The Cloud V Classic vaporizer was hugely popular with vapour connoisseurs when it was launched.  The ability to vaporize wax and concentrates in a small, portable vape pen was of particular interest to the 7:10 generation and those who demand an element of stealth and discretion from their vaporizer pen.

Cloud V Vaporizers

Now, Cloud V have released a new improved version of their flagship wax vaporizer – the Cloud V Platinum, and your buddies here at EDIT have snapped up some stock straight away, so you EDIT-Heads can get your hands on one.

CloudV - Platinum Wax Vaporizer Pen Black

Just like the original Classic model, the Platinum Vaporizer Pen from CloudV is designed for use with viscous oils, sticky concentrates, wax and honeys as opposed to dried herbs or tobacco.

CloudV - Platinum Wax Vaporizer Pen Red

The most noticeable modification at first glance is the reduction in the size of the vap.  This is all the more remarkable when you consider what CloudV have managed to cram inside:  The battery is much improved from the previous model – users can expect shorter charge times and longer sessions between charges.  Cloud even offer a lifetime warranty on the new batteries – just register your battery through their website and they’ll replace it should you ever have any issues.

The Platinum pen is equipped with Cloud V’s new Tornado atomiser as standard.  The interior of the Tornado is full ceramic for instantaneous heating and a great clean taste.  The Tornado’s patent-pending funnel shape make loading your vaporizer pen easier than ever before.

CloudV - Platinum Wax Vaporizer Pen Crystal WhiteCloudV - Platinum Wax Vaporizer Pen Crystal PinkCloudV - Platinum Wax Vaporizer Pen Blue

The overall styling of this new vape pen has had an overhaul, too.  The vape is available in a huge variety of colours, including blinging crystal versions.  The new design also has an integrated window near the top of the pen, so you can see the vaporization as it happens.  The Platinum by Cloud V features an integrated safety mechanism which prevents the coil from overheating.

The Cloud V Platinum Vaporizer Pen is available to buy from EDIT with immediate effect.  Order today for same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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