Personal vaporizers have taken the world by storm. In a cloud of vapor haze, the way people are inhaling medicated or recreational herbal blends and concentrates by vape pen is changing drastically. The industry of vapes and vaporizers has changed so dramatically in the past few year, let’s take a look at how different things will be next year.

Employing celebrities as spokesman has been a common practice for any company, but the vape pen industry is turning this collaboration act on its side. Artists and bands are taking huge roles in designing and promoting their own lines of vape pens and accessories. The usual suspects like Snoop Dog will surely have more designated Dawg Pound merch, similar to the G Pen for dried material and the temporary use Grenco Science slim vape by Snoop. And look at band 311 coming original with a vape pen from Grassroots called The Uplifter. This pure C02 compatible pen was created by front man Nick Hexum, who absolutely swears by it.

Let’s all be honest here: Size actually does matter, especially when you are concerned about portability or being stealth. Certain vape pens already look very much like smartphones or devices, but we foresee personal vaporizers becoming even smaller in size, yet more powerful in vaping abilities.


Dual and even triple threat systems are making a huge impression on the vape crowd. What could be more perfect than one unit that can vape dried blends, waxes, and concentrate oils all with the switch of an atomizer or tank? The duality of the dry herb and wax vaping Prima Portable Vaporizer takes you from that sweet flower to serious concentrate waxes in no time flat. A current heavy weight 3 in 1 champion is the 500 Class Dry Liquid Extract Quickdraw. This mighty little machine stays cool and hits the stylish spot too with a variety of color options.

Cleaner vaping methods and substances are also going to see new stones turned in the year 2017. Legalization has made more streamlined testing and business possible. This is just the beginning of the green rush and the vape pen industry is the co-pilot.

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