sure there was a bit in the bottom there wasnt and it never worked again so hell yeah im up for trying out this beuty and it looks easir to clean!! send it my way, that badboy, MODEL 419 !

  • Orangeamc13

    I have a ceramic steam roller type pipe that hits beautifully. It’s black with raised white lettering that says “Don’t Fuck With Me” on the top side and “Or My Pipe” on the bottom.

  • James JD Robinson

    Silver BudBomb! Stylish & Powerful; but on that note it is afterall the only non-glass pipe i own and have ever used, so no contest really if you think about it!

  • YO! The best non-glass pipe ive ever smoked out of was.. how do i explain this..? OK.. Me and a friend didnt have a pipe to smoke… and no papers. So, I have a metal bed post, which we drilled a hole in the top of.. and another hole towards the middle and one in the side near the top. We put tin foil around the top to create a bowl. We then.. YES.. Smoked out of my bedpost.. It seems stupid.. but it was like a giant bong… without the water.

  • ettanportion

    I have a wooden pipe from the 1950’s, the model look like Peter Tosh’s pipe on the cover of Legalize It, but without the rasta color. And it has a screw off bottom.

  • Dimitri

    Forget about it, i love smoking out of my old school grandpa-style tobacco pipe…

    The smoking is just perfect, the bowl warms your hands ( which is useful when you live in Canada ) and, if its packed the right way, you may not even have to whip out your lighter more than once ( or big ass wooden matches if you feel real old school )during the whole toking session.

    I’ve earned the nick name “Vagabond” from my jamaican buddies at the factory because of this.. and they all love the pipe!

  • Crystal

    ok my favorite non-glass is my 1st pipe i ever had its was a homemake pipe and u know the cigarettes snuffer u get to put Ur cigs out well i have a purple dragon one and i always wanted my own puff magic dragon so i asked my uncle if he was help me make one will he said no i was so sad and i was like 16 …well on my 18 b day he make me a pipe with my purple dragon and gave it 2 me for my present i was so happy i still have it just dont use it any more …

  • sambo

    the new incredibowl looks like an awesome piece of kit,but for me-and most people i smoke it with,the solopipe with built in electronic lighter has got to be one of the most innovative pipes released for some time…no more searching for a flame or friend with one.awesome.cheers

  • Zack

    The best non-glass piece I’ve ever hit was my father’s coconut bong from the 70’s! It had three holes drilled in it and two slim bamboo pieces were put into it, one for a mouthpiece and the other cut just above a knuckle to make a nice natural bowl, the third hole was a carb. The inside of the coconut was sealed with wax to be waterproof and a wet hankerchief was used to make the mouthpiece and bowl airtight. This is by far mine and my friend’s non-glass smoking piece.

  • Joseph rey

    Best non glass pipe was one I made out of a bell pepper at subway it was surprisingly delicious tasting but my friend burned off his eyelashes trying to hit it funniest shit ever he was holding it backwards.

  • Corey

    after breaking one of my favorite glass bowls i decided my next bowl needed to be metal. I had a very active “social” schedule at the time and I needed a bowl that i could carry anywhere and everywhere without worrying about it breaking. my little metal bowl may only have three parts that screw together – but sometimes you got to keep it simple. in conclusion i love my metal bowls cause you can clean them easy and take them anywhere and you never have to worry about them breaking…Peace and Love

  • julian

    the most impressive pipe that i ever smoked was a sort of Frankenstein wood pipe which was made of four diferent pieces: the first is from a old broken pipe the second is made of acrillic, the third made of bamboo , the last is made of another wood, it’s a kind of “funil”. the role thing looks like a indigenous ceromony pipe

  • Mike

    My fav. non-glass piece belongs to a friends of mine. It is a pipe that is made out of volcanic lava rock, and the bowl is coated in gold (the actual element!). I thought he paid a little much, but it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind conversation starter!

