Weed Star Bongs are really raising the bar with their 5mm WS Series, with new high quality percolated pipes high on the agenda. This Weed Star ‘Mad Professor is a reworking of one of the most popular percolated bongs that has ever been mass produced.

The percolator in the centre of this Weed Star bong is removable for easy cleaning and the piece also comes with a joint-size  reducing diffuser – the bong itself having an 18.8 joint, which the diffuser fits but then reduces to take a 14.5 bowl (for the uninitiated).

Replacement percolator part for the WS Series 5mm Removable Perc Bong – ‘Mad Professor’ is also available to buy separately.

Weed Star Mad Professor Bong

Weed Star Mad Professor Replacement Perc Part


  • Nick

    Do you have any plans to stock some of the WS ELEVATOR-1 & ELEVATOR-2
    bongs which are available from the WS website?

  • Admin1

    I don’t believe they are making any more of those, though I may be wrong. The Elevators were one of their first forays into the realm of percs, thus they had some teething problems, hence why there is a 1 and then a 2 model.

    We speak to Ziggi Jackson quite regularly though so I will check with the man himself.

  • blkmmba

    yeah these have been out for a while now. Hopefully you guys get them in soon. BTW Anybody know when the boost bong giveaway winner will be announced???

  • Admin1

    The Boost Bong giveaway is on schedule to close tomorrow morning morning (Friday 7th August) and the winner announced later in the afternoon.

  • Jay boy

    you guys need to catch up on your weed star gear their putting out some good stuff right now and you guys got none fallin off edit theres a bunch of new perc tubes and some good inlines diffusers also but its hard to order from their site so please guys get the new range weed star gear

  • high

    So I’m still not quite sure, does this have a 18.8 joint all around or 14.5, because my diffuser looks nothing like that and it seems like it is a 18.8 joint on the diffuser and not a 14.5, how do I tell the difference? This is really effecting my decision in buying a ash catcher for it….

  • Stowned

    Yeah I agree with High there I need to know if the bong has a 14.5 joint for the bowl or a 18.8 all around… I have all these accessories for a 14.5 bong so… yeah.

  • Dwade

    I just ordered this bong late thursday night , After i purchased i started reading after i bought it on shipping and says 7-10 days but I have also read some peoples comments saying 2 months. I would just really like to know that it will not be that long.

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