Ziggy Jackson is at it again, designing beautiful, functional and affordable pieces of glassware. This Triple Bubbler with Daisy Diffusers is his latest masterpiece and is a step on from Weed Star’s very popular double bubbler. This is not only a beautiful piece, but there are 3 daisy diffusers inside for optimal smoke dispersion, which will allow for a very cool and smooth smoke.

This water pipe has three sections that all treat and cool your smoke to optimum levels. The first section starts with the 29.2mm ground joint that houses the 19cm reducing (29.2mm-18.8mm) 12-slit daisy diffuser.  This diffuser house a deep 18.8mm WS series clear glass gauzeless bowl.

Once smoke is initially treated in the first section, it rises through into the middle chamber that contains another in built daisy diffuser. The middle section also contains a decorative red glass bead at the bottom.

Smoke then rises into the final chamber which contains another in built daisy diffuser and decorative red bead upon it. The third chamber then rises up and leans back into an open ended tube for the mouthpiece.

The whole piece takes the classic design of a bubbler meaning that it leans forward, giving it an aerodynamic look. This is yet another beauty created by Ziggy Jackson himself.

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  • shane horsley

    still have one of the first double bubbler with the three arm and slit diffuser would love this one but gonna have to wait till next month i think

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