Puncture-hole Diffusers from Weed Star Glass are fantastic value and great quality too. With the slit-hole diffusers hopefully consigned to history, Weed Star now provide a much less bank-manager-worrying diffuser in the familiar and most popular style of punctured holes.

Replace your standard downtube with a diffuser to disperse the smoke into thousands of bubbles as it passes through into the bong’s water chamber. This diffusing process provides an extra smooth hit.

You can use a diffuser on your bong or on your pre-cooler or both for a super smooth blast. The lengths are measured in centimetres from the top of the frosted joint (where the diffuser connects with the bong) to the very bottom of the sealed and punctured end.

Weed Star Diffusers

Full Diffuser Range:

  • Weed Star Diffuser – 18.8
  • Weed Star Diffuser – 14.5
  • EHLE Diffuser 18.8
  • EHLE Diffuser 14.5
  • G-Spot – Diffuser 18.8
  • G-Spot – Diffuser 14.5
  • Roor Diffuser 18.8
  • Roor Diffuser 14.5
  • Molino Glass – Diffuser/Reducer


  • Zoads

    Yeah about time they stocked these. Broke my original diffuser on my 7 mm Messiea illusion colored double perc Ice and have been using a Gspot diffuser. Now i can put it back to OEM lol

  • i have a favor to ask if any one gets this in time…
    i get paid 2morrow as in friday i get home in the evening u.s. time so i cant order till then
    i am asking you to hold one of these in each size 11.5,13,&14.5 for me to order when i get home if so much appreciated thank you a loyal edit custy
    also the connector is the fuckin shit!! weed star thanx

  • Zoads

    Hope they come out with 29.2 diffusers. my new Bazooka came with the slotted type and they tend to clog up faster than the new ones with the holes.

  • Zoads

    Just went to Weed Star’s web page Alvin and the shortist 18.8 is 11.5 cm=4.53 inches thats listed for HQ 18.8 hole puncture diffusers.These things most be hot, because their out of stock again.

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