Volcano Vaporizer Vaporization System

Spare parts and accessories for the Classic Volcano and Digital Volcano Vaporizer are available in the Everyonedoesit.com store. There are standard replacement parts as well as Easy Valve parts which are larger and easier to handle.

The spare Volcano Filling Chamber is the same as that which comes with the Volcano Vaporiser unit itself. They are available to buy separately as it is always useful to have spares in case of loss or damage.

The Volcano Liquid Filling Chamber is used for vaporizing liquids, oils and resins. It comes with two spare liquid pads and fits all Volcano Vaporizer units. The Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve Liquid Filling Chamber (bottom image) has Easy Valve parts which are designed to be accessed, held, connected and used more easily. Volcano Vaporiser Liquid Pads are replacement pads for your Volcano Vaporizer’s Liquid Filling Chamber.

The Filling Chamber and Liquid Filling Chamber
The Filling Chamber, Liquid Pads and Liquid Filling Chamber

The Volcano Vaporiser Replacement Screen Set – Normal are a complete set of the original replacement screens for your Volcano Vaporizer. To ensure that your vaporizer continues to function at its optimal level, it is vital that you keep its screens clean. Dirty screens will lead to clogging, which in turn will put undue stress on the engine and markedly decreases its performance. You can only clean the screens so much before they eventually become unstable, so it is recommended that you change your screens at least once every three months or so.

The Volcano Vaporizer Replacement Screens – Fine are the second generation of screens for the Volcano Vaporiser. The original was a typical iron weave but because it was prone to easy blockage, Stortz and Bickel have developed a micro weave, which stays clearer for longer.

Replacements Screens: Normal and Fine
Replacements Screens: Normal and Fine

The Volcano Complete Valve Set contains a spare valve, mouthpiece, filling chamber, rubber rings and screen set. The Volcano Vaporiser Easy Valve Set is a much easier to use contraption for the Volcano Vaporization System. The parts have been designed to be accessed, held, connected and used more easily.

The Volcano Vaporiser Bags are a 3 metre roll of bags for use with both the Classic and Digital Volcano Vaporizers. The Volcano Bag/Balloon Clip is a spare clip for the Volcano Vaporizer bags. It’s always useful to have another one or two around. The replacement Volcano Mouthpiece for the Volcano Vaporizer unit includes the mouthpiece housing, cylinder and lip piece.

Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve Spare Parts & Accessories

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