Weed Star Stemless Inline Glass Bongs – Red Line Series

The all new Weed Star series has arrived here at EDiT HQ and is already provingt to be a smash hit with everyone! The latest additions to the range feature some really cool and unique Drum Percs fitted inline to get maximum surface area of smoke through the water.

WeedStar Barrel Bong

WeedStar Barrel Stemless Inline Bong

This piece really does remind me of some of the Micro Toro’s that we had in earlier last year, with the change of different diameter glass tubing. The mouthpiece is a relatively small 34mm but it is sat above a barrel nearly twice its size, and gases as we know lose heat as they expand, so the physics on this piece is brilliant. The inline has three drum percs, with the whole piece being fed through a stemless system utilizing an 18.8mm jointed bowl. The really vibrant Red Lines logo by Weed Star sets the piece off and for only £56.95 it really does represent superb value for money. Read all about its amazing specification here.

WeedStar 24-7 Bong – One for everyday use.

WeedStar Twentyfour Seven Stemless Perc Bong

This bong has been made to last with a superb 5mm glass thickness, this will rapidly become your everyday bong! The stemless piece again benefits form an 18.8 jointed glass bowl, running into a 2 drum perc on the inline section, but then in aa typical Ziggy Jackson twist this then rises into a clutch of Showerhead Percs that are set below the Ice Notches on this piece. It is really a well crafted glass bong and it is sure to sell out very quickly at an amazing £64.95 price point. Don’t miss out, buy online now

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