Volcano Vaporizers

The Volcano Vaporiser heats the herbs and releases the vapour into a large polythene balloon or bag. The bag has a valve on the end so that when you’ve taken a hit, you can pass it on to the next person. Each Volcano Vaporizer bag will give around 2 – 6 hits depending on your lung capacity.

Vaporisers offer the safest way to smoke any herbs and Volcano Vaporisers are possibly the best on the market. Volcano Vaporizers are used in many of the best coffeeshops around Amsterdam. There’s the small matter of it winning 1st place at the Cannabis Cup in 2003 as well.


Volcano Vaporisers
Volcano Vaporisers



Volcano Vaporizer – Classic

Volcano Vaporiser – Digital

Volcano Vaporiser Bags

Full Range of Volcano Vaporizer Accessories



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