The Wickie Pipe Lighter is a innovative handheld smoking pipe with a built-in lighting mechanism.

Wickie - Pipe Lighter

The pipe part of this Wickie pipe extends out and the bowl flips down next to the flame nozzle, which is the main difference between this and other similar self-lighting pipes. Having the pipe itself flip-out instead of the lighter part makes it much more reliable and long-lasting.


The bowl of the Wickie pipe features a slide-away protective cover, while the whole piece fits easily into even the slenderest of pockets. If pockets aren’t your thing, then it also comes with a fantastic storage case that includes cleaning implements.


  • Vivian

    A friend of mine who is missing her left arm actually bought this pipe because she cannot light a traditional pipe without assistance. The button you press to light your bowl is so easy, it never takes more than one try like a regular lighter. I would HIGHLY suggest this pipe to anyone!

  • michael

    I recently bout one of your pipes and it worked for about two weeks–then quit. I seem to be getting spark but cannot get it to light. I have made sure the fuel is filled up. Any thoughts? I really like the pipe otherwise. mw

  • Ron

    i two recently bought a Wickie pipe lighter & also can’t get it to light,theres plenty of fuel,but still no light..Is there a flint inside ?

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