Volcano Price Eruption Imminent!!!

Here at EDIT we are at Def-Con 3!
We have just been informed as of 1st February that due to the popularity of demand and the increase in the cost of production the line of Volcano Vaporizers will be increasing in price!
This “Red Alert” status is imminent for all Volcano Vaporizer stockists, and as such we are trying to warn our most loyal of customers!
Our prices will remain stagnant until the beginning of February, but we cannot hold off any longer!
So come and grab any Volcano Classic or Volcano Digital at the most competitive online headshop, EveryoneDoesIT.com, before January 31st to ensure you incur the saving.
These Volcano’s are HOT stuff (excuse the pun) so come and grab ‘em quick, as it is first come , first serve basis, while stocks last!

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