  • Moonstar

    Best nonglass piece I have smoked out of is definitely the steamroller I made a while back. Thing hits like a charm. It was just a straight 2″ piece of thick acryllic about 14″ long with a water pipe slide stuck into it. Makes me want to smack that thing right now haha

  • Brother J

    I saw an african tribal pipe on display at a museum once, it looked BADass. i think it was refined wood, and thats my favorite non-glass pipe, thanks edit

  • Jake 010gy Bentz

    I have a metal bowl called the Reanimator. It is metal with red polished wood on it and is small enough to be a keychain. it doesnt work too well but its the only one ive smoked (i think)

  • lonely shepard

    ive seen impressive soapstone/acrylic/wood pipes before but the funnest one ive smoked is a shell pipe. (im pretty sure it was a shell)

  • B&J

    Gotta say my fav non glass piece was this thing me and my friend made a while back, basically just took mad 2 liter bottles, i think 7 or 8 and made like a 5 foot bong. didn’t really rip that well alot but if u got a good hit, it did some damage.

  • BFrank

    Got to say the best none glass piece i evah smoked was this blunt bowl piece. FUCKING Ill, could pack soooo much bud in it. scooby snacks were a bit of a problem though

  • Krafts

    You guys wont believe this and i wish i could post a picture but the best non-glass piece i ever had was this piece i made ENTIRELY out of uncooked macaroni. didn’t really rip that hardbut it was soooo ill. u it had three entirely mac and cheese hoses from the bowl.

  • JesustheChrist

    The best non-glass pipe that i have ever smoked out of is one that i have made myself. i made it out of one of those limited edition Mtn Dew bottles that were made of a sturdy aluminum. drilled a hole,located a stem(moms paraphernalia stash), had trouble trying to seal it though,i ended up using gum,which works great. The Bong hits practically like air,i don’t know if it the shape that causes it to work so well,or not but i don’t care honestly,as long as it works. and boy does it work. My friend came over Monday(the 26th),and he had never used my bong b4 and he only had 1 1/2 bowls and he was higher than he had ever been in his life.The bowl size is standard in case you wondered. Only thing i don’t like about bongs is that they are difficult to transport due to the water,im working on it though,and i think im onto something grand,interested yet?

    The other best non-glass i seen in action was a proto-pipe,nicknamed “peter-pan” but there were to many people and it got too hot,so i supplied a glass artistic one,needless to say,people wanted it,as they are awesome. But it is gone now……it is sad. so i am interested in this one. Looks like a soon-to-be celebrity pipe that everyone will love.

  • Greg

    I was bought a 4ft Killer last Xmas, we named it Mr Kipling as he’s exceedingly good 😛 .. Bit of a mish to rip on your own tho; having to use ya big toe to plug the hit hole n a f*ckin long candle to light the cap.

  • Edward

    Aside from a stone bowl, I made a tripple perc smartwaterbottle bong with plastic epoxy and it was super legit…til the glue started smelling funky as hell.

  • JD

    My fave non-glass pipe was a homemade multi chamber bong I made myself around 20 years ago.
    I like to think it was the first example of a multi chamber bong ever created although it probably wasn’t 🙂

    It was made from a 1 litre plastic bottle and had 4 chambers round the sides connected via rubber hoses, the chambers were made from drinks bottles that hadn’t been blown up into bottle shapes yet (kinda looked like little plastic test tubes with screw on lids) and the bowl was made from some chrome pipe parts donated by a plumber friend of mine with telescopic car aerial sections for the downtube and mouthpiece.

    When I showed it to some friends they thought I had lost the plot but as soon as they tried it they soon changed their minds as it gave a really smooth smoke without a hint of harshness, everyone said it was almost like sucking in fresh air cos initially they thought they hadn’t managed to get a decent hit and only realised they had when they blew out a massive cloud of smoke and collapsed back into the couch in a fit of giggles.

    Happy happy days 😀

  • arthur

    The first time I ever smoked was out of a ceramic pipe that my friend made in art class. That pipe, even though home-made and mediocre to say the best, opened up doors for the rest of my life.

  • russ

    I always like smoking my tubac with no water its always been bongs with no water for me lol cough cough, cant wait to try out this pipe somepoint in the future looks the dogs…

  • Dansterdam

    The best non-glass pipe i have had was the first time i smoked a pipe on a camping holiday, chilling out to the sunset on a hill with my mates, a wooden hand made pipe made by a blacksmith, it was MASSIVE, the tokes were killers and i had the funkiest high… if you have ever seen ‘The Yellow Submarine’ i was tripping like that.

