Here at our purchasers trawl the globe to find the finest smoking products to offer for sale here at the world’s largest head-shop. We tirelessly search for new products to offer our discerning customers and we were thrilled when we got our hands on this collection of glass waterpipes from Magic Glass.

Bong artists, Magic Glass are a small, German company making individually hand-crafted, bongs and waterpipes to incredibly high standards from the highest quality Schott Duran borosilicate glass.  Magic Glass’ bongs are mainly designed by company director, Torsten Fröhlich, who takes a hands-on approach to running his glass studio, still personally supervising the production of these hand-made waterpipes.

Magic Glass’ work is famed for its durability.  These beautifully-made bongs are virtually indestructible thanks to rigorous testing and the quality of the glass used.

Magic Glass – Freezer Glass Bong

The Freezer Glass Bong by Magic Glass stands an imposing 50cm high atop a sturdy hexagonal base.  The straight tube houses a 14cm downstem just below 3 ice notches which allow you to cool your smoke with a handful of ice cubes.  This gorgeous glass bong features an 18.8mm ground joint and is decorated with the iconic, Magic Glass logo.  A superb, yet simple design which is perfect for everyday use or as a collectable display piece.  The Freezer Bong by Magic Glass is a stunning hand-made waterpipe at a familiar, low EDIT price.

Magic Glass – Ice Fatman 1 Glass Bong

The Ice Fatman 1 by Magic Glass features a large, thick tube giving an excellent capacity and a powerful hit.  The bong stands 47cm tall with a thick, hexagonal base for superb stability.  The Ice Fatman 1 features protruding ice notches to cool the smoke down further and is decorated with the iconic Magic Glass logo down the length of the cylinder.  Like all the Magic Glass range, the Ice Fatman 1 is virtually indestructible thanks to the quality of craftsmanship and the thick, borosilicate glass used in production.  The Ice Fatman 1 is currently available with a 36% discount, bringing the price down to just £60.  That’s an awful lot of glassware for the money and our remaining stocks are sure to fly out fast.  Order yours today to avoid disappointment.

The entire range of Magic Glass benefits from EDIT’s famous price match guarantee, so you can buy with confidence from the world’s number 1 headshop.

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