WildRok Bongs – Coming Soon


WildRok Bongs – Coming Soon

EDIT is going all out this Summer to bring you some of the finest glass bongs around… The next addition to our USA bong range, you will be very pleased
to know, is the WildRok productions collection. These bongs are blown by a guy all the way from Texas, and what makes his work special is that you can
see his passion in the pure quality glass he produces. The pieces we received today almost took our breath away. Here’s a little information about the
WildRok range we have just received…

The bongs come in a choice of beaker bottoms, straight tubes or even bent neck which ever you prefer?
The selection features designs with and without 6 arm tree percolators, and some designs also come complete with carb holes.
Every bong comes complete with a top of the range 4 slit angled diffy and bowl with handle
Each bong design is etched with the WildRok logo; a guarantee that your piece is the real deal

At EDIT we are delighted with our purchases purely because each bong features high specification glass that has been blown to a perfection and what’s more
is that the joints are amongst the best we have seen, even compared to some other good quality rivals. Although all the pieces are spectacular our favourite has
to be the inline percolator – a funky yet neat looking bong with a stopper too.

Not only did we receive some of the best quality bongs we have ever seen made, WildRok gave us an additional surprise by sending through something’s we have
never stocked before – a diffy cleaning bottle with stopper and an oil burner as well as some pokers and ash catchers too.

A BIG thanks goes out to WildRok for making our bong collection the finest out there! Our WildRok range will be available VERY soon….


15 thoughts on “WildRok Bongs – Coming Soon”

  1. Are you able to do orders for people in the US without having to re-ship the glass over here? Can you get them to be sent directly from Wildrok so we don’t need to pay 2x over extravagant shipping(I know it’s not your fault)?

  2. When you say “oil rig” I assume this is a glass nail/dome set?? I only see a 90 degree one in the pic? do they have a 45 degree one too or some kinda of adaptor to make them fit tubes with an angled downstem??? I have been trying to source one of these in UK for quite some time!!!

    Theo: I have the exact opposite problem… $60 to ship a $30 concentrate slide from USA to UK!!! extortion!!!

  3. YES EDIT! nice one son. WildRok is a well respected blower, put’s out quality work. I’ll be picking up one of the WildRok Mini beakers, so sick 🙂

  4. Yea i seriously respect this, only a matter of time until you get his sick worked pieces in stock.

    Seriously, dont be charging extortionate prices tho.

  5. @roorless whore these ain’t China pieces. I doubt they will be that cheap. The straights and mini’s maybe but the perced tubes will be more for sure.

  6. Is there any estimate on when these will be for sale on the site?..
    I have a lot of money to spend on a nice bong but if these aren’t coming soonish then I need to settle for something else!
    Email me if you can give me an ETA!

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