The amazing Weed Star EPIC Percolated Precooler is an absolute beast featuring a 14-slit inline diffuser as well as a 6-arm percolator. The Weed Star Epic Pre-cooler takes an 18.8 bowl and fits an 18.8 bong, though be careful when attaching it as this beast of a piece will topple light-weight bongs.

The Weed Star Epic percolated pre-cooler is most suited to the WS Connector – a long mouthpiece with a female joint for attaching a pre-cooler or bowl – though with care it can be attached to most bongs, especially the heavier ones such as bongs with 7mm glass. Always, always be careful with a heavy attachment like this though.

Proudly emblazoned with both the WS Series and original Weed Star logos, the Weed Star Epic Pre-cooler is a magnificent addition to any glass set-up.



  • Comet

    This certainly fits its name it is EPIC. Having never used a pre cooler on any of my ROOR’s this does hold some interest for me, but I am curious, how would you ever clean the thing after use?


  • Ian Chambers

    I have been using the same method as Sam you YEARS and no doubt its cheaper and more effective than ANY commercial cleaner… you may struggle to find it under the name isopropyl alcohol as I did but it can be obtained from Boots under the name “Surgical Spirit”

    As for the “Epic precooler” I deffo want one of these for my Roor little sista but I wish weedstar would make their accessories in both 14.4 and 18.8 know you can get reducers but I think that defeats the whole purpose of having a larger joint size.

  • buddyhomey

    Syn rip off cost £200 pound from USA. Ziggy jackson, he make look funny with his afro wig and shade but he makes american blowers look like fools.

  • Zoads

    I purchased one of these a couple months ago from a web site in Amsterdam. It smokes like a dream, but cleaning it is a bit of a project.I use 420 glass& metal bong cleaner or salt and 91% alcohol work good.I bought RooR bong cleaner here and used it also (a little salt also).I use G spot rubber plugs and it cracked the pipe side fitting. Used a two part epoxy and repaired that. I stuck it in the back of the fridge and the bloody thang froze and broke the tree perc at the stem. I guess this unit wasn’t for me lol. Not sure if i will buy another one yet. It’s kind of a BEAST. Maybe if they made it a little smaller like an Epic Junior?

  • buddyhomey

    clean my shit with dishwasher tablets. no work involved. but nice to hear tht youve hit one bro.

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