Weed Star Messias Illusion Bitch Bongs

Weed Star Bongs

These beauties from the WS Series from Weed Star Bongs are beaker-bottomed with a solid ‘tank’ joint, featuring bubbles decorating the cylinder beneath the mouthpiece, which is also decorated with a coloured rim of elegantly twisting white lines.

The Bitch selection have carb-holes included, though the pieces are also three-piece and come with a separate slide-bowl, which will be coloured and decorated to accentuate the Bitch’s custom qualities.

Weed Star Bongs are closing the gap all the time on their more illustrious rivals. This WS Bitch line has narrowed it closer than it ever has been before. Stunningly individual pieces of functional glass art.

Weed Star Glass Bongs - Baby Bitch, Little Bitch & Ghetto Bitch

WS Series Messias Illusion – Baby Bitch

WS Series Messias Illusion – Little Bitch

WS Series Messias Illusion – Ghetto Bitch

11 thoughts on “Weed Star Messias Illusion Bitch Bongs”

  1. Oh a tidbit of info for EDIT Admin. I just checked these out at the Weed Star section of your web page and noticed there isn’t any info on the joint size 14.5? 18.8 ? 29.2? im guessing 18.8. Im still waiting for the new bowls and the 29.2 fourarm diff precooler to arrive. Need someting for my Bazooka 29.2.

  2. Im going to check out those fourarm diff at the weed star web site. Just got an e-mail from them that says they now take credit cards.

  3. Got my Baby Bit-h today. Nice little table pipe,loose the carb and replace it with an ice catcher . Interesting thought- use a 14.5 joint as the carb hole and make custom glass plugs (dice,skulls,bugs, etc..) for those who would rather not use the carb. Maybe the plug could even protrude through also and act as an ice catcher.

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