Weed Star Glass Inline Precoolers

The New Generation Weed Star Inline Precoolers with bigger holes (on request!) from the WS Styleline.


Every Weed Star Inline Pre-Cooler piece is unique, as the colours and designs may vary slightly from the one in the photo. Inline means that the pre-cooler includes a built in Percolator to diffuse the smoke.


The Percolated smoke comes through absolutely soft and supple because of the eight large holes in the inner-percolator. Three cheers for Ziggi Jackson!


Weed Star Inline Precooler Blue

Weed Star Inline Precooler Green

Weed Star Inline Precooler

Weed Star Inline Precooler


Full Range of Weed Star Pre-Coolers & Ashcatchers:

·          Weed Star Pre-Cooler – Newton 1

·          Weed Star Pre-Cooler – Newton 2

·          Weed Star Coloured Pre-Cooler – 18.8

·          Weed Star Coloured Inline Pre-Cooler 18.8

·           Weed Star – Coloured Pre-Cooler 14.5

·          Weed Star – Clear Inline Precooler 18.8

·          WS Inline Pre-Cooler – Green

·          WS Inline Pre-Cooler – Blue

·          WS Pre-Cooler – Double Chamber + Diffuser

·          WS Pre-Cooler – Illusion Bubbles


  • Ravs

    wow, they look awesome, iv heard ppl talkin about em in giveaways and stuff… i might have to put in a order wen ive got enuf cash

  • Admin1

    Yes, Nick, we will, if it’s the piece I’m thinking of. We have one here already but we’re just waiting on the photo to be done for it and it will added to the site as well.

  • jayjay

    got the black and red coloured piece and its fricken ace hittin. if u aint got an inline u dont know about functional glass.

  • Alex A

    I have had two…
    first one broke in transport,
    second one broke from being used!
    (The small pipe with the holes,
    inside the big pipe broke)
    WasPulling a hit and the pipe just broke.

    I’m glad to see that they are blowing holes instead
    of cutting the bloody glass, but the point I’m making;
    if they are the same price as the old ones, they are the same quality.
    I just saved up and bought a Ehle ash catcher.

    And if the glass blowers have the ability to make holes,
    then they should be doing that in all their bongs too.
    The glass cuts in my 5mm double perc is a main reason
    that the middle perc gets filthy!

    Alex –

  • Zoads

    I have a WS colored inline precooler ive been using on my Messisa Illusion colored double perc and it Rocks. I saw Ziggi Jackson on YouTUBE introducing the new line and i like the Bazooka but 29.2 WOW. Id like to try one of those 18.8 Connectors when they get in stock. So i will be watching for it.

  • Admin1

    The 14.5 WS Connectors are going to be active later this afternoon (within the next two or three hours).

    Unfortunately, we only have the one 18.8 Connector as that was all we recieved in the first shipment.

    Fortunately, whoever gets it isn’t going to have to pay for it as we will be giving the 18.8 Connector away in a competition to be posted up later this afternoon after the Custom Ehle giveaway has ended

  • Zoads

    Got mine yesterday- a Blue Inline pre cooler. Was on backorder for the last 3 weeks. And i see there out of stock again. This thing somes great like any other Weed Star product. I did notice when i was cleaning this beauty that there are hairline crack’s and tool marks at the elbow right where the internal diffuser starts. Not sure if this is going to be a problem or not. I realize these things are hand blown and very a little, but i also noticed that the internal diffuser is rather crooked/ drooping down. I know Weed Star can do better than this, because ive seen the quality of there past products.

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