The winter clearance sale is still running here at EDIT, with thousands of customers making great savings on a wide range of products.


As the sale draws to a close, we’re giving customers a final chance to save money on our range of vaporisers, with huge discounts on some of the most cutting-edge models on the market today.

Volcano Vaporizer Digital

The Volcano Digital Vaporizer is the absolute ultimate in vape technology.  The Volcano heats up your herbs and releases the vapour into a large polythene balloon, which you can then detach from the Volcano’s base and pass around your friends.  The digital version of this amazing vap allows you to fine-tune the vaporization temperature between 40-230 degrees Celsius with it’s large, LED display.  The Volcano is packed with patented technology all designed to make it the safest, cleanest, most efficient vaporiser on the market.  The Volcano comes with a two year warranty and a free herb grinder, and, for a limited time only, the Volcano Digital is available at our best ever price with a £25 saving, making the Volcano affordable to more people than ever.

i-Dragon Vaporizer

The i-Dragon Vaporizer from Earth Spirit is another high tech vap, however this is designed for portability and functionality.  The i-Dragon’s mouthpiece is interchangeable with a high-powered LED torch, ideal for discretion or for use at festivals or camping trips.  The vap heats up in less than a minute and is virtually silent.  The ingenious design of the heating plates means the heat is spread evenly through the chamber giving a smooth, clean taste.  The i-Dragon is powered by rechargeable batteries and the kit includes a power lead for charging or running from the mains.  For a limited time the i-Dragon is available to buy with a £27 saving, bringing it in at well under the £100 mark.  That’s a lot of vap for that money, and with the festival season fast approaching, why not treat yourself at a bargain price?


We have vaporizers of every shape and size at – have a browse through our range and you are sure to find the right one for you.

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