Imagine life without an Ashcatcher

You take a nice slow drag from your best bong and close your eyes, waiting for that sweetness to curl into your lungs. The wait is over. It’s been a long day and you need your medicine. Then certain tragedy strikes. Ash from your bowl has snuck into the pipe! Your puff tastes of charred cinder and pipe dreams of a relaxed, unfettered evening are shot. You rinse your mouth, heave a sigh, and get to the task of cleaning ashy residue from your piece.

Ash catchers or pre-coolers are accessories that you can attach to your water pipe and use as a secondary filtration system. One of the advantages of utilizing such a tool is keeping your prized bong fresh and clean. Think of what a chore it becomes to clean your thoroughly loved glassware. Consider your ashcatcher a mini maid that catches mess before it soils your bong. A clean bong equals a cleaner hit – no more gunk.

A pre-cooler will also catch any stray nastiness that could get pulled through during your drags. In addition, the cloud hitting your lungs will be cooled down. These special helpers act as a complete purifier and air conditioner for your lungs. Attach a corresponding pre-cooler to your pipe for drag results that hit you like a smooth pad of butter. The character of your smoke and the quality of your pull will be enhanced. Who doesn’t love a smoother rip?

We here at have more than a few choices up for offer in our dedicated ashcatcher and pre-cooler section

Three cheers to cleaner smoking!

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