Weed Star Glass produces some of the most popular glass bong accessories, especially pre-coolers. Innovative designs mixed with old school classics and less expensive alternatives to established pre-cooler styles, the Weed Star Ashcatcher & Precooler range is superior to most due to the sheer volume of options, not to mention the great prices.

There are inline precoolers to choose from, some with serious colour working, and others such as the classic Illusion Ashcatcher which features the matching bubbles of the WS Series Messias bongs. Others still come equipped with their own built-in diffusers to help smooth out the hit even more.

Weed Star Ashcatchers Precoolers


  • Capital

    I own the illusion you can read my review on that when you view the product.

    However, he is right. All of those are not originals. They are copies of previous artists work. Are they functional? Yes. Do they cost half the price as the real thing? Yes. However, dont expect that half the price means you get all the quality as well. My downtube wiggles on my ashcatcher due to a slightly improperly blown top joint. So if you want perfection spend the real money. If you just want something to hold water and keep things clean while adding an extra chamber go with the WS.

  • Goodall

    true these aren’t original designs, but plenty of glass blowers are making inline percs, and pill bottle ashcatchers/percs, havent seen the 4 arm perc thingie anywhere else. The problem is not only are they fairly expensive, unless you live in the US there is little chance of getting much shipped. Its fine if you live in cali or vegas, you can just walk into a headshop and get some cool local pieces, as well as bigger artists selling there work there, in the Uk we have no local glass blowers (no idea why) and headshops generally sell little more than crappy metal/acrylic/ceramic bongs. Thats why I am glad weedstar make stuff like this, brings europe closer to high quality glass, and I hope they continue to emulate US designs, maybe get some showerhead percs and some snorkels, maybe start working the percs a bit more adding some cool colours.

  • Ambush

    Lol, on the blackleaf post someone said they were made by kids in china, and now these weed star pieces are made by kids in india huh?

    How about made by weedstar in germany?

    @Goodall – my nearest headshop (se london) sells a ton of glass bongs pieces, etc

  • Goodall

    ambush I am jealous of you, lol, up north its bloody dire, I haven’t met anyone who even knows what a roor is, let alone fancy glass accessories

  • Trey

    Thanks to weedstar for making affordable glass…. after all it is just glass you freaking morons! What is more important the herb you smoke or some glass piece you puff from?

  • Zoads

    You got that right Trey and we all know glass breaks sometimes.Humm how bad would i feel if i broke my $240 Weed Star pipe? pretty bad but if it were say a $500 plus RooR i think id croak lmao so yeah why blow a crap load on glass that all functions the same and has an over inflated price because of a big fancy name. Those be my thoughts.

  • NightFlight

    Weedstar glass is not only cheap, unoriginal shit.. It breaks easily and its marked up FAR above its value. If you think you’re getting a deal… you’re ignorant or simple minded. Simple as that.

    EDIT ANSWER: It also provides people with a less financially secure future a chance to have a nice enough glass bong that they can smoke their, er, flavoured tobacco with.

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