Grinders are the special little tool that keeps on giving. You could be at a party, having a mellow hang, right before bedtime, or even right when you wake and bake. An herbal grinder will always be there for you and cut or shred your product to a perfect grain quality.

If you are a fan of vaping dry herb, you understand the importance of having a finely ground consistency. When you have maximum area of air flow through the herbal mixture, the better and more evenly it will combust in the atomizing tank for you. Grinding your product can wholly affect the taste and smell of your dried herbal mix. If you use an herbal grinder, the likelihood that you can retain the delicate pungency and quality of your weed is high. Get it? High?

If saving money is one of your favorite things to do, you better get yourself a grinder post haste. Waste not want not after all. The ability to separate and then grind down your herb can save you three to six go arounds versus just tossing random nugs into your waiting bowl. Storage can also be a factor when traveling or even living discreetly with herb. Herbal grinders are the perfect place to keep a small bit of your stash, as they usually have space or multiple compartments that are excellent hidey holes for your freshly ground good good.

Are you totally lost on which grinder to choose? Here is a mini guide to some of our faves!


4-Piece Herb Grinder Sifter 78mm by Phoenician Engineering

This radical grinder can make all of your sifting and sorting dreams come true. These tools are constructed with aerospace grade 6061 aluminum in gorgeous Phoenix Arizona. Boasting a quick notch locking system you will never annoyingly lose another shred of herb again.


2.5 Inch Four Piece Grinder Sifter by Kannastör

Look no further for a portable but mighty grinder that can process quite a lot of your herb at a time. Large and in charge, reviews place this at the top of the larger grinder game. A mesh sifter and durable aluminum construction make this gem a dream.


Large 4pc Shredder Grinder by Roor X Shredder

Roor from Germany and Santa Cruz Shredders has teamed up to bring you this absolutely fabulous grinder. This cool piece comes in an array of colors and contains specialized teeth that will shred your herb perfectly.

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