Ziggi Jackson and friends from Weed Star Glass have this interesting glass-blowing video to share with us all, and it’s a interesting over-the-shoulder (literally) view of how some of the work on glass pipes and bongs is undertaken.

You get to see Ziggi Jackson himself in action, intricate work being carried out on pipes and a percolated bong having its percolator joined. All very fascinating.


Ziggi Jackson & Friends show us how to blow…

·             5mm Weed Star Bong Range

·             7mm Weed Star Bong Range

·             3mm / 4mm Weed Star Bong Range

·             Weed Star Bongs – Percolated Bong Range

·             Weed Star Pre-Coolers & Ashcatchers

·             Weed Star Glass Parts & Accessories


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