The Verdamper Vaporizer (‘de verdamper’ is Dutch for ‘the vaporiser’) was developed in the Netherlands by a gentleman called Evert, who may look forward to a Nobel Prize should they start handing them out for smoking innovations. Evert was looking for a purer smoking experience, and by heck did he find one.

Click On Image for 360 Rotating View
Click On Image for 360 Rotating View


Experiments with a bong and a heated paint-stripper back in 1995 gave him the idea for the Verdamper Vaporiser. Evert noticed that using the paint-stripper’s heating element to ‘vaporize’ his herbs gave him a much purer hit, also famously noting that the effect was far more activating than the usual mong from a bong.

This 2009 version of the Verdamper Vaporiser has been fine-tuned through experimental adjustments and exploratory innovations and has come a fair way from the original conception. The heating element from a vaporizer combined with a solid glass bong base would eventually lead this talented Dutchman to create what is fast becoming known as the Ultimate Vaporiser.

Increasingly regarded as the very best there is, de Verdamper Vaporiser vaporizes your legal herbs and flavoured tobaccos at around 200°C or 392°F and will provide with you with one of the cleanest, smoothest, purest, loveliest hits you will likely ever have the good fortune to encounter. 

The Verdamper Vaporizer includes:

• Heating element
• Bowl with screen
• Inhalation valve
• Clear-hit valve
• Connecting tube between head and bong
• Glass Bong (laboratory glass)
• Wooden holder for heating element + 220V / Standard European plug
• Brushes for cleaning and grease for the smooth connecting of parts



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