This latest addition from Weed Star is a piece of art in itself, the ‘Smellchecker‘ features not just a single 6 slit internal diffuser but also a built in glass extension which not only acts as a pre-cooler but also optimizes the dispersion rate and surface area which the smoke is exposed to, meaning the smoke is cooled and filtered twice before reaching the tube.

As if that wasn’t enough the 46cm cylindrical tube is characterised by 3 ‘cool’ ice notches (excuse the pun!), a sandblasted ‘WS‘ logo and a funky worked base, making it a stunning piece to look at as well as use.
Build quality is of the utmost boasting 5mm thick glass, and a user friendly tube width of 65mm.
The product comes complete with ‘Weed Star‘ logo diffuser and bowl, making it a welcome addition to any glass collection!


  • Ian Chambers

    I’d be tempted to buy one of these even though WS have a pretty bad reputation… and the recent stock issues only add to my frustration… I think I’ll save my £££ for a Toro Micro!!!

  • Theo

    Looks like the actual diffuser isn’t going to do any diffusion, only the stemline will. I hate how WS comes out with these sub-par/shitty products and tries to make them sounds like they’re amazing. Just say what they are, I have no problem with people buying a cheap piece of glass for a cheap price, but don’t try to make it sound great.

  • Carter

    Whoa theo. Ive owned multiple weedstar products. I have not owned one of their bongs but numerous slides, diffusers and reducers. They make a decent product for a good price. If you want the quality, well you get what you pay for. In no way are their pipes bad. They may not perform up to the spec of what a RooR or Ehle would but this is no way makes them a bad pipe. Just more affordable than the others.

  • Aaron

    Totally agree with you Theo they make there bongs seem amazing plus they give them retarded names. Also they steal all there ideas from other glass blowers which is mainly why i wouldnt buy any of there bongs. And Carter you only bought slides and diffusers from them which are much easier to make im sure then other things they sell. They have sloppy work ive only see 2 things of theres and they were both A/C and they worked of course but they werent much to look at sloppy welds ect.
    I understand if ur on a budget but that doesnt mean u cant get a quality piece.

  • Ambush

    Sigh. Getting bored with all the same comments time after time on Weedstar products. No one gives a fuck. If you don’t like the pieces, no one is making you buy them.
    If you want to flame weedstar, go email them.

  • Trey

    I will e-mail ziggi… I’m just saying the diffuser.. is pretty much connected to the inline.. it doesnt even need to be there… if the bowl had its own chamber it would get double diffusion.. open your eyes! p.s. I dont give a shit about quality but it was ato functio0n properly!

  • Theo

    I wasn’t really bashing WeedStar that much as a company (even though I should) but, as Trey said, the function of it is just flawed. The downstem won’t be used as diffusion at all. If somebody can show me a video of it working properly I’ll stand corrected.

  • holistic616

    try watching smellchecker channel on u tube you will see where ziggy got the name for this pipe he and smell are old friends from the toke city days

  • Zoads

    These units are listed for $88 on a web site in Amsterdam. I guess i will wait to see how much the cost here at EDIT and then make up my mind. The shipping is alot faster here and the packing is better. I don’t think i have ever gotten a broken piece from EDIT. Hoo Ra

  • Ian Chambers

    Why dont you have this listed on the website yet when one of your competitors not only have it listed on their site but they also have stock available…

    Does not say a lot for EDITS buying/marketing departments!!!


  • Nick

    All these new products haven’t even been added yet, might as well just promote them once you have them in STOCK. No replies to questions asked, bring back the old days of EDIT with the forum when things used to get done any time

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