Everyonedoesit.com Weather UpdateTwitter seems to be on the blink this morning, so I will give my weather update on here. I have dedicated literally the last few seconds to looking out of the window and I can tell you that the weather isn’t too bad at the moment. The forecast is looking pretty good with regards to roads remaining drive-on-able. The heavy snow predicted for yesterday didn’t hit us here in NW London.

It’s all a bit drab and grey out there, but the roads are mostly clear and there should be no problems with the mail today. If that changes I will let you know.

Peace and woolly gloves.


  • TheEditor

    Yep, it should be happening early this week. I wanted to do it today but I have a bit too much to do and the videos can be time consuming. Hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday though.

  • Andrew

    Hey again,

    Editor, can you please check on the status of my order. I don’t even know if the new order is even shipped yet…… #1407380

  • Andrew

    Still waiting for a response……
    And just got an email saying the same thing, that one of my products are out of stock, but I’ve sent so many emails telling customer support what I wanted replaced.

    Thanks for telling me something I knew for two weeks already. 2 weeks and edit still has my money while I have nothing.

  • Nick

    I feel ya man, I’m too sick and tired of ordering products that are listed as in stock and then only to get an email an hour later saying it’s out and you gotta wait 2 weeks. Almost all good online stores now have real time stock numbers. Come on EDIT, do something about that.

  • Aaron

    Yea I agree they really need to step up there service. I have to wait 3-4 weeks to get my ehle and no freebies or anything.

  • Why does everyone seem to EXPECT free gifts, last time i checked you can only really EXPECT to get what you paid for.. come on guys, show some courtesy.

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