Weed Star Inline Precooler Giveaway – WINNER ANNOUNCED

The winner is…



Win the Weed Star Inline Precooler in the picture below by posting an order number old or new and let us know which pipe you are going to use it with.

This Inline has a white and black shield and the WS is white as well, so it’s a little bit unique compared to the ones we usually get here.

Weed Star Precooler

61 thoughts on “Weed Star Inline Precooler Giveaway – WINNER ANNOUNCED”

  1. oreder number: 1321259
    I’d use it with my plain bong, but i think I might you buy a new weedstar.

  2. Damn it, dont have a glas bong anymore, the people (me, myself and i) demands some nice glass bubblers for next giveaway!,
    Thanks anyway though..

  3. I’ll use this with my 5mm Weed Star Messias Illusion Ice I got from EDIT a while back.

    ref order no. 1217174

  4. Order# 1313442- I would likely use it on my ROOR Little Sista Mirage or the ROOR Black Icemaster assuming it is in 18.8. If it is a 14.5 I guess my only option would be my ROOR Pocket Friend.


  5. OMG I really hope I win this one, I’ve been wanting one of those pre-coolers since they came out, but don’t have money atm.

    Order Ref: 1324724

    Hope to be using it on my RooR Big Brother, fingers crossed! 😀

  6. 1323692

    if its 14.5mm I could use it with my 250ml Ehle, but if its 18.8mm I could use it on one of my friends bongs

  7. 1230610 old but goldy
    considering i won the ws connector piece id use in the weedstar other wise i have 6 other tubes to use it in from roor to illadelph to a blue dot stem line and my luke wilson inline bong a inline for a inline bong helll yeah GET ON MY LEVEL

  8. 1245121

    i would use it in my roor zumo rasta lable mutha facko and i would but out my medicali from hiding woop woop!!!!!

  9. 1337829
    Id like to try it on my new WS Bazooka when it get’s here. Got one of those RooR reducing adaptor’s 29.2 to 18.8 on the way also.

  10. 1318175

    I would use it with my WS Ego Shooter ICE on the first day, WS Spiky ICE on the second day, and I would wonder on the 3rd day what I was missing before 🙂

  11. 1309625

    I’d use it with my RooR Rasta 500ml (18.8)

    either that or my ehle 100ml, which hopefully will soon arive (14.4)

  12. 1302808

    I’d use it on my Black leaf Golden dragon series bong and truely enter the dragon!…but I’d eventually have to buy a weed star bong to match from here one of these days!

  13. Order #: 954475

    I’d use it with my friend’s RooR (assuming it’s 18.8), or buy myself a new tube if I have the money.

  14. Order # 1263594
    I will stack it on my blue one on the ws messias double perc.
    or use it on some other 18.8 bong i have laying around.

  15. 1047404 is my order number
    and i’d use it with the roor powered by howard i’m picking up this weekend.

  16. 1219690

    if its 14.5 i would use it on my blackleaf sweet ninja i got from EDIT

    and if its 18.8 id use it on my 5mm straight tube i got locally

  17. cheers nick and thanks so very much Edit.

    1 of those tubes nick is
    Ehle Glass Custom Bong 5mm – Melting Snowman

  18. I thought they were PURE myself, will be nice to see more perc bongs on EDIT. They use chinese made percs but if they are around the same price as WS thats fine

  19. Kudo’s Phil these baby’s rock- got one for my Messia illusion color double perc 7MM.I bumped that fany hooded piece and broke it off. nuthin a little super glue couldn’t fix lol

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