wildrok_bongsWildrok vs Molino Glass bongs
Ladies and Gents, backed by popular demand we are restocked with the new range of Wildrok and Molino bongs.

These water bongs are nothing shy of TOP quality, as I am sure you can see. These unique water-pipes come in an array of obscure designs and variation carrying traits from tree percs to bent neck-lines!
Not only beauties to behold, these bong’s are durable and come in a range of high quality 5mm and 7mm thick glass.

We here at EDIT have our personal favourites but we are curious to see which the EDIT Faithful prefer! Let us know?

The new stock is fresh in and looks like they will be on their way out just as quickly, so come and get em! πŸ˜‰



  • Theo

    Molino = Chinese made and not great quality.

    Wildrok = An American blower who knows what he’s doing and is great at what he does.

  • carl

    The molino glass you have recently got in edit is sickkk, very good priced and im sure to be getting 1 for my xmas shop maybe after xmas never seena molino bong so looking forwards to trying her out πŸ˜€

  • Heneken

    I love Molinos older bongs, pipes and bubblers
    The new ones.. not so much :/

    Wildrok looks lovely but my wallet is to small for them

  • Erol

    the wildroks for sure are better quality and just plain better. but as denial said, bit pricey. still… nice πŸ˜€

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