  • Fabrizio Celi

    The best was a mexican chillum that a bought somewhere jajaja it only last a few months but it was th best

  • Rafael Santin

    a really cool pipe with a body made from a pen wich was burned in order to give it the shape of a snake. On the top it had a metal square with no inside wich helped to put weed on it with aluminium there that worked as a filter. great day

  • dazhhhhh

    THESE give aways are lasting way to long.
    TRUE EDIT customers would have posted comment
    last week ,u said u would be doin more give aways this year not lasting
    twice as long wots the crack?
    YOUR regular custemers dont stand a chance of winning anything due to
    people who only use EDIT 2yrs ago example from last give away.

    EDIT ANSWER: Good idea. Maybe we can do one for everyone who has placed an order this year, or something similar.

  • architect

    my mate brought me back a metal pipe from turkey.
    it’s a little bloke, his head is the bowl and the stem is a massive phallus.
    need I say more?

  • Dendo

    I call myselve a clasic… It was realy long and sunny day on our hill with a can of beer. I was just siting down but suddenly i saw a beautiful peace of wood i just picked it up and with knife and about 4 hours i made from wood one simple pipe. It is the best thing to have in a pocket because its natural(everyone loves nature 🙂 ) and its mine and nobody got same pipe as me. Only bad think is there is no cooling system so the smoke is little bit warm but not so warm as in metal pipes…

  • Dr.Doo

    Best non-glass pipe for me over the years has been the Palm Leaf pipe. It’s a cool piece of kit and served me well for a long time until some scroat stole it.

  • Blkmmba

    man 16 days and this giveaways still going. my guess is the pipe fell in the volcano. just answer me this Edit… will the giveaway end this month?? haha but really Edit is something wrong???

  • Dc03

    I agree with Blkmmba.

    The giveaways these times stay open for too much time.

    Close this one, there is no new comment (1-2 a day).

    And make another one =)

  • hazie JUT

    my fav non glass pipe will probs have to be the the carved ebony chillum from grasscity has such an ammazing tokage =) u should have a go on one XD they are completly when used thru a robi botty

  • Jac

    The only pipe ive ever smoked out of was this pipe one of my buddys found, it looked abit grimy so we cleaned it up and such, it was like a golden color looked like it was made from copper or something, i dont really remember much of the night due to the effects of the pipe and the hotbox we had going on in my kitchen (Y)

  • Pandy

    I got a bulldog crappy $2 bolt pipe from the coffeeshop. But after a little experimenting and a visit to the homebrew shop I turned it into one of those expensive fit any bottle neck downpipe things they sell nowadays (forgot the name). I felt like Einstein 😉

  • Dc03

    “dazhhhhh says:
    May 1, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    THESE give aways are lasting way to long.
    TRUE EDIT customers would have posted comment
    last week ,u said u would be doin more give aways this year not lasting
    twice as long wots the crack?
    YOUR regular custemers dont stand a chance of winning anything due to
    people who only use EDIT 2yrs ago example from last give away.”

    EDIT ANSWER: Some technical issues, dude, and I know this one has dragged on longer than it should have. You’re absolutely right, so watch this space for imminent improvement. Also, I will be giving out random prizes to some runners-up too, to spread the love a bit. All our giveaways are 100% genuine, no fixing or favouritism, that’s the point of them, so they do take some time to sort out – time which isn’t always in abundance. When time is at a premium or we are have members of the team away on personal adventures (as has been the case with myself recently), these giveaways are of a understandably lesser priority than getting the day and week’s orders out of the door as quickly as possible, as is our promise and primary objective.

  • TheEditor

    Some technical issues, dude, and I know this one has dragged on longer than it should have. You’re absolutely right, so watch this space for imminent improvement. Also, I will be giving out random prizes to some runners-up too, to spread the love a bit. All our giveaways are 100% genuine, no fixing or favouritism, that’s the point of them, so they do take some time to sort out – time which isn’t always in abundance. When time is at a premium or we are have members of the team away on personal adventures (as has been the case with myself recently), these giveaways are of a understandably lesser priority than getting the day and week’s orders out of the door as quickly as possible, as is our promise and primary objective.

  • dj

    Best pipe was Granpapa (the GREAT gran): he was a German artisan, came over in WWI. Made the pipe himself, all light birdseye. Fitted it with numerous stems, a few of which were still unused when the pipe fell to me!

    He had deft hands, and I only recall him using a single (wooden) match for a pipe to last an hour!

  • TheEditor

    Thanks everyone. Myself and a few others are reading through the posts and determining the winner by our hearts.

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