This is a very special Weed Star Pre-cooler because it features a 4-arm diffuser to provide an extra smooth smoke. The main joint is 29.2 (Zumo size on a Roor) and the detachable 4-arm diffuser slots into it, reducing the joint size to fit an 18.8 bowl.

The 4-arm diffuser could also be utilized on a Roor Zumo 29.2, as it is just about long enough – unless you like your diffuser ends to be right against the glass at the bottom.


4-Arm Diffuser utilized on a Roor Zumo 29.2
4-Arm Diffuser utilized on a Roor Zumo 29.2

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  • justin

    why arent there any 18s or 14s? i need one of these beautiful babies on my tubes that arent zumo sized. get on it weedstar

  • Carter

    The joint that goes into your downstem is 18.8. The joint your bowl goes into is 18.8 The joint that the perc sits in is 29. The joint of the perc itself is 29.

    Im not an admin or expert but I think I got that right.

  • Nick

    This is an exact copy of Illadelph’s ash catcher

    Gotta love Weed Star’s ability to come up with their own creations haha

  • Admin1

    Ziggi’s bringing it to the masses, dude! There’s not that much point inventing new things which aren’t as good or as functional as what has been already invented. You can, however, make it much more affordable for the less financially endowed.

  • Nick

    Yeah, custom worked glass is the same as sending pictures to Chinese prodo houses to be made using cheap materials. There may be a market for it because people can’t always afford the good stuff, but if you look back on Weed Star’s glass you will see most of it is copies of other well made work.

    Weed Star Percolator Bowl = Toro Chubbler
    Weed Star 5mm Double Bubbler Bong = Toro Bubbler
    WS Inline Pre-Cooler = Wood Inline
    Weed Star Coloured Pre-Cooler – 18.8 = mikeFro AC
    Weed Star Pre-Cooler – 4-Arm Diffuser = Illadelph AC

    Just saying 🙂

  • Carter

    Id take away the =. While the WS accessories are modeled after the said other blowers in a side by side comparison we can all see they are nowhere near equal. Support your artists.

  • Zoads

    Weed Star makes a quality product at a reasonable price. I ordered one of these from Weed Star and the next day they listed it here on EDIT. arrrg i guess i should have waited lol

  • Smallerbach

    WS makes a great product and personally i like clear glass… b*tch and moan about stolen ideas but at the end of the day its a great product and hell of alot of fun to smoke…good job ziggi and EDIT

  • Zoads

    Wow got mine today. I really like the removable four arm diffuser, it fits perfect in my WS 29.2 Bazooka. I’ll have to check that out next time i break out that Monster. tested it out on my WS double bubbler. It Rocks pretty good on that unit, I guess i will have to check it out on my WS Messia Illusion Colored Double Perc 7mm not that that unit need any improving it rocks by itself. I used one of those new WS screenless bowls. Good idea i getting tired of messin with those little glass gaze’s. 2 piece’s and easy to clean. Hopefully they will have them listed on EDIT soon?